Part two: Laughing during sex

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Part two: Laughing during sex

MamaDivine MamaDivine
This is a part two off a poll I just posted. Here is what the poll said:

Theres been a few instances, after an orgasm, that my husband and I start giggling hysterically. Its one of those "Im shaking/toes curling...omg that was good" type giggling. Its uncontrollable and then we both start laughing harder because we can't stop giggling lol. Then, Sometimes Ill tear up and start "crying" while Im laughin. Has this happened to you or am I just weird? LOL.

I was wondering though........if this happened with you, would you be embarrassed? If your partner did this, would you be offended?
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js250 js250
I have gotten tears after an orgasm so intense I almost passed out, but not laughing, sorry. After 15 years, though my husband has finally realized I am NOT crying.
Positwist Positwist
This does happen to me, and I don't find it embarrassing. I've never had a partner confused by it. Usually they start laughing, too.

I can't imagine being offended by this. I mean, if I took off my clothes and they started giggling, it might sting a little. But if they giggle during sex or after an orgasm? It's pretty clear that that's a good thing.
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