Does Spring-time make you hornier?

edeneve edeneve
just wondering if the seasons affect one's desire for sex. does Spring-time make you hornier?
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Yup, you bet
js250 , TransMarc , XxFallenAngelxX , Rossie , Gunsmoke , Mrs.Hellzapoppin , Boosty , MrWill , Jenny Swallows , edeneve , padmeamidala , Gdom , .kaycat , jcurits , Crystalline
srexom , bayosgirl , gsfanatic , Beautiful-Disaster , Sera26 , GirlOnGirl , lilyflower , spiced , The Vixen , Real or memorex
sometimes, & I wish...
PropertyOfPotter , married with children , ashboo32 , Rossie , Hummingbird , bratcat
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Doesn't make me hornier, but it makes me happier and that's kind of the same thing!
srexom srexom
winter does it for me.
js250 js250
It does. We tend to go for more drives in the evening and are happier in the sunshine. Therefore when we get home......
TransMarc TransMarc
It seems so!
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Nope. Which is good this spring with my partner further away
married with children married with children
I am always horny. I like spring because I know summer is right around the corner.
XxFallenAngelxX XxFallenAngelxX
Now that it's Spring, I'm not home as much; so when I do get home, I'm ready for some lovin'! LOL
ashboo32 ashboo32
never thought about that! couldn't say really. i seem to always be horny!
lilyflower lilyflower
I don't think so. I think for me it has more to do with my hormones than the season
Rossie Rossie
I believe it's the temperature thing for me, I'm more eager to have sex in warmer weather.
LadyUnicorn LadyUnicorn
Life makes me horny, no specific time more than another.
Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
Nope... Same all year around.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Longer hours of daylight and warmer temperatures are both helpful to our sex lives.
Hummingbird Hummingbird
This year it seems to. Yesterday I O'd within 1 minute and today I learned to stimultate my own G spot when I wanted to. Oh yeah, spring time is the best time of year.
GirlOnGirl GirlOnGirl
No, I don't really notice a big change that corresponds to the seasons.
spiced spiced
Quite the reverse, actually. I love Spring for all the beauty, but the warmer the weather gets, the lazier I tend to get.

It's that first chill of Fall that flips my switch.
MrWill MrWill
Breathing makes me hornier. lol I'm just that sexual and it is maddening sometimes.
Jenny Swallows Jenny Swallows
Yes! Especially if it means we can go outside....
Gdom Gdom
Sure, I suppose so. It's probably something to do with it being warmer (being naked is much less fun when it's 20 degrees and your heating doesn't work).
.kaycat .kaycat
Originally posted by edeneve
just wondering if the seasons affect one's desire for sex. does Spring-time make you hornier?
All four seasons do it for me lmao
The Vixen The Vixen
I don't think spring particularly affects my sex drive. But I do feel better in general once the days start getting longer and the sun is shining.
jcurits jcurits
Absolutely I feel sexier.
Real or memorex Real or memorex
I think I'm less horny in spring.
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