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Aneros Progasm sex toy review

The Progasm is not for those times you want a quickie orgasm. The sensations are intense but subtle, requiring the investment of some time, but worth it...approach it with an open mind and it will reward you.
Intense stimulation, powerful orgasms, easy clean-up.
If you're not used to prostate stimulation, the Progasm might take some getting used to.
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extremely useful review
I had heard about the Aneros prostate massagers for many years was was tantalized by the reports of unrivaled orgasms; while simultaneously hearing that the Aneros didn't do much, or was uncomfortable. After seeing the new Aneros Progasm|Prostate massagers: Aneros Progasm, I decided to try one of these out and discover firsthand what reputation they deserve.

The largest of the Aneros line, Progasm is sturdily constructed and visually resembles a cross between a joystick and a pitcher plant. I was slightly disappointed that there were a couple of spots where the seam from the molding was noticeable to a fingernail, but it wasn't perceptible during use. While the bundled instructions are minimal, the Aneros website has expanded instructions and tips for use.

My first experience with the Aneros Progasm gave me insight into the conflicting opinions. The sensations can best be described as intense but subtle, and definitely different. With the Progasm in, sex was intense and seemed to last longer.

Although I wasn't able to have an orgasm using only the Progasm, it did contribute to several extremely satisfying orgasms. The Progasm works in all the sex positions I tried, but positions where I was thrusting produced the most intense stimulation.

The Progasm is not a “quickie tool.” You need to be willing to invest some time into the experience to get the best results. It's not like a butt plug|Anal Plugs: Tristan - Butt plug by Vixen Creations, where you can slide it in and go about your usual business; but you aren't completely tied down to a bed either (although that could be an option, with your partner watching you writhe...).

When I was looking at the Aneros Progasm pictures, I was concerned that using the Aneros products might be like wearing headgear on my bottom, limiting normal movement. This is definitely not the case (the Aneros protrudes only about an inch), so most activities are OK while wearing the Aneros Progasm massager (although sitting can be problematic).

Pants are best left off, as they inhibit the free movement of the Progasm and reduce the erotic effects. No matter what you're doing, you'll probably wind up in an erotic fog shortly after insertion. I'll warn people's partners upfront – when the Aneros goes in, prepare for sex to follow.

Cleanup was easy, as the Aneros Progasm is made from a nonporous plastic that cleaned up with a quick soap-and-water wash.

The main downside of the Aneros products is the uncertainty. To avoid taking a “stab in the dark” in the hope that you get the best fit, I'd recommend using some finger exploration to figure out exactly what's most comfortable for you size-wise (both width and length). This can be done either solo, in a relaxed lying-down position, or with your partner.

In short, it's a good product. The sensations might be different from what you are expecting, but as a prostate sex toy|Prostate massagers - Male prostate stimulation sex toys the Progasm is a doozie – approach it with an open mind and it will reward you (big time).
Follow-up commentary
I like my Progasm as much or more than when I first tried it. I find myself reaching for it often as a convenient way to add another dimension to sex. The hands-off operation allows it to be integrated into a wide range of activities, and the base (which sticks out between the cheeks just enough to grab) allows the toy to be wiggled by hand (either yours or someone else's) for added stimulation.

The Progasm massager provides noticeably more stimulation than a butt-plug|Anal Plugs - Butt Toys of the same size, and it doesn't require the attention that a dildo does, allowing you to concentrate on other activities, whether solo or involving others.

Another plus is that the Progasm massager can be used with very little preparation. While the Aneros website recommends an enema and internal squirt of lube before use, I have been using it without either most of the time, just a squirt of lube on the toy and my anus (the Aneros products can be used with any lube you like).

While following Aneros' recommendations resulted in a better and more stimulating experience, it probably is only necessary if you're trying for a hands-free P-spot orgasm, which I sadly haven't had the patience for yet.

The smooth surface of the Progasm makes cleanup easy. I usually wash mine with a bit of soap and water and don't notice any odors afterwards. I wasn't able to find any definitive information on ways the Aneros Progasm can be sterilized, so you might want to be careful about sharing it; but since it's non-porous, ordinary cleaning methods should keep it in good enough shape for a single person or a committed couple.

I feel that one of the Aneros products (perhaps the smaller SGX|Prostate massagers: Aneros SGX prostate massager or MGX|Prostate massagers: Aneros MGX), or one of the similar Nexus|Prostate massagers: Nexus gyro prostate massager products would be a good second step (after fingers) for an interested but unsure man to take into the world of anal and prostate toys|Anal dildos for prostate and G-spot. They're non-threatening, require little preparation, and have a very good “return-on-investment” that might encourage further exploration.

The only downside I've noticed is that every once in a while I'll have to push it back in or straighten it out to line it up with my prostate again. These occurrences are rare, and easily rectified, and definitely not deal-breakers.

I also noticed that when I use the Progasm, the rear K-tab generally doesn't make contact with anything (unless I press the Progasm in with my hand), but this is probably a body-type issue. The stimulation provided by the internal massager and the P-tab is more than sufficient.

I find myself wishing that there was some way to add a vibrator, but I'd rather have a durable, long lasting toy without the vibrations than one that required batteries and fuss.

In short, I love my Progasm and keep it handy. It's easy to use and fun, a winning combination.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Yojimbo42
    Nice review...Though I'm still uncertain if I can afford to put 70 bucks forward for this...haha

    Question: Was prostate stimulation something you had a thing for before getting this? Cuz I've never really noticed any significant increases in pleasure when stimulating the the I am weary of spending any money on something specifically designed to do so...
  • ScottA
    The price is the big downside (I do agree with the other reviewer about the rear ball, it doesn't hit anything on me either, but that's not a big detraction). I've been playing with my butt for many years , so I already knew that I enjoyed anal/prostate stimulation before I got the Progasm. You might want to start off with something like fingers or a less-expensive toy that provides prostate stimulation. Looking at Jimbo's review of the Pro Pal that might be a way to test the waters without spending as much, or you could look at a butt plug. If you like the sensations, the Progasm would be a good step up from there.
  • I bought this thing because a buddy of mine after a few beers told me about on the 19th hole one day. When I bought it..I had not been to the bathroom so I foced a bM with a glycerin suppository (he also told me about) then inserted some lube try to relax and it slipped right in..I was instantly erect and my wife said this was some of the best sex we have ever had. It truly created I think the most powerful orgaism I have ever experienced. Will be using it all the time going forward.
  • Robin Goodfellow
    Thanks for the good review. I'm interested in buying one of these, but the reviews I read are so mixed. Here on Edens I see relatively positive reviews, but the internet is inundated by both people swearing by Aneros, and people swearing it's a scam. Is it for real? Thanks.
  • Kcito
    im also interested in buying this one but it is a bit expensive for a plastic toy
  • ScottA
    With the Aneros the sensations are not obvious amd overwhelming at first. You have to learn how to use the toy and learn to like the sensations, and you have to have time - lots of time. After having tried many different prostate toys I think I wouldn't recommend one of this type as a first toy, instead get something that's hand-held or body-driven, such as the Gyro or a wand, and later when you're more familiar with prostate play get an Aneros or similar toy.
  • Beaners
    Something that I've read about the other Aneros massagers is that they're kind of hard and that's a bit of a turn-off. Is this the same hard plastic?
  • fletchy
    excellent tool for prostate experts 8)
  • Drifter86
    Great review.
  • Sweet Butt
    Ok. For all those of you who doubt whether this piece of plastic is worth its price, stop doubting. After endless days and hours of extasy it provided me with, the bloody thing feel on the hard floor yesterday and the front tab broke. If I don't manage to glue it, I'll have to order another one. I'm ordering from Europe and there's a good chance of paying customs fees in addition to expensive shipping, but I won't have second thoughts. I hope I managed to convey my point
    Yes, me too hate the fact that it's not cheaper, but basically I don't have I choice, because the pleasure it provides is so INSANE!! For new users, one extremely important remark: some people (in fact, instructions on the package as well, if I remember correctly) say put it in before sex or having erection. DON'T! It's not half as good, and it can even prevent you from having erection (don't know why, maybe because you're so much focused on your butt in that moment). Achieve erection in regular way and have a sex for a while (or masturbate). Believe me, prostate massage is MUCH more pleasurable when it's engorged from sexual fluids. Insert it when you feel you got kind of "acustomed" to regular sexual stimulation during intercourse and want to get to another level. So, insert it with erection at its full, properly lubricated. Maybe you'll want to come immediately, but try not to by contracting pc muscle. Than proceed with having sex or masturbation You won't believe how good it is. The best stimulation is achieved by doing regular sexual motions, hands free. Don't forget to eat and drink though, it can easily happen that hours pass without you noticing it, especially if you are savvy at delaying ejaculation And when you finaly come, I don't know... hard to describe. It's like you're going to immediately have another orgasm (never actually managed though), every contraction is like first (and best) one, or that feeling just before ejaculating... all the time while you're comming. I'm telling you, get some practice and you won't believe the pleasure. But yes, darn thing could be cheaper, it's great business, but in no way a scam.
  • sexyk515
    Great review.
  • Stinkytofu10
    Ty for the detailed review and detailed follow-up!
  • ajwonder
    great review thanks
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • BlooJay
  • jeep9
    Thanks for the review
  • Trysexual
    Great review
  • sXeVegan90
    Thanks for the review.
  • amazon
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