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Speed dating? MILFs? Lesbians? Repetitiveness? If this is what you are looking for in porn, then you turned into a right avenue. Spoil yourself and watch as each pair makes cheesy introductions that lead into something a bit spicier.

Personally, I think this movie would have been just as good as a series of sex scenes without trying to pretend to have a plot that didn't seem to add anything to the action at all. It's just not really my thing, honestly.

This is a flick aimed at the lesbian audience. If you're looking for a film to share with your girlfriend then this could be the perfect chick flick porn for you. It has great sex, a pretty good plot, and very sexy chicks. I'm personally not a fan of all lesbian porn, but even I have to admit I learned a few things from watching these ladies put on their show.

Lip Service is an all female, girl on girl lesbian porno. I never thought I'd say it, least of all in relation to pornography...but the saying 'Too much of a good thing' certainly comes to mind. Despite a taste for all girl action I found it hard to watch and barely arousing. With low production value, and all round poor quality, it is a DVD plagues with too many faults for one really great scene to redeem.

Lip Service is a good porn if you enjoy mild, repetitive lesbian action. If you are like me, all you need is the right scene to get you where you need to go. If you are into something with a bit more variance and plot, this is not for you.

I just flat-out don't like this movie; it was hard to watch without fast forwarding or falling asleep. It's nice to see women of different age groups, and some real boobs, but the lack of variety or toys makes it no fun to watch, and the lack of orgasms just pisses me off.

When the movie Lip Service was picked for the Porn Club I thought it was going to be all blowjobs. That's what I think of when I hear the term "lip service" anyways. However when I got the DVD the front cover said "All Girl, All MILF" and I think I actually groaned. I am not a fan of watching girl-on-girl action, it just doesn't do it for me, but every porn has an audience, I am just not in the right audience for Lip Service.

Lip Service is a well-made all-female MILF movie, with engaging performers who seem to be genuinely interested in the sex. It's lacking in variety, but it succeeds in providing a series of simple, yet enjoyable female-female sex scenes.

Because this porn is so repetitive, it is best to watch one chapter at a time. For me, it seemed to go downhill from the beginning. I was able to finish from the first scene and then the second, but never again.

This DVD has 5 couples, 10 amazingly beautiful lesbian women who engage in sex after meeting through a speed dating service. The couples vary and have different personalities. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys lesbian sex or would be interested in a sensual DVD. On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who like a lot of sexual diversity or want to see other races as this has only white women. Overall it was a good movie.

This is a pretty average MILF on MILF porno. The ladies in this film are gorgeous, but the scenes themselves seem to be exactly the same with different women in the roles.

Five pairs of women show off their lady-lovin' skills in Lip Service. After a bit of speed-dating dialogue, each scene gets to the action quickly. This vanilla all-girl porn has a lot of the same stuff in every scene, but three of the five pairings got me pretty excited. I was pleased with this film overall.

If you love MILF girl on girl action, then this one could be for you. But be warned, that the five sex scenes are pretty much the same with no toys used at all. There’s no anal fingering either. I prefer sex scenes that spice things up some but this could be the ideal DVD for anyone just starting out with porn.

So you like milfs? You like lesbian oral? You like two hours of the same lesbian scene repeated over and over again with very little change? You'll love Lip Service. If you want toys or boys, look elsewhere because all you'll find here is lips and maybe some fingers if you're lucky.

Lip Service is an all girl feature with a lovely cast of women that you’ve likely seen in other movies. While they all seem genuine and actually into each other, if you aren’t excited by girl on girl sex with no toys or cocks around, this won’t do a thing for you.

Lip Service does more than promise lovely ladies loving each other. It takes it to a deeper dimension by giving the viewer some great dialogue and believable acting. The sex is genuine looking and all of the ladies have some exquisite chemistry. While there are a few technical glitches with the sound track and some odd noises from the furniture it is still a great movie.

