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Sanatorium seemed like it had an awesomely original story, but it ended up disappointing me. The costumes and sets were awesome, but it seems like this story was taken a few notches too far. It really isn't even worth it for the sex scenes since there is a lot of story.
Great cinematography, sets, some good sex scenes.
Confusing as hell, seemed disorganized.
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My boyfriend and I plopped down armed with toys. We were excited since the back of the DVD revealed a cool story of the government trying to make porn illegal and thus a conquest ensues to show that just because you love sex, it doesn't make you evil. The menu popped up and the images and music worried me from the get-go, open mouth gags, creepy dude, and straight jackets. What did I get us into?

The main character, Tabitha Stevens looks better on the cover than in the movie. Not having seen her before, it took a while to realize that the slightly weathered women in the film was the same from the cover. This disappointed my boyfriend who had mentioned the girl on the cover looked really attractive.

Anyways... the story seemed interesting from the start. Legislation is introducing anti-pornography laws. The ones enacting these are the ones with the darkest secrets. They don't waste time getting into the first sex scene which between the main character a random girl. They put on a private show for a Senator. Afterward, the story unfolds.
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The story is told in present time by Tabitha to the Senator. As she is telling it there are constant flash backs and then it goes forward in time. The second sex scene is during one of these. It is between a prosecutor and a random girl. We were turned off by the style of oral, gagging, and did she just fart? It was clear this scene wasn't going to do it for us. However, I did notice that the angles were nice as well as the cinematography and editing. It was this way throughout the film.
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Tabitha is telling a mini biography. Starting with getting into porn for fun but then they asked her to do things she didn't want. This goes to the first of many weird ass flashbacks. She witnesses a murder and while this caught my attention, it got rid of any arousal that was building. We were left confused because no explanation is given. Another flashback introduces a friend of hers- Alex who does a nude photo shoot with her. She confides in him and tells him of how the studio is asking her to do things like double anal that she doesn't want to do.

Another flashback is of her doing a POV vaginal/anal scene with an unknown guy If you like dirty talk, you might like this scene. My partner found this scene arousing.
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They get in a fight about what the studio wants her to do e.g. three dildos in her butt. This built tension and interest, but I was afraid where this was going. She meets with the producer saying she wants out. He says she has to do more. She talks with the senator about how the industry changed her. She changed her face with plastic surgery. This must be true to life because I swear in some scenes its like she just got botox injections. I don't mind fake bodies in porn, but I prefer if they don't look like the bandages just came off. She explains how she decides to give it one more chance and do another movie.

This scene includes a guy from Pirates the porn-Chris. Finally a guy I can get on board with! There are two scenes with him, the first is in the desert with him receiving oral, then they move to the hotel room where Tabitha has sex with him only to get her friend jealous. After this she again talks with her producer. He asks her if she has seen Kelly and motions towards a TV where Kelly is seen screaming in a straight jacket. He gives her an ultimatum of 7 days to do all these sexual acts. This is where it gets really fucking weird.

She knows a man who can exercise demons. She says she wasn't going to let Senator and the haters rule her mind. This part seemed a bit out of place in time with the story. She goes to find a shaman. The story just took a weird turn that now doesn't have our sexual or intellectual interest. While laying in the desert night...where she would be frozen...she has a dream. Oh if I wasn't already confused. It's a flashback to a group sex scene in which Tabitha is onlooking. We were both pretty bored by this.
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Then we go to Tabitha who is having a conniption in the desert since she is starving. For some strange reason there is a flashback of her doing a piercing suspension. Random, but cool. Then another sex scene of her in her first interracial scene. The flashbacks are kind of getting confusing. This scene was more sensual. I enjoyed it more than my partner, but it got me somewhat in the mood. Yet again, this was killed by being followed up with screaming and torture.

She does more searching through the desert and it becomes apparent that this is some sort of mind game being played by her producer when he uses a type of voodoo doll to inflict pain upon her. She is seen talking to him again where he tells her she is washed up and old. So then he makes her watch a young couple. This scene was the hottest in my opinion. The positions were great. It included foreplay, oral, and sex. It is the kind of scene that you take stuff away from to do with your partner later.
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But then, yet again, more torture for Tabitha. Mood killed yet again. But have no fear...another random sex scene of her giving oral to an unknown guy. This didn't do anything for us either. To wrap this up...lets just say she finds a way out of the producers mind fuck. Which is the end of the story that she is telling to the senator. Here he decided he wants to finally fuck her. This scene has sex, oral, and a fucking with a double meaning. The credits roll. the ending was great, but we were left confused. We will remain that way I guess. The film ran about 2 hours.

Honestly, the best part is the bonus disc. It has trailer, popshots which is a compilation of all the cum shots, and behind the scenes. There is extra footage of her piercing suspension if that's your thing. There are 4 bonus scenes and 2 deleted scenes. The deleted scenes are not worth watching, but the The extra scenes totally are. Sara Sloane is in the first two doing a bit of role play spoofs. The third is an awesome jersey Shore spoof which had me laughing. It is actually almost an hour long! The next one was a think a spoof of Glee? I don't watch Glee but that would be my guess. A sexy student perverts a nerd.

So...I didn't really like this enough to rate it higher than 2 stars. It was just too unorganized to me. I was confused which pissed me off and I really thought it had a lot of potential. Great effort, but poor execution.
Follow-up commentary
I still don't like this movie. I watched it enough times when I did the review to know for sure that it's not my cup of tea. It was passed along. I don't recommend buying this, but if you could rent it or barrow it from someone, it might be worth watching...just once.
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  • tim1724
    I agree, Tabitha was really, really hot in the cover photo. In the movie? Not so much.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Great review as usual, my dear! I'll try to remember to come back and vote later, after the glitch has been fixed in the system.

    I want to learn how to put in pictures from the movie into my review! How did you do it?
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review, I really like the screen captures in this review, and all the pictures you add to your other reviews
  • ToyGeek
    Yeah, I think I'll pass on this one. Great review though.
  • Shellz31
    Awesome review! Not my type of 'porn'. But it was an experience.
  • Serendipity
    I enjoyed the anal sex as well. Thanks for the review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Selective Sensualist: Thanks! It was a multi-step process for this!

    Viktor Vysheslav Malkin: Thanks! While I did not love this film, I thought it looked great so pictures were worth my time.

    ToyGeek: thank you

    Shellz31: lol agreed!

    La Roux: Me too
  • Penguin
    The pictures came out nice hun!
  • Mr. E
    "Great effort, but poor execution."
    Yeah, that's how we felt as well.

    Great review though. Love the addition of pictures.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Thanks Mr. E! I look forward to more from them still.
  • Redboxbaby
    OK. No longer wishlisted. I need the story to make sense at least the second time I watch it, otherwise it is just a waste of time. Thanks for the review.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I love when people wishlist stuff from my reviews, and writing reviews like this saddens me! But I am glad you found my review useful.
  • freda
    thanks for the review
  • ~LaUr3n~
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