Lip Service by Evolved Novelties - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

It is all in the Chemistry!

If you like gorgeous older women and you want to see them in action together in an all girl film, you will love this. The quality of video, sound, directing, editing, choice of performers, and great action really make this film stand out and greatly helps its replay value.
Beautiful women, great chemistry, and great camera work.
Scene selection titles do not match the clips in the menu, and no behind the scenes feature.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Front Cover:

The front cover is great, and well designed. The front is eye catching and all of the text stands out very well. On the front cover is a picture of Julia Ann and Raylene lip to lip. As awesome as this picture is, and indeed it is very awesome, these two performers do not have a scene together in the film.

Back cover:

There is nothing special about the back cover; it is typical of most porn movies, with lots of screen captures and dirty lines describing the action. The captures are hot, so seeing this in person I would probably be attracted by the back cover.


The home menu is very well designed and the colors are great. There is the same picture of the two cover models from the front cover of the DVD. In the background is a full motion clip.

I do have an issue with the scene selection. There are full motion clips of each scene along with the names of the girls in the scene; however the titles (girl’s names) do NOT match the full motion clips. This makes it very confusing when you are trying to find a certain scene with a certain girl.

Film Overview:
The film starts out with the lovely Raylene speaking to a group of women. After being disappointed with “dyke bars” (her words not mine), Craig’s list and the strip clubs, she has decided to organize a speed dating event in which a group women have 2 minutes to get to know each other, if they do not hit it off they change partners.

Scene 1 - India Summer & Francesca Le’
Fran1 Scene1screenccap
The first two people that get to know each other are Francesca Le’ and Michelle Lay. The two do not hit it off, Francesca is a no nonsense woman and is there just for sex, and Michelle is wanting a little more. India then takes Michelle’s place at Francesca’s table, and they hit it off.

They go back to one of their home/apartment (does not state whose home they go to). After some touching, feeling, and a lot of kissing, they begin to disrobe each other. Both take turns kissing and licking each other on various parts of the body. The scene ends with both still kissing each other very aggressively.

Scene 2 - Michelle lay & Rayveness
This scene stars out with Julia Ann telling Rayveness that it was nice to meet her and getting up to leave, she and Rayveness obviously did not hit it off well at all. Michelle Lay then enters the frame and sits down at Rayveness’s table and strikes up a conversation. Rayveness explains that she offended Julia Ann when she said that her boobs were real and Julia did not believe her. Michelle tells her that she can see why Julia was mistaken and that she (Rayveness) has exceptional breasts. Rayveness then whips out her boobs (yes right then and there). The two decide to leave, and moments later the two are shown in a home together.

At the new location the action quickly heats up and the two begin to touch and kiss one another. This scene features a lot of oral sex and kissing, which should be expected.

Scene 3 - Dyanna Lauren & Julia Ann
This scene starts out with Raylene striking out with Dyanna Lauren. Julia then enters and the two hit it off, both being enamored with each others breasts and their choice of plastic surgeons. The two decide to leave with together, and moments later they are both shown kissing and making out on a bed. The scene involves a lot of oral sex, licking/kissing, and fingering.

Scene 4 - Tanya Tate & Carolyn Reese
TT&CR Screencap4
This scenes starts out with Raylene striking out once again, this time with Tanya. Honestly I do not know how or why these women would or could turn down the very beautiful and seemingly sweet Raylene but it happens several times. After Raylene makes her exit, Carolyn enters the frame and hits it off with the lovely Tanya. The two are shown leaving, and moments later are shown making out on a couch at a different location. They soon disrobe and begin to kiss some more, before ultimately having oral sex, fingering and kissing more before the scene comes to an end

Scene 5 - Raylene & Zoe Holloway
ZoeRay Screencap5
This scene starts out with the bummed out Raylene sitting in the bar alone with everyone else matched up and gone. Zoe who arrives late to find the depressed Raylene and the two hit it off very well and they decide to leave together. These two have great chemistry together. Moments later we are shown the two kissing and making out on a leather couch. This scene features a lot of kissing, licking and oral sex.

This was by far, my favorite scene of the DVD.

Camera work:

The camera quality and angles were both very good. The camera quality is among the best in film and the image is always clear. The camera angles were great and the action was clear and well documented.

Sound work:

The sound was great; the audio was always clear and easy to hear. I would still like to see a subtitle option for the hearing impaired, but most porn films do not do this.

Bonus Features:
Full motion Video

Personal Comments:

This is a great film if you are into all girl films as well into MILF films. All the performers had great chemistry together which really added a lot to their respective sex scenes. The one thing I would have loved to see would have been a bonus scene with Raylene and Julia Ann; they are pictured together on the front, so it would have been a nice bonus. This though does not subtract anything from this film. The back cover of the DVD says that there is a Behind the scenes feature, well there is not, and that disappoints me.

For me, I only really got into the final scene. I am not usually one to watch this genre, but I realize that a lot of people love this. That being said, I think that if you like this genre of porn then you will love this film. I am giving this a four star rating due to the mismatching of scene selection and the lack of behind the scenes feature that was stated on the back of DVD cover.

PS: I was not able to provide two screen captures for every scene, due to some just have too much nudity.
Follow-up commentary
This is a film that some people will love, If you are into the MILF Girl/Girl genre, then I think you will love this, for me however, I just get bored. I feel that the picture quality was great, the sound had its issues, but it was good over all. I still find Raylene's scene to be the best on this DVD, and occasionally I may find myself watching this, but its just not that often.

I still find the cover misleading, IF this film would have featured Raylene and Julia Ann in a scene together, I certainly would have been more interested.

My final thoughts are that, if you are thinking of buying this, you should (and probably are) into this genre, but if you are looking into this as something "different" and/or if you are newer to this genre, I would suggest you look elsewhere.
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