Flawed Paradise Syndrome!

Paradise Island features some hot people doing hot things in a tropical setting. While the sex is great for the most part, there is so much filler in between scenes. Scenes of the cast getting drunk, parting and shopping may be great for a behind the scenes feature but add nothing of sustenance.
Great Scenery, Good sex, and hot performers.
Bad Vanessa Cage interviews, too much drunk talk, and a lot of filler.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover is well design and features Tori Black crouching on a sandy beach. The color scheme adds to the paradise island feel. The small postage stamps at the bottom feature pictures of the stars in sexy poses that give off a spring break (college) like atmosphere while adding a touch of a vacationing feel.

The back cover is typical of most adult films and features several sex images; the main difference is the tropical backdrop of the images.

The menus are very easy to navigate and feature the main menu features the same lovely picture of Tori that adorned the front. The background music is very festive and brings thoughts of the tropics.

Film overview
The film starts out with the group (Tori Black, Vanessa Cage, Brooklyn Lee, Johnny Castle, and Michael Vegas) boarding their plan and heading off to St. Martin.

Once they arrive, the group ventures to their rental home where, showing her intelligence Vanessa couldn’t figure out how to open the door; fortunately Tori came to the rescue and opened the door for them. The group picks out their bedrooms and then decides to go swimming. After the girls go shopping and after getting lost, they return home for some drinking.

Michael and Vanessa decide to go skinny dipping and one thing leads to another and Michael is performing oral on her. The two retire to one of the bedrooms where the two have crazy and wild oral and vaginal sex, before ending the scene in typical porn fashion with a facial cumover. After the banging, Michael and Vanessa go back to the party. The others are content just drinking, when Vanessa tries to convince them to play drinking games.

After a day of vacationing, Tori and Johnny decide to go skinny dipping (seems like a reoccurring theme). Tori then decides to give Johnny a blow job poolside, which leads to vaginal sex and more oral sex before the scene ends with a facial cumover.

After another day of vacationing, drinking and parting, the group goes out on a yacht which leads them to a beautiful secluded island where Johnny and Brooklyn decide to venture off alone. The two have oral and vaginal sex on the beach, and get very sandy in the process.

Back on the boat Michael and Tori decide to have a go at it; the two have oral and vaginal sex in multiple positions and locations on the boat that is overlooking the beach.

The final sex scene takes place outside of the place that the group is renting. Michael and Brooklyn have oral and vaginal sex before ending the scene with a cumover. The group then reflects on the vacation and heads to the airport. The credits then roll.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The picture quality for the most part was great, the picture was mostly clear, with a little bit of motion/zoom blur here and there throughout the film. The sex scenes were shot “on location” and not in a studio so the lighting was less than spectacular on some of the interior shots, and gave more of an amateur feel at times (Vanessa and Michael scene especially). The boat sex scene and the beach sex scene had wonderful and natural lighting.

For the most part all the dialogue can be heard clearly. The music that was chosen for the film fit well and added to the general theme of the film.

Bonus Features:
Cast Interviews
Lost Footage (Behind the scenes)
Photo Gallery

Personal Comments:
Whoever’s idea it was to interview Vanessa Cage when she was drunk should be kicked out of the business. Congratulations, you are one of the biggest morons in the adult film industry. In the bonus interviews Vanessa Cage is painted as a ditzy, dumb, and drunk blonde (who shares her thoughts on an array of subjects including religion and her personal thoughts on Michael Vegas and the rest of the cast). If I was her, and I found that they used the interview, I’d be pissed. By comparison, Tori Black and Brooklyn Lee look like goddesses. Tori’s and Brooklyn’s answers were well thought out, coherent, and intelligent, where Vanessa is too drunk to answer coherently, and even too drunk to realize she is too drunk to be interviewed. The interviews are all mixed together, and the interviewer can not be heard. The interviews go something like this, Tori black sheds some light on some subjects, Vanessa comes in and does her drunken spiel, and then Brooklyn comes in and shares some of her thoughts.

The Lost footage is basically Shane’s World’s attempt at a “Behind the Scenes” feature. The Lost footage in Paradise Island show the group swimming, shopping, drinking and boarding their plane. Again in this feature we get to see how horribly Vanessa can hold her liquor, maybe I have to be drunk in order to enjoy this, because sober I get annoyed as hell, and that “Yay Imma Drinkin” attitude of Vanessa’s didn’t help.

Tori Black was great in this film, very beautiful and great in her sex scenes. I especially enjoyed the Tori black and Michael Vegas boat scene. The backdrop made this scene for me. You get to see all the beauty in the people and the scenery, but you don’t get the sandy bodies that you get from the previous scene between Johnny Castle and Brooklyn Lee (which was a great scene in its own right).

As for chemistry I did not feel a great bit of it with this film, the sex didn’t exactly feel forced or robotic, but there was nothing mind blowing. The scenic backdrops really added some of the scenes, for example it took the Brooklyn Lee and Johnny Castle beach scene which would have been an above average scene, and made it a great scene.
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