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A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

If you are looking for a simple porn with sex scene after sex scene after sex scene, this movie is not for you. If you would like to watch something that challenges you intellectually between hot, sexy scenes, then you will probably enjoy this movie.
Hot sex scenes, unique, intellectually challenging
Long movie, can be confusing
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Content / Genre / Audience

Sanatorium is an adult dvd that portrays a story between sex scenes. The story is about a porn star (Tabitha Stevens) who is telling a man about how she came to be where she is today. Tabitha calls the story 'metaphorically autobiographical'. The basic tenet or theme of the story is that everyone needs to set boundaries for themselves and not compromise on them. The story is told in a kind of trippy-Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole kind of way with meetings with Tabitha's manager who pressures her to cross her personal lines and participate in scenes that she has no interest in. Tabitha goes on a kind of vision quest trying to overcome her demons and emerge in control of her own life. I don't want to focus on the story itself too much because I don't want to ruin for any future watchers, so I'll just outline the sex scenes.

Now onto the sex scenes:

First scene: Tabitha and a blond female co-star lick, tease and please each other while a male co-star (fully clothed) sits and watches. There's fingering and pussy licking galore in this scene. Each girl eats the other out and fingers her and then they finger themselves.

Second Scene: This is a very brief scene, kind of like a flashback in which Tabitha is being choked during sex. You don't really see much of the sex itself but it is a porn scene that is being filmed.

Third Scene: Sara Sloan and Mark Wood begin with Mark examining her pussy under a magnifying glass. Then he fingers her for a while as she sucks and squeezes her breasts. After he fingers her, she gives him a blow job (something she is great at) and then they have sex. She have sex with her on top, then doggie style and then missionary.

Fourth Scene: Tabitha and unknown male have sex in a point-of-view style scene where you only see the guys penis going in various orifices of Tabitha. This scene has vaginal and anal sex as well as a blow job.

Fifth Scene: Tabitha is out in the desert for a photo shoot that leads to her giving a blow job to a male co-star.

Sixth Scene: A hotel room setting with two guys. Tabitha gives a blow job to one while the other watches which progresses into vaginal sex with the same guy while the other plays with her hair.

Seventh Scene: Tabitha watches as two couples have sex. This scene starts with the girls from the couples kissing while the guys rub the girl laying down's breasts. The other female gives oral while the men continue to stimulate her breasts. The girls switch places after the first one cums. The guys get a turn at oral next followed by each couple having sex in various positions.

Eighth Scene: In a bedroom setting, Tabitha has her first interracial scene with Tyler Knight. It starts with Tyler caressing her body (which looks very nice) followed by a blow job with lots of tongue. Tabitha and her co-star have vaginal sex starting with her on the bed at the edge and him standing beside it, thrusting into her. They also have vaginal sex doggie style hanging off the bed.

Ninth Scene: Tabitha watches while Kagney Linn Karter and a male co-star 'film' a scene. This scene includes Kagney getting and giving oral and vaginal sex in several positions.

Tenth Scene: This scene starts with an amazing hand job given by Tabitha. It's an intense hand job and blow job scene that makes me think of 'cock worship'.

Eleventh Scene: This scene is of Tabitha and the man that was watching from the first scene. It begins with a blow job, followed by vaginal sex in various positions. This is also an intense scene, made so by the build up throughout the movie and with the ferocity with which they have sex.


There are a ton of actors in this movie. The main character, of course, is Tabitha Stevens. She plays her role very well whether it be in the story portion or during the sex scenes. She stays in character and is just amazing. My favorite scenes of hers were scenes eight and ten. She is amazing to watch giving blow jobs, she makes it sooo sensual.

A few other familiar faces included Sara Sloan and Mark Wood, whose scene was amazing and SUPER hot. Sara plays a porn star (not much of a stretch) and Mark plays a lawyer who prosecutes porn stars. Their scene is full of heat and chemistry and left me wanting more.

Kagney Linn Karter also has a scene with a male whose name I'm not sure of. Her scene was pretty hot as well. There weren't really any speaking lines for her part, just filming a scene like she was going to post it online, but the scene was definitely NOT boring.

The other stand out scene for me was the scene between Tabitha and Tyler Knight (scene eight). Everything they did just looked amazing. Tyler has a beautiful penis and I loved when they finally got to the vaginal sex and the way he teased a bit before the sex, didn't just shove it in and go to town. The scene was amazing.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Hot scenes
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

This is a 2 disc dvd set. The first disc has the movie, the movie with director commentary, and scene selection. The second disc has three sections: Extras, Bonus Scenes, and Deleted Scenes. The extras include trailers, popshots, behind the scenes, a slideshow, and an interview with Tabitha.

The bonus scenes include 2 scenes with Sara Sloane and 2 scenes with Kagney Linn Karter. These scenes are not related to the feature movie at all. They do contain sex and blow jobs and that kind of fair (no complaints here).

There are two deleted scenes. The first is an additional portion from the strangulation scene along with more of Tabitha on her quest. The second is more of Tabitha in the cave and dessert while on her quest.

Personal comments

If you're having any trouble understanding the story behind this movie, I recommend watching the film with the director's commentary. You will not only get some unique insight and explanation, but some extra info that you may not have expected.


The first time I watched Sanatorium, I found that I really had to pay attention. This isn't your typical porn thinly veiled by a story line that you can pick up from watching one scene. This is the type of movie that you need to watch from start to finish at least once in order to understand what is going on. After that, if you just want to watch a scene here and there, it should be no issue. The reason I say you need to watch it all the way through is that there might be some random seeming thing that pops up during a scene. Trust me, if you haven't watched the movie, it will probably make no sense.

I found myself thinking between the scenes and not just masturbating. This is definitely a different experience from what I am used to while watching porn. I actually really enjoyed the twisted plot. Tabitha mentioned in our community discussion that the aim was to make a MOVIE with REAL sex in it. I think this was definitely accomplished. Yes, you have to think and focus to get the meaning behind the movie, but who says you can't watch it more than once to fully get there?
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