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If your idea of the perfect evening is watching a bunch of gorgeous women take turns performing oral sex on each other, well, this is your movie. If you require variety in your sex scenes, look elsewhere. However, these women are gorgeous enough that you might forgive a little monotony, especially if you don't watch the film all in one go.
Beautiful women with gorgeous bodies. Lots of oral sex. Sex noises. No music.
Nothing but oral sex. Mean humor.
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There are a couple of things I love about Lip Service. The women are all beautiful, particularly the gorgeous brunette Raylene, who is my type, at least when it comes to women, and there's plenty of kissing, which is more often than not lacking between same sex couples in mainstream movies. I also like the attempt at humor, although at times that humor has a mean edge to it, which can be distracting. I would have preferred that the failed hookups had been civil to one another.

The premise of Lip Service is one of those flash dating events, where people move from table to table attempting to get to know people in under two minutes. Since Lip Service is porn, the goal was an immediate hookup. The movie does a reasonable job of mimicking the awkwardness of such a social situation, although several of the women are unnecessarily rude to one another, which disappointed me. Lines like, "You're really beautiful, too bad you're such a cunt," are, in my opinion, unnecessary.

As for the sex, I found myself struggling to pay attention for more than a few minutes at a time. Maybe I'm just too straight to watch beautiful women go down on each other for two hours and not get bored. Oral sex is hot, and fingering is a nice touch, but I would have liked to see toys, or strap-ons, or tribbing, or a little bit of bondage play -- something other than two girls per scene taking turns at oral sex, with some toe-sucking thrown in here and there.

Everything shown on screen is gorgeous, and perhaps it's my own lack of porn-watching experience that made me wonder about the lack of other activities. I tend to read erotica, where variety is essential.

The actresses make each scene very watchable with their obvious enthusiasm for one another, complimenting each other's bodies, and maintaining eye contact whenever their activities made it possible. I loved the variety in body type represented in this film, with beautiful breasts of all sizes and shapes. They are all gorgeous, fit-looking women, without that sharp ribcage look that seems so popular among starlets.

Lip Service lacks any disruptive music, making it easy to hear the whispers between the women, as well as the sounds of their sexual activities. The sets vary between ordinary -- yet scrupulously clean -- living rooms and bedrooms. It's all very believable.

During the bar scenes, several of the women sport longer fingernails than they do in the actual sex scenes, which despite the continuity issue, improves upon the sex scenes, in my opinion. Getting tender skin snagged by enormous fake nails is not a turn on in my book. Fortunately, only one actress wears long nails during play, and she keeps those weapons away from her partner's bits.

The best use for this movie, in my opinion, would be to watch it in short snippets, when needed, rather than attempting to watch it all in one sitting. I'm guessing that there are many straight men out there who would enjoy it thoroughly. If you love girl on girl oral sex, with a bit of a male-fantasy perspective, this is your movie. All of the women are truly beautiful, and the production values are not lacking.

(Bonus geek points to anyone who gets the reference in my review title, because it's a stretch.)
Overall, I'm pleased to own Lip Service. That same repetitiveness that bothered me when I tried to watch the movie all in one go will actually serve me quite well for repeated viewing. It's an excellent collection of oral sex scenes, which is an activity that serves my fantasies well. Since each scene is quite watchable, I won't run out of inspiration when it's needed.
Follow-up commentary
In all fairness, I'm the wrong target market for this movie, but I still find it rather boring. The actresses are lovely, but I'm all too aware of how much this movie is made for the male gaze, and if as a heteroflexible woman I'm going to watch women play, I want to see a more natural connection between them, and a wider variety of sex acts. Oral sex may feel great, but it's boring to watch for too long. I want to see toys, and strap ons, and scissoring, although porn aficionados will tell me that those are specific fetishes and I shouldn't expect them in this kind of movie.

Oh well. If you're a guy who likes the idea of hot girls doing it, enjoy.
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