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Paradise Found

Overall, this was a nice film. It will appeal to those Jersey Shore lovers who love the reality show feel and are looking for an uncut reality show. This is a great film for those who like tropical scenery and don't mind just hetero and vanilla sex. There is great filming and beautiful scenery in this film. That combined with the gorgeous, authentic actors give you a wild, but authentic good time!
Beautiful scenery
Gorgeous Actors
Might not suit all tastes (vanilla and heterosexual sex only)
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Paradise Island is an unscripted, plot-less adventure. The entire movie is reminiscent of an extra long episode of Jersey Shore, or some other reality show. The feel of the movie is very authentic, as if the audience were following a group of college kids on spring break. It features a very attractive cast that includes Brooklyn Lee, Tori Black,Vanessa Cage, Johnny Castle, and Michael Vegas. The cast is fun, goofy, and usually drunk. While the scenes are a little disjointed and really don't make much sense in that they have no plot, the sex is hot and in a great tropical setting!


The packaging is bright and tropical. The front features a Tori Black on the front, naked on all fours, on the beach, seductively looking up at the camera. Underneath it has some shots of the rest of the cast surrounded by post mark like borders.

The back has scenes from the movie with various sex acts represented. The entire packaging is very tropical and beach-y even thought the entire movie isn't filmed at the beach.

Plot Summary

My heading is a bit of a misnomer because there really isn't much of a plot, so this will be more of a sex sex scene summary.

The film starts with the crew at an airport ready to fly to their vacation destination. Once they get there they start swimming, goofing around, and trying to lick their own nipples. Then, the girls head to the store to buy groceries and manage to spend "like $7000" dollars. Then after getting lost, they finally make it back to their place.

When they get back, they immediately start drinking which leads to the first sex scene. Michael and Vanessa jump into the pool naked before having sex. Vanessa is so cute. She's blond and ditzy, but comes off as genuine. She doesn't have the perfect body, but it looks real and gorgeous!

They start with oral sex for her by the pool before moving to a bed where they have more oral sex and intercourse in many different positions. Vanessa is very loud and enthusiastic for her 'birthday present' while Michael is much more subdued. She moans the and screams the entire time while he barely makes a sound.

The next day sees the group going wild on the beach. Then, back at the pool Tori Black and Johnny get it on! They have sex in a wicker lounge chair/bed on the side of the pool. Again, the sex starts with mutual oral before penetration. Tori is an interesting contrast to Vanessa. Whereas Vanessa was very vocal and cute, Tori is much more intense and sultry. Johnny too is quite different than Michael, albeit to a lesser degree. Compared to Michael's near silence, Johnny's quite vocal!

Next up, we find Brooklyn, who had never had sex on the beach, having sex with Johnny. Again, they start out with oral for her then him before moving to penetration in multiple positions. Here Johnny is much quieter which works well with Brooklyn's more subdued vocalizations. Her exclamations seem the most natural, they start of sparse and quiet and then escalates as things get hotter.

Not be outdone,Tori gives Michael a really intense blowjob, complete with deep throating before having penetrative sex while Vanessa and Johnny cheer on and watch. Watching this scene was rather awkward. Because they were on the bow of the boat, I was really worried that they would fall off!

Last but not least is Brooklyn and Michael have sex at an empty bar. They manage to do it on two different tables before Michael finally cums in her mouth.

Interspersed between the sex scenes was drinking, flashing, dancing, drinking, and more drinking. It was a very crazy, sexy vacation for the group!
Overall, I thought this was a really well done film. The filming is professional and the setting is beautiful. The best part about the film is its gorgeous setting. The actors and actresses are also gorgeous and very authentic. I did notice that I had no trouble telling Brooklyn, Vanessa, and Tori apart because the were so different, I had trouble remembering which scenes Johnny was in and which scenes Michael was in apart--even though they have different hair colors! It's not that they were really similar in character, but during the sex scenes, I thought that they were much more similar in their responses and actions than the girls were.

I personally didn't really enjoy the film very much because I didn't really enjoy reliving the 'spring break' scene and the drinking bordered on extreme. It even shows Vanessa throwing up in a toilet!

I also didn't really enjoy the fact that the actors talked to the camera. It was an awkward middle ground between third person and first person viewing. The times where Tori would seductively look at the camera or when Johnny would glance at the camera just reminded me that there was an awkward cameraman/woman there and an entire crew there watching and filming.

Also, while I liked the actors, I thought that Michael was a bit rude and Vanessa a bit too ditzy. Also, Brooklyn looks a lot like one of my old high school classmates, which just made it a wee bit awkward to watch!
Follow-up commentary
I tried watching this film again, but it just didn't keep my attention the second time through. I still felt that it was a well made film with great actors, but there really wasn't anything that was unique enough for me to want to come back and watch it again.
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