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DVD by Zero Tolerance

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39 reviews

If you like something different, I really doubt you could find anything more bizarre than this one. This porn tries to mix mysticism and alternative religious views with hardcore sex, wrapping it all up in some type of insanity. The sex itself is hot and plentiful, so if nothing else you can always skip over the parts filled with nonsense and just get down to the hardcore.

It's not too often you see a porn flick that gets more than one brain going. If you're looking for more than the normal run of the mill porno, this would work. This wasn't all my cup of tea, but I have to hand it to them, it is the most original adult movie I've seen.

One of the most powerful and thoughtful XXXs of recent years, with a great cast, alluring action and enough going on to keep the plot alive in your mind, whatever else is happening on screen. And there's a lot!

If you are watching for the plot, it's not worth it and the sex scenes aren't that great. If you are watching for the sex, the plot will take away any arousal you have.

This DVD contains some really beautiful scenic shots, some very innovative sex scenes, and a dark storyline unlike that of any adult DVD you have ever scene. This DVD is very interesting and entertaining, however it just not really my cup of tea. I felt that there was too much movie, and not enough porn. But if you are looking for something different, or appreciate longer drawn-out adult movies, then I would recommend it.

Where does a porn performer draw the line when it comes to the sexual acts they will perform? How do they stay on top and remain fresh within the industry whilst respecting their boundaries? And how far would they push these boundaries if push came to shove? All of this and more is explored and examined in Sanatorium. A full length porn film made to stimulate you mentally as well as sexually.

This is a complex, reportedly high-budget, arty porn film. It's more art than porn. The plot line is confusing, and the acting and sex are not that great.

I thought this movie was a great attempt to make sexy, artful, meaningful porno with a point! Though at times a bit confusing, the spiritual journey aspect of this film leads to an incredibly sexy set of scenes with a creative, non-linear narrative.

It really has it's own set of rules. If you're looking for some hot fucking with minimal story, then skip this. If you want some in depth story with twists and turns and gorgeous scenery and thought processes, this is the one you should invest in.

Sanatorium was definitely unlike anything I'd seen before. The scenery and costumes were beautiful and it's obvious that a lot of time and thought went into the production. Unfortunately, the intended message and plot come across completely garbled and overall it's more likely to leave you confused than turned on.

A great adult film for fans of Tabitha Stevens or Gary Orona. Highly erotic and sensual, this movie takes you through a unique adventure, but isn't for those looking for anything like a traditional porno.

The ridiculous plotline, the fake enjoyment of the sex, the boring positions, even girl-on-girl failed to turn me on - something is wrong here. Everything is wrong here. No one looked like they wanted to be in this movie, and I definitely didn't want to be watching it. Throw this one out, or even better, don't buy it at all.

Oh what to say? This movie is unique. Absolutely unique. The movie is quite the opposite of anything I would actively seek out in porn due to the confusing plot that over takes the sexy times.

Sanatorium is an interesting experiment, but isn't for everyone. Although marketed as a couples feature, it's more of an art film. For the general porn audience, the movie misses its mark.

I am not a fan at all of complex non-linear movies, so I really did not enjoy Sanatorium. I don't watch my porn for plot, and to me the plot got in the way. I also didn't really enjoy many of the sex scenes either. Just wasn't my cup of tea.

Sanatorium is good, but not for everyone. The story is interesting and the sex scenes are mostly entertaining and erotic, but it can also be extremely confusing and contains disturbing music and imagery. If you don't mind the negatives, it's worth watching and will get you where you want to go.

More of an independent movie than a pornographic film, Sanatorium stands out from all of the other "Hot, Busty Teens 492" movies and stands alone in a sea of crazy. Watch Tabitha Stevens as she journeys through her career, through insanity, through hypocritical politicians and lawyers, and through a vision quest that leads her to be a supreme being of sex.

If you're looking for a porn that isn't your regular run-of-the mill cheesy porn flick, then buy Sanatorium. You won't be disappointed!

Sanatorium is a poorly executed film that intends to provoke thought, but fails miserably. The plot is impossible to follow, and the actors are painful to watch. The sex isn't any better, and can induce yawning. To make matters worse, this film is nearly 2 hours long, and includes a lot of imagery that will make you squeamish. Tabitha Stevens gets an A for effort, but sadly that's not nearly enough to redeem Sanatorium.

If you are looking for a simple porn with sex scene after sex scene after sex scene, this movie is not for you. If you would like to watch something that challenges you intellectually between hot, sexy scenes, then you will probably enjoy this movie.

