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Serves you right, some of the time

Five pairs of women show off their lady-lovin' skills in Lip Service. After a bit of speed-dating dialogue, each scene gets to the action quickly. This vanilla all-girl porn has a lot of the same stuff in every scene, but three of the five pairings got me pretty excited. I was pleased with this film overall.
Attractive stars, RayVeness's intensity, some natural breasts, good lighting, no music during sex
Repetitive scenes, some technical issues
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I was quite interested to see Lip Service because I mostly watch all-girl porn. I liked the film overall, but it had some flaws. Luckily most of the parts I didn't like were scene-specific, so I can easily revisit the good stuff with the scene selection.

The premise of Lip Service is simple and straightforward. Ten women at a speed-dating event have a few minutes to find the person they want to take home. They pair up and chat briefly to see if there's chemistry, and if so, they go off somewhere private for some sexy times. All five sex scenes are girl-girl pairs and generally have the same activities. There is a lot of kissing, oral sex, and clit-rubbing with some fingering and breast play. I like fingering and breast play a lot more than oral sex, and wanted more of both in this film. No toys or other pleasure implements were involved, and the sex is all vanilla.

Since the scenes are fairly similar, I'll comment on the actresses' performances instead of reviewing what they actually did.

Scene 1: India Summer is much more believable than Francesca Le. My boy and I got bored pretty quickly and named Le “the breather” and Summer “the moaner” of the scene.

Scene 2: RayVeness is my favorite actress of this film, and Michelle Lay is a wonderful complement. They have more foreplay and flirting than other scenes, and their chemistry is superb. Rayveness is totally the kind of woman I'd love to have on top of me, and her passion and intensity were incredibly hot. This scene earns two stars all on its own.

Scene 3: Julie Ann's character is cute, but she's not my type at all. She and Dyanna Lauren are both a little ditzy and really into plastic surgery. I'm not a big fan of non-reconstructive plastic surgery, and both women kind of came off as straight to me, so I really didn't like their scene.

Scene 4: Tanya Tate is looking for a blonde to take home, and she finds Carolyn Reese quite charming. We liked their interaction, and Tanya's accent was pretty hot. Their size difference was enjoyable to us, too; Tanya is a significantly taller and larger person than Carolyn. Their scene was somewhere in the middle in terms of acting quality.

Scene 5: Both Raylene and Zoey Holloway are believable and quite attractive. Their chemistry is pretty good, too. Raylene is beautiful from head to toe, and really shines in this scene.

The main thing I didn't like in Lip Service was that the characters didn't interact the way I'd expect for lesbians or bi women. For instance, there wasn't much grinding on legs. Plenty of scenes had one woman on top of the other where easy mutual leg-on-vulva grinding could take place. Instead, they mostly just kissed or just played with each other's breasts like they didn't want to do more than one thing at a time. It seemed to play to the camera. Another related thing was the overall lack of self-pleasuring. Sure, there were some typical grab-my-own-breast moves, but not much else. I'm not positive, but I think Scene 4 was the first scene where one of the women touched her own pussy while the other woman was pleasuring her in other ways. If a woman were sitting on my face, maybe I'd have one hand on her, but I'd have my other hand on my clit at least some of the time.

There were a few technical problems as well. In Scene 4, while Carolyn is queening Tanya, we could clearly hear the director tell Tanya, “Take your finger out and just suck her.” That was a pretty bad gaffe, and it really killed the mood for me. I liked the fingering! Some of the scenes took place on squeaky, creaky leather couches. I like to hear the women's sounds and their body noises, but the leather creaking was a turn-off. On the scene selection page, the names and actresses weren't matched up properly. The names appeared in the right places (chronologically) but the images representing the scenes were all mixed up.

I'm glad that I got to watch Lip Service. I'll probably come back to it a few times to revisit the second, fourth, and fifth scenes.
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  • Midway through
    That sucks that you ended up hearing weird stuff during. There was a scene in a porno my friend and I watched where the boom ran across the screen. We both looked at each other and said "accident that didn't get edited out?"
  • ......
    Very nice review!
  • Danielle1220
    Great review!!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Excellent review! I'll have to watch for that in scene four!
  • Rockin'
    @Middy - Heh, yeah that gaffe was so weird.

    @Nume & @Danielle915 - Thanks!

    @~LaUr3n~ - Thanks, and I'm glad it didn't bug you the first time you saw the scene
  • Waterfall
    Great review
  • Selective Sensualist
    My husband and I both noticed that gaffe in scene 4 right away. It shocked us both and really ruined the entire mood of the scene. I can't believe they missed that during editing!
    Great review.
  • SaraU29
    Excellent review!
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