Prostate massager discontinued
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This toy is hard to separate from the manufacturer's hype. They promise hands-free super-orgasms. This hasn't been my experience, but I haven't put in hours and hours using it either. In actual use, it's a kind of big prostate massager that can be used hands-free and gives some of the most interesting prostate massage sensations I've ever experienced.

If you are willing to put in time to increase your sexual abilities, then this toy is for you. If you want really powerful orgasms that make you cum twice as hard and twice as much, then this is for you. Overall, I highly recommend this toy for anyone interested in exploring the wonders of prostate massage and prostate pleasure.

I'd absolutely recommend this toy. It was slightly disappointing, but that may have been because I built it up so much in my head. Part of me expected to be capable of an anal orgasm the very first time, which was unrealistic. Although I wouldn't rate this toy as the best of the best, it remains very high on my list of required male toys. I just wish it didn't have those damn nubs.

The Progasm is an amazing toy that introduced me to prostate play and made me a believer in the power and pleasure of the butt. It's not realistic, packs a punch for beginners in terms of size, and most importantly it moves with one's body, hands free, to enable powerful prostate orgasms that can take over one's body. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to get into prostate play, anyone who wants to introduce it with their partner, or to those who just want to love the butt well.

In the end, I think every guy needs to try one of these. I don't think there would be any reason to be disappointed. It is well made, and doesn't take too much getting used too. Above all else, it feels amazing.

A great toy-box addition for singles or to keep it in while having sex. It'll kick it all up a notch.

The Aneros Progasm will give a man orgasms the likes of which he's probably never experienced, but only if he takes the time to learn how to use it properly. You will need patience and lots of lubrication to get the most out of this toy but those who persevere won't regret the investment of time (or money).

The Aneros Progasm is a fun, comfortable anal toy that lets the wearer stimulate his prostate by controlling his muscles. Insertion could be a challenge for a newbie, and the bumps/balls on the tips of the handles led to discomfort for me after a couple of hours of use.

Even with the snafu on the instructions, this toy was simple to figure out and lead to outstanding results. Having always been a fan of plugs, this took everything to a whole new level. If there was one prostate massager for a guy to own, I would say this one is it. Oh, oh it is magic after all!

The Progasm, like other Aneros models, is an example of the "less is more" principle. The beauty lies in its simplicity, but behind the minimalist design lies a powerful tool that is much more than an ordinary toy. Some find it a challenge to get the hang of the Progasm, but those who persevere are amazed by what it offers. Hard to think of another toy with such a return on investment.

Though I haven't been able to go completely hands free with this toy, I am still very pleased with it. It provides a goal to work up to and offers a different experience than a plug, which makes it a great addition to any collection.

If you are into clinical medical type devices that offer little fun and are a bit uncomfortable with strict rules for use, then this is the gadget for you. If, on the other hand, you think your toys should make you smile, feel good and sexually inspired, look elsewhere.

P-spot delight.

Being the biggest of the Aneros line, the Progasm is filling, stimulating and easy to use. As a "Hands free" style of P-spot massager or hands on, it will take you anal bliss. The best of the Aneros line I have used yet.

The Progasm will help you achieve amazing orgasms. With its hands-free, prostate stimulating action, the Progasm enhances your orgasm along with making it last longer. This toy is nothing but fun and good times.

Great for those that already have a few anal toys around 1.25" - 1.75" in diameter and are looking for a prostate massager that will not only stimulate the prostate but the entire surrounding area as well. I would recommend something smaller for those just starting out. While the price is high this toy will, given enough time, provide more stimulation than most other toys.

This prostate exerciser is a good choice for those experienced with prostate massage. Its size is not for beginners. It is made of hard plastic that is easy to clean. It's not easy to learn this device and will require many long sessions to get the desired results. Its price is higher than you would expect for a cast chunk of plastic, but if you're willing to put in the hours to learn its use, it's for you. Those looking for a quick orgasm should know this won't provide it.

If you're bored of things going up your bum, get this toy, it may require a lot of practice but the outcome is well worth the journey. Let's remember, good things come to those who wait, besides half the journey is getting there..and the other half is the killer orgasm you'll have when you make a mess in bed without even touching your pecker.

The Progasm is a little large for beginners, but for experienced users it could be the ultimate in pleasure. The shape of the head is fantastic for hitting the prostrate. The size of the base caused my sphincter to flex on its own making it the easiest and strongest orgasm I've ever had.

The Progasm is not for those times you want a quickie orgasm. The sensations are intense but subtle, requiring the investment of some time, but worth it...approach it with an open mind and it will reward you.

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