Sanatorium is impossible to follow and is rife with symbolism and metaphors. If you’re into deep psychological thrillers that leave a lot of unanswered questions and happen to have some really hot sex scenes sprinkled throughout, this is the movie for you. But if you watch porn to intensify your arousal and have a good time, then you’ll probably want to fast forward through all the dialogue and psycho drama. It just detracts from the hot sex, making it difficult to stay aroused.

If you love suspense, mystery, and violence mixed in with your porn, then Sanatorium is for you. Chock full of metaphors, this film will leave you wondering what you just saw. It's not just a porn it is a story from the mind of Tabitha herself. An interesting take on the world of politics and porn.

Sanatorium seems like a porn film, but my impression of it was quite different. Instead of being arousing, it's confusing. Instead of moans of pleasure, there's darkly monotonous music and screams of insanity. And instead of returning to it to decipher its complexities, I'll move onto better films after getting some explanations and closure from the director's commentary.

Sanatorium suffers from a confusing plot, bad acting, and boring sex. I would not recommend this movie to anyone and I will not be watching it again.

I must admit that I really did love this film. It's so much more than just pornography. I can't express enough how much I love that the sex scenes in this film are sexy and sensuous. I never really liked porn because it was so animated, bad acting, corny, and just dirty, hard core sex for the most part. Watching this film really gave me a new aspect on porn, and also into the porn industry. I can't wait for my husband to sit down and watch this one with me.

Take a journey into the dark world of Tabitha Stevens' mind in this movie. It's not only a porn; it's a movie with a message. By delving deep into the human psyche, sometimes the people who are the most vocal about pornography's immorality are the ones holding the darkest secrets.

This movie would be right up your ally if sadistic torture does it for you. But if you're looking for some hot exciting porn, you may be sorely disappointed here! The sex scenes were your typical vanilla variety. Even if they do manage to arouse you – watch out for the mood killer images.

Sanatorium should be relegated to inmates of said establishment since they will be the only people capable of following the tortuous plot! The acting in this flick is atrocious, worse even than the usual fare of lower budget movies. This is a classic example of a director trying way too hard to convey a convoluted, confused message.

A very sexy, twisted movie that features some of the hottest stars in porn. Think Blue Velvet with cock. Tabitha Stevens and Gary Orona show some edge and push a few boundaries. Popcorn and popshots ensue.

Sanatorium is the beautifully filmed and slightly confusing story of a woman who finds herself and becomes stronger while seeking to root out the hypocrites around her. Rich in symbolism, this is a movie that you’ll want to watch all the way through rather than skipping to the sex scenes (which are all well done), and you’ll want to listen to the director’s commentary as well, which explains a lot of what you may miss.

If you are looking for a quick get off porn this isn't it. This is a porn with a good story plot and to completely understand it you have to watch it all the way through and the bonus disk as well.

Sanatorium seemed like it had an awesomely original story, but it ended up disappointing me. The costumes and sets were awesome, but it seems like this story was taken a few notches too far. It really isn't even worth it for the sex scenes since there is a lot of story.

If you want to watch a movie that's quite different from other porn offerings and don't mind that it will be confusing almost from start to finish, this is a good choice. The sex scenes are good, but not exceptional and without much variety.

Tabitha Steven tells a fascinating tale of the anti-porn movement's hypocrisy, through great acting and story telling that is not often seen in the porn industry. A dark and complex, but enlightening tale, along with some great music make this an absolute buy and proud addition to anyone’s movie collection.

This porn movie offers very nice sex scenes, as well as, a story line that is easy to follow. It also gives its watchers a different view point on the porn industry. However I felt that for me it was more of an adult movie (similar to American Pie, but more sex), than a porn movie. Too much talking and acting scenes for me, but overall it was a good porn movie. I've never really watched a professional porn DVD; most of what I have watched has been from the Internet.

This is not the type of porn that we would have originally watched. If I saw this in a store I would not choose to buy this, but that being said I am glad that I was given the opportunity to check it out. It's fun to try something new, something maybe out of my comfort zone. In the end I was actually pretty interested in the film, though I'd need to watch it about a half a dozen more times to really know what the hell was going on!

You may want to keep your finger on the FFW button if you just want to watch the steamy sex scenes. Otherwise, pay close attention as the star, Tabitha Stevens, recounts to a hypocritical politician the events that lead up to her "rebirth" as confident, sexual, woman and powerful warrior for a special cause.

A definite must-watch for people who like psychological suspense films, this movie goes well past porn or erotica into full-blown thriller.

Sanatorium attempts to giving a great, feature-length pornographic movie, but the confusing story, only-okay sex, bad acting, and very odd plot bring it down too much to be a good movie.

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