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I could not even become aroused throughout most of this horrible DVD. The chemistry between the performers is lukewarm at best and the scenes are uninteresting and difficult to get through. I barely made it through and it certainly doesn't warrant repeat viewing.

I loved the idea of this video. Unfortunately the lack of creativity on the "actors" made this film a fail in my book. It was very vanilla... very boring. I would have loved to have seen a little kink in it.

If watching unscripted "home movie" type porn is your thing, this movie is for you. If you don't like that type of porn, you're definitely not going to want to watch this. I would definitely say that the scenery itself might be just a good reason to watch. Great bodies of the men and women, just not great at sex without fake noises.

This film did open us up to more reality type porn. This was an interesting one since it kind of reminded us of our younger days. We would watch it again if we were not able to watch any of our other porn movies.

I don't know how much I can write about this film, just that I can't give it a good rating. I am sure there are people out there that like this, but I am not one of them.

Overall this was a good porn movie with a great looking cast and a beautiful tropical backdrop. If you like reality travel shows and porn, you should check this movie out.

If you ever wanted to see the sex that goes on on those reality shows on TV (ie., The Real World) this would be for you! It really feels like we are watching the unedited versions of those shows.

I don't really like reality TV or heterosexual vanilla sex, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I thought this was sweet, for the most part, but sex with a drunk girl really bothers me, particularly as legally a drunk girl can't consent. If you skip the first scene, though, this might be a nice video for a couple to share.

Paradise Island is a 'reality show' type porn format where the stars are all on vacation and out to have a good time. The scenes seem less choreographed and everyone seems to be having a good time.

I absolutely loved this DVD. I felt like I was watching a TV show, and I want episode 2! It's neat seeing how everyone spent their time during the day and then how they got it on together at random times!

Shane's World takes you on a get away that some may never forget. Tag along as beautiful porn actors Tori Black, Brooklyn Lee, Vanessa Cage, Johnny Castle and Michael Vegas head for fun in the sun. The tropical locale sets the scene for some hot vanilla sex in the sun. Sex by the pool, sex on the beach and even on a boat in the middle of the ocean await you.

Amazingly attractive young performers, beautiful locale, and hot sex. This is among the best unscripted "reality"-type porn movies I've seen.

Shane's World taps into the current popularity of reality style productions by offering Paradise Island. The film features 5 stars on the island of St. Maarten unscripted. The film has a casual, weekend with friends feel that offers a nice alternative to poorly scripted story lines. The scenes are vanilla but the view can't be beat. Oh, and the island is beautiful too!

This porn really surprised me and may have turned me onto a new kind of porn. I really liked the unscripted nature and spontaneous sex. It made it a lot hotter than directed fake bodies mashing themselves together at the hand of some director. The sets are gorgeous and the cast is mostly awesome, with the exception of one very drunk bad apple. NOTE: I had problems with this film not fast forwarding properly!

Step into the world of a porn star and see what they do while they're on vacation. Let your mouth water as you watch these sexy stars get their groove on with each other in all sorts of tropical areas. If that isn't enough, enjoy some naked water sports!

Paradise Island has some of the feel of the old Seymour and Shane videos of which Mrs. Peg and I are big fans. It falls short in some areas, but is overall a very watchable film featuring attractive players and hot sex.

Paradise Island is a reality TV style porn movie that will appeal to those who enjoy a mix of young, uninhibited actors enjoying a vacation and vanilla sex. It could have been improved with a bit more variety in positions and technique.

Tori Black is one of the hottest adult film stars contracted in the industry today. I don't think there is anything to lose by picking up this film and giving it a try. Even though the sex is hetero, and there isn't any anal, it just comes off as two people getting down and dirty and showing the "reality" of it, instead of trying to stage it and make it "fantastical" in nature.

Paradise Island is a fun film period. I wouldn't call it a porn but more a window into how porn is filmed. If you take it as that and not dwell on the scenes in between, it is an easy watch and very enjoyable. To make this film perfect Id have loved some less vanilla sex, maybe some anal, and more features! But I really can't complain, compared to the other.

Overall, this was a nice film. It will appeal to those Jersey Shore lovers who love the reality show feel and are looking for an uncut reality show. This is a great film for those who like tropical scenery and don't mind just hetero and vanilla sex. There is great filming and beautiful scenery in this film. That combined with the gorgeous, authentic actors give you a wild, but authentic good time!

Paradise Island features some hot people doing hot things in a tropical setting. While the sex is great for the most part, there is so much filler in between scenes. Scenes of the cast getting drunk, parting and shopping may be great for a behind the scenes feature but add nothing of sustenance.

Overall, this was a good movie for me. It had good vanilla sex scenes, the cast was enjoyable to look at and the location was beautiful. It reminded me of a fraternity/sorority get together at times with all of the drinking. This was a fun, enjoyable romp to watch, one I would definitely watch again.

This movie made me happy to see the end. I thought the sex was boring, the men were jackasses, the music was horrid and nothing about it appealed to me.

Paradise Island follows the adventures of Tori Black, Brooklyn Lee, Vanessa Cage, Michael Vegas and Johnny Castle as they vacation and party on a tropical island. This whole film has a really light feel. It's shot like a documentary, there's parachuting, drinking, jumping in the pool and a lot of romping around. The sex feels fun and not forced, like the entire film.

This super unique, real-life porn is just lovely. Beautiful, real girls thrown with two hot guys on a vacation in a beautiful tropical setting. The crew gets together, gets drunk, gets wild, and has a really good time. They go parasailing and go down on eachother. The film is quite vanilla, but if you're into that sort of thing, this is a wonderful professional porn with a delightfully amateur twist.

Nothing like a trip to the Bahamas with some close friends for partying, touring and lots of sex. Sounds like a pretty good vacation to me.

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