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The ridiculous plotline, the fake enjoyment of the sex, the boring positions, even girl-on-girl failed to turn me on - something is wrong here. Everything is wrong here. No one looked like they wanted to be in this movie, and I definitely didn't want to be watching it. Throw this one out, or even better, don't buy it at all.
Bad acting, a turn-off, ridiculous plot, boring dialogue.
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Sanatorium, featuring Tabitha Stevens, expects much too much from a porn and wildly fails. Following the story of Tabitha, who was condemned by others for her involvement in the adult industry, she is supposedly fighting to "recover her sanity". If you think this sounds more like a Lifetime movie special than an intriguing porn, you're right. Crossing between scenes of her topless in the desert (which is so mild for a porn, it could be in an R-rated movie), her having loooooong monologues with "lawyers/judges" who condemned her (just fuck already!), and attempts at experimental/existential plotlines all make up this horrid, horrid adult film.

I was so turned off by this porn, I had to keep skipping chapters to see if anything was arousing or sexy at ALL. I found nothing. Nothing. I stopped the longest at a girl-on-girl scene with Tabitha and another woman. Their acting was so fake, I would highly suggest this was their first girl-on-girl scene if I hadn't seen the same bad acting with the hetero scenes as well. All the women look directly at the camera with sneering, "sexy" faces which are the opposite of sexy. Nothing is natural, the women and then men don't even look like they're enjoying the sex, and the sex itself I couldn't even get turned on by - I had to switch over to another porn just to get off.
    • Hetero
    • Mild


As described above, I was totally turned off by Tabitha Stevens. I don't know her personal history in the adult film industry, or what niche she fills, but I can't imagine anyone getting turned on by this - unless it's their first taste of porn EVER.

Her looks directly into the camera, her sneering "sexy faces", her completely unconvincing acts of arousal all turn me off. Her scene with the other girl had a set-up I was excited for, only to be let down once again. The other woman was a little better, but not much. It looked as if Tabitha did not enjoy making any of this film, which is the last thing you want to see in a porn. Don't make a porn if you're not enjoying the work you're doing.

It also should be mentioned that this could definitely fall in the mature or MILF category. Tabitha is sexy for her age, but this is definitely not the porn I am into, and all the actors fall well within the 40s-looking age range.
    • Bad acting / chemistry
    • Bad presentation
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