Myabe it's just me who doesn't like this stuff...

This movie made me happy to see the end. I thought the sex was boring, the men were jackasses, the music was horrid and nothing about it appealed to me.
The single only thing I can come up with is that the females have natural breasts.
the sex, the acting, the music...
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This movie from Shane's World is supposed to be 'unscripted' porn. Well, let's face facts, it has to be somewhat scripted to get the scenes they want into it. And if unscripted means that the actors get to just talk, then this sort of thing is really not for me! They all seem sort of like drunken air heads to me.

This movie is all about drinking booze, getting drunk and having boring, vanilla sex. It is just the same stuff over and over again: blow the guy, have PIV sex and then cum on the woman. No variance allowed, apparently.

Now I freely admit that hetero sex is not my thing, but I can appreciate a good male-female sex scene as much as anyone. But this movie has nothing to change it up at all. The best thing to say is that the women are all natural, and I do appreciate the natural breasts. But in one scene between Vanessa and Michael, he even has problems getting fully erect. Couldn't they have taken a break to let him take a blue pill or something? Plus, there is a total lack of foreplay in the scenes and no cunnilingus at all! How misogynistic is that, I ask you?

And the music? I understand that porn doesn't traditionally have decent music, but happy songs sung badly about snorting cocaine and drinking whiskey? Whoever sang that, he was no Johnny Cash, I assure you.

This is just not for me. If all you want is banging like a miner digging for gold, then you probably would enjoy this one. But if you like your porn to have a bit of romance, a smidgen of thinking the females deserve a bit of foreplay, or anything the slightest bit kinky, then I suggest you move on. None of that here.
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  • Contributor: tim1724
    Yeah, I felt the same way about this movie. Watching kids get drunk isn't my idea of porn.
  • Contributor: Penguin
    I'm actually pretty sure one of them doesn't so does that make this 1/2 a star? lol
  • Contributor: Willow Wand
    I had the same thoughts, NOT my thing at all!
  • Contributor: faust
    nice review
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