I'm really conflicted on how I feel about this movie. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't bad. It has a generally great cast, but the scenes are simply boring and predictable. There was definitely good chemistry, but they didn't do anything to 'wow' or surprise. I felt like I was watching the same scene over and over.

Hmmm.. Girl on girl.. This movie is very nice if you like watching some girl on girl action then definitely check out "Lip Service". But warning there are no guys in this movie so don't look for them. The women in this movie are all very hot, and sexy; although there isn't much variety in the sex. I would have given this 4 stars but I took one away because of the lack of variety in the sex.

If you have the patience to enjoy lengthy and personally boring scenes of girl on girl action, this is for you. I loved the gorgeous cast, they were hot... but their chemistry was very forced and the scenes just repeated themselves with different girls. It got old really fast. This was very hot at first, but as it continued I just got bored at the lack of variety.

This movie was set in a bar scene hooking up under speed dating rules. The woman were sexy and very enjoyable to watch. This movie is a keeper for anyone looking for a good girl on girl porn. There is a lot of variety in the women involved, and good chemistry between the women. Besides the strange male voice in the background, this porn really doesn't have any negatives.

If your idea of the perfect evening is watching a bunch of gorgeous women take turns performing oral sex on each other, well, this is your movie. If you require variety in your sex scenes, look elsewhere. However, these women are gorgeous enough that you might forgive a little monotony, especially if you don't watch the film all in one go.

This movie is appropriately titled, for the viewer will be spoiled with all the lip and tongue action that occurs between the 5 pairs of hot MILFs. There's plenty of kissing, muff-diving, and multiple-orgasms for all to enjoy! It's sensual and it's sexy!

If you're looking for some hot girl on girl action this might just be the movie for you, especially if you don't mind lengthy scenes. I prefer quicker scenes with more fast paced action. I also like to see more penetration, but being that this is an all girl cast they'd need to bring in some toys for substantial penetration, and that did not occur in this film. Never the less, I did find the film to be arousing and hot; I just thought that the scenes were too long to watch them all at once.

MILF speed dating that is more about the speed and less about actual dating. Although there are some initial mismatches, each couple gets to the sex in record time. This is an all women film and they are beautiful, tan and accessorized. The sex is conventional and believable femme lesbian sex. Got MILF?

If you are into main of the mainstream style porn, and enjoy Milfs and all girl scenes, you will probably enjoy this DVD a lot. It is made well, it's pretty straight forward, and there are no surprises.

This movie is good for you if you like 2 girls together with no toys or anything added. Otherwise pass this one by.

A bunch of single girls, looking to get laid, sign up for speed 'dating' looking for someone to take home for some fun. Will they succeed? OK, it is not that exciting but there is some great onscreen chemistry.

If you like gorgeous older women and you want to see them in action together in an all girl film, you will love this. The quality of video, sound, directing, editing, choice of performers, and great action really make this film stand out and greatly helps its replay value.

Lip Service is a sexy collection of girl/girl action. Each couple has things in common that they talk about and play upon in their scene to make it more authentic. There is a large variety of sexual acts in the scenes, but each scene flows differently.

Though this all female cast is enough to deem this a fetish porn for some, the sex itself was quite vanilla and would be very comfortable to watch for viewers of any experience level. The script and directing style really made this film appealing to a female audience but I was frustrated with the lack of toys involved. But all in all, I enjoyed this film and would definitely recommend it to any interested parties.

"Lip Service" is an all-woman adult movie from Zero Tolerance. While it does a decent job of showing lesbian sex, it doesn't do anything out of the box, and I did find myself wishing the women would include other positions or foreplay.

Lip Service has an interesting premise but fell short of being a good movie. While the women were beautiful, the sex scenes were not terribly imaginative and one pair's sexual encounter seemed very much like all the others.

If you've ever wanted to speed things up with speed dating and just take a girl home, then this movie will reveal what you've been missing. Lust over the women who catch a girl in two minutes flat, bring her home, and get it on. The sex is amazing and the scenes breathtaking.

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