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If You Could Only Have One Toy I'd Recommend This To Be It

The Progasm, like other Aneros models, is an example of the "less is more" principle. The beauty lies in its simplicity, but behind the minimalist design lies a powerful tool that is much more than an ordinary toy. Some find it a challenge to get the hang of the Progasm, but those who persevere are amazed by what it offers. Hard to think of another toy with such a return on investment.
A durable toy with multiple benefits. Can last a lifetime with little maintenance.
Can be difficult for some people to get the hang of it. It's expensive.
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At first glance the Aneros Progasm might look like little more than an oddly-shaped butt plug. Looks can be deceiving and this is certainly the case with this toy. Far from being a chunk of plastic, this device is a brilliantly designed invention which has wide range of uses on many levels. While it was originally created as a medical tool for treating prostate problems, users discovered that it also could bring on amazing orgasmic experiences. These include not only heightened traditional orgasms, but hands-free ejaculations, prostate and/or anal climaxes resulting in dry orgasms (non-ejaculatory) as well, which can occur repeatedly without the usual refractory period associated with ejaculation. These multiple orgasms can even go on for hours and bring on sensations never experienced by ordinary methods.

The goal of many Aneros users is to have what is called a Super O, or Super Orgasm, which is an intense full body dry orgasm that is noted by spontaneous shaking and writhing, especially in the arms and legs. Many compare this euphoric feeling to an altered state of consciousness and a natural high. The Super O isn't always easy to achieve, though. While some may have the good fortune of getting it with ease, most will find they have to spend some time letting their body and brain "rewire" itself. This may take as little as two weeks or as long as two years or even longer.

The website for the Aneros company has an excellent and very active user forum which contains extensive knowledge and advice on the topic. It is highly recommended that one make use of all the information there because the instructions provided with the product may not be sufficient. Many of the forum members view the Aneros experience as being similar to Tantric sex. This is why I wouldn't recommend the product to anyone who is simply looking for something to get off with quickly. The Progasm requires some time and patience, but for those patient enough and willing to do the work, the rewards are more than worth it.
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    • Anywhere
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    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

It's made of a hard plastic which is very smooth and non-porous. This is essential because it allows it to move easily without manual manipulation. I have a much cheaper toy from another manufacturer which is made to be like the Aneros and by comparing the two it is easy to see the higher quality of the Progasm. The other one had seam which could be felt and the material with which it was made didn't seem to be of the medical grade that Aneros is known for.

Some people might be put off by the fact that it is made of hard plastic. I can assure you that this is not a problem and there is no discomfort because of that. Without the firmness it seems that it wouldn't have the same effect. Although it has a phallic shape, the purpose of this toy is not to simulate a penis. The non-flexibility seems to allow it to provide the right amount of pressure as it massages the prostate. It's also very smooth to the touch and doesn't have any particular odor or taste.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The Progasm is the largest of the Aneros products. For those who like a full feeling this would be the best model to choose. It should be noted, though, that bigger isn't always better when it comes to the Aneros. It needs to be able to move freely by anal contractions alone. If it's too big then it won't be able to do that. There is actually a school of thought among some Aneros users that it's best to gradually work down to smaller models as one becomes more experienced and can achieve the same effect with the smallest possible device.

Conventional thought with anal toys (as well as actual anal sex) is "the bigger the better". This is because a large object inserted into the anus has a much greater chance of rubbing up against the prostate, whereas a smaller one might miss it totally. The design of the Aneros makes size an unnecessary factor because it is made to hit the P-spot at the right place with the proper amount of pressure. Being smaller gives it more freedom of movement to do its job.

Whether or not the size is right for you, though, is subjective. For those used to smaller models or those with little to no experience in anal play the size of the Progasm might seem intimidating. On the other hand, those with a lot of experience in anal play and used to large dildos may think it's too small. Choosing a model of just the right size seems to be a big topic of concern and given the price of this product that is understandable. It's difficult to give a specific recommendation on this because everyone is different internally and there are other factors involved as well. So choosing the perfect model is often a matter of personal choice that only trial and error can determine for certain. It's not something one should become overly stressed about, though, because most people will eventually adjust to whatever Aneros they have.

I'm still a novice and the Progasm was the first Aneros I purchased. Those who have no experience may want to start off with one of the smaller models. The company also markets the SGX model specifically to males 5' 6" and under as it is designed to work best for that body type.

All of the Aneros line are small enough for discreet travel. The Progasm has an insertable length of 4.5" and the width of the tip is 1.25".
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic


I find the Progasm to function well and do what it is supposed to do. I'm interested in trying one of the smaller models to see if there is a difference in mobility. When water-based lube dries, it tends to slow the movement down which is inconvenient in really long sessions. Some people use a layer of vaseline underneath the lube to make it last longer. This does help, but there is the health question of using petroleum jelly internally, especially for those who use the toy for hours at a time and several days a week. This is always something to think about when inserting anything anally as it is an absorbent area which goes directly into the body.

Sometimes the anal contractions can be quite intense and the two outer abutment tabs may cause discomfort if they hit the tail bone or the balls too hard. Some people put a piece of cloth around them if this is a problem. I've also heard of people modifying the outer arms of aneros pieces in various ways. The expense of the item may cause some to avoid this, though.

One thing I've noticed with the Progasm is that a couple of times it has slipped out when standing. The Aneros shouldn't come out on its own because of the shape. It's not something that happens frequently but I'm not sure of the reason. Some of you may find it a little tricky to insert. This is because the tip is bent so if you try to push it in directly it requires a bigger opening than it would seem. The way to avoid discomfort when doing this it to bend it in a cupping motion as it is inserted by holding it at first so the head is going in straight and then gradually bending it to follow the curve of the Progasm so it is always straight at the point of insertion. The same process should be done in reverse when removing it to avoid pain to the sphincter.

Some people become frustrated because they aren't getting the mind-blowing results they've heard about. This seems to be largely dependent on how an individual connects their mental state to physical sensations. The most important thing to remember when using the Aneros is to be relaxed. If you aren't then you won't feel the subtle sensations which send signals back and forth between the brain and trigger pleasure. The device is designed to be used hands-free so your hands can be used to lightly touch the body and become aware of how it feels. If it's inserted correctly with plenty of lube, it should move on its own and gently massage the prostate from inside and also with the little ball on the abutment as it hits the perenium. The other ball is called the "kundalini" tab and is supposed to hit an acupuncture point.

Sometimes it's necessary to adjust using your hands and some people manually manipulate the Aneros like you would use a dildo. It's really not designed to be used that way, though, and there are many other toys better suited for that purpose which are far less expensive.

While often thought of as a solo toy, the Progasm can also be used during sex with a partner. The fact that it doesn't require hands makes it an ideal addition that increases pleasure but doesn't get in the way. For some (not all) it makes erections harder and increases the amount of ejaculate.
    • Comfortable
    • Hard to figure out
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

The Progasm is very easy to clean. Just a little soap and warm water and it's clean in seconds. The fact that it is so non-porous makes maintenance easy. It doesn't have any particular storage requirements either. The small size makes it easy to put away just about anywhere.

This is such a durable product it seems like it could last forever. There are no issues with flaking, temperature sensitivity, warping or anything like that. I'm not aware of any particular lubes that could damage it. I generally use a water-based lube with it. Because it is non-porous it is necessary to use quite a bit of lube because it doesn't stick like it does on some toys.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Progasm came in a hard clear plastic package which could be saved and used for storing it. The package didn't contain pictures or anything like that from what I remember. It was just a normal looking container like you might see small electronics sold in. As I said earlier, the instructions included seemed minimal to me considering the complexity of the device, but they included a link to the manufacturer's website which hosts an excellent user forum, as well as a knowledge base wiki, F.A.Q., chat, groups and even blogs so users can give tips and write about their experiences with Progasm and other Aneros products.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

I originally purchased the Progasm because the anti-depressants I've been taking cause a delayed orgasm. Researching ways to remedy this situation, I stumbled upon the Aneros. Although nothing I read specifically recommended it for this situation, the concept of rewiring the way the brain responds to body stimulation and eventually the mind influencing the body in return intrigued me. I've noticed that delayed orgasm can be avoided with focus and relaxation. The Aneros seemed a perfect tool for achieving this. I chose the Progasm mainly because an online video I saw showed someone using it and it looked like an incredible orgasm. It was actually a Super O. The Progasm was the model used. In retrospect, I think I'd probably choose a smaller model if I were to do it again. Not that I'm unhappy with the Progasm, but not having a lot of experience with anal play it would probably have been a shorter learning curve with something smaller that would glide easier.

But the Progasm works fine and I have noticed much improvement in the sexual side-effects of the medication since I began using it. I have a theory that SSRI's somehow reroute the neural pathways related to sexual pleasure centers while they inhibit the re-uptake of serotonin. This is a topic way beyond the scope of this review, but sexuality is centered in the brain and with enough work we are capable of adjusting how these things operate. I'm very enthusiastic about the Progasm because it has been such an essential tool in this.
    • Anti-depressants


Having read the reports on the Super O's, I was a little disappointed my first few tries with the Progasm. I guess I had built my expectations up too high and expected to achieve the Super O by just inserting the device. I started reading the experiences of others on the Aneros web site forum and realized that the device is not something that automatically forces you to have amazing orgasms, but rather a tool which can be used to help in that goal. It's like buying a nice set of golf clubs. That doesn't mean you're going to be a good golfer. It just means you have tools that can help you to become one.

So now a couple of months later I still haven't had the Super O, although it feels like I've been very close a few times. The out-of-control body writhing hasn't happened, but I have been able to get the multiple dry orgasms. I've also noticed that I'm experiencing several totally new sensations, as well as re-experiencing sensations I haven't felt since my teenage years. A couple of times it seemed like I was starting to have the Super O, but probably stopped it sub-consciously because I'm not used to not being in control to that extent. Eventually it will happen, but even if it doesn't I am quite satisfied with the benefits I've already gotten from this product.
    • Orgasm
    • Super o
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