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Ladies, Lips, and Orgasms

Lip Service is a sexy collection of girl/girl action. Each couple has things in common that they talk about and play upon in their scene to make it more authentic. There is a large variety of sexual acts in the scenes, but each scene flows differently.
Beautiful women, great acting, great chemistry
Some annoying humming/moaning
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Lip Service is an all girl/girl porn that has lots of different types of women coupled up. It comes in a standard sized dvd case with a cardboard sleeve. Both the box and the cardboard sleeve have a picture of Julia Ann and Raylene kissing on the front and the back has 23 still shots of scenes from the movie.

The beginning of the movie has the clips from the trailer of the women meeting followed by a preview of each couple's scene together. Immediately following this introduction, you get to see the women's extended meetings. After each meeting, you get to view the bedroom scene of the women who decide they like each other.

Scene 1: Francesca Le and India Summer- One of the women plays a more aggressive female who is tired of all the talking and bull shit associated with meeting new people. She finds a woman who feels the same way and they go back to a bedroom. The sex scene starts with lots of kissing, licking and sucking. Initially, this is limited to breasts/nipples but soon they move into other areas like ankles and behind the knee. Once the ladies are down to their underwear there is some dry humping before they move onto fingering, toe sucking and finally oral sex. Francesca and India perform oral sex on each other in multiple positions, including 69. Throughout the scene, both women tend to moan softly.

Scene 2: Rayveness and Michelle Lay- These two ladies bond over Michelle's natural breasts, which she happily bares right at the table. After copping a feel, Rayveness invites Michelle to leave with her which leads to their sex scene. The scene begins with them kissing on the couch and Rayveness admiring Michelle's natural breasts. Michelle is wearing a waist-cincher of some type that allows for her breasts to easily be the focus and happily returns the favor of sucking and admiring Rayveness's breasts. After lots of breast play, Michele starts to give Rayveness oral, quite enthusiastically. Next, Michelle uses her hard nipple to tease Rayvenss's clit, rubbing and smacking her breast against Rayveness's vaginal area. After Rayveness has had some pleasure, Michelle straddles her face and gets oral and fingered.

Scene 3: Julia Ann and Dyanna Lauren- These two ladies bond over plastic surgery. They quickly decide to leave so they can show their boob jobs to each other. Their sex scene begins with them topless on the bed with Julia Ann sucking Dyanna's nipples before she helps her take her shoes off. They kiss deeply and sensually for a bit before removing the rest of their clothes and discovering they both like to go commando! They continue kissing and Dyanna moves down to motorboat Julia Ann before working lower to give her oral. These two ladies waste no time getting to it! Once they get started on oral, they begin to take their time. Julia Ann comes with a giggle and then they switch places and Dyanna grinds herself against Julia Ann's thigh before Julia Ann returns the favor orally and digitally. Dyanna gives Julia Ann oral again from a different angle while fingering her and then Julia Ann takes her over her knee to spank her, and finger her until she comes.

Scene 4: Carolyn Reese and Tanya Tate- Carolyn and Tanya get together because Tanya is looking for a blond and, well, Carolyn is blond. Their sex scene also starts with kissing, breast caressing and nipple sucking and is quickly followed with full clothing removal. Carolyn gets on her knees while Tanya stands up with her legs spread and bent over so Carolyn can lick and taste her pussy. This is followed by more kissing and Tanya moving to sit on the couch with her legs spread for Carolyn's easy access. After Tanya gets off, the women kiss and grind against each other before Tanya has Carolyn bend over so she can rub her clit with her finger. She then has Carolyn lay down so she can 'explore' her pussy. This scene has more grinding, some toe sucking, some clit stimulation from toes, fingering, and oral. Almost a little of everything.

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Scene 5: Zoey Holloway and Raylene- Zoey and Raylene bond over their difference from the other women they met during the night. Zoey says she is shy and looking for a good time so they decide to leave together. Their scene starts out slow and sensual with kissing and some talking. Soon, Raylene has Zoey's breasts out and then her own. These two ladies move at their own comfortable pace, eventually drawing each other completely out of their clothes. Zoey gives oral to Raylene first and there is lots of eye contact and authentic looking (and sounding) pleasure. Zoey's technique includes some labia massage, clit rubbing and deep hard sucking. After Zoey is done, Raylene has her sit on the back of the couch and shows her how she does oral. After Zoey comes once and starts getting unbalanced they move her down to the seat of the couch where she moans and cries out from the tongue lashing Raylene gives her. They switch places again so Raylene can get off one more time and then the scene ends.

The features of this dvd are pretty standard. From the main menu, you have the option to play the movie, select a scene, watch trailers, or view the gallery. The gallery is just sill shots of the women in the movie. The rest of the features are self-explanatory.
There was honestly something to love in every scene for me. There were things I've not seen a lot of in the porn I usually watch, like toe sucking, and things I'd never seen before, like the breast and nipple being used as almost a dildo in scene 2 or the use of toes to stimulate the clitoris. The chemistry between each couple was actually pretty great and the acting pretty good. There was some annoying fake sounding moaning from Dyanna in her scene with Julia Ann but it seemed like it was more habit than anything.

My favorite scenes were Julia Ann and Dyanna's scene (3) and Raylene and Zoey's scene (5). These scenes had the most chemistry to me and it really seemed like the ladies were enjoying themselves. Raylene and Zoey were both so hot and nothing seemed forced. I love how female orgasms are everywhere in this film.

If you're looking for anal, there's none to find in this film. The focus here really is lip service. They do just about anything you could think of with their mouths, but they really tend to stay away from anal anything.

If I had to choose one woman to go home with out of the ladies in this film it would be Raylene. Sexy and oh so talented with that tongue! This film definitely gave me some wonderful surprises.
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