Well hello, I didn't feel you there.

If you're bored of things going up your bum, get this toy, it may require a lot of practice but the outcome is well worth the journey. Let's remember, good things come to those who wait, besides half the journey is getting there..and the other half is the killer orgasm you'll have when you make a mess in bed without even touching your pecker.
AMAZING feeling once you master it.It will give you a hole new look on anal pleasure.
Requires a lot of practice and can cause discomfort if inserted backwards.
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Well first of all, there's a reason most people go with the smaller one first. Using the Aneros is like using weights. You need to build muscle before you can use the big guns. If you do end up making this your first Aneros you need to be patient and work at it. I did, it took me over a month to get a hand of this big boy but it was well worth it.Just place it in slowly and thrust, it may be weird but just clench your cheeks and you'll slowly get the hang of it. There's really no wrong way to do it, just experiment with your new toy and find the pleasure how you please. It really does give that certain part of the male body a nice tickle and massage. It can actually be a relaxing massage if you take it slow and let yourself relax. But if your in the mood to hit the sack then go nuts, you'll be doing it in no time.

Material / Texture

Nice, smooth, curvy with no porous ends. Love how smooth it is to be honest. It makes it very hygienic. The hard solid plastic may feel intimidating but it's shaped in such a way that it goes in smooth with no troubles. Of course it is not shaped like a realistic penis, but penis's weren't made for this. You want something that was made by scientist for this specific purpose. That purpose is to go OH WOW, with something up your bum and nothing touching your pecker. Sounds impossible right? Think again, they did it.

Design / Shape / Size

You might get the feeling it's too small, considering the motto for toys is the bigger the better. But no need to put him down, they made it to do his job the way he should. Any bigger and it would miss that so hard to find spot. Because it's about the size of your hand it's great to travel with, you can slip it in a zip lock baggie if you want and put it in your pocket. Or if your feeling very adventurous you can actually travel with it in use, scouts honor it will stay in there and not get lost in there or slip out. Some how I think they had that in mind when designing it.


I love how easy it is to slip in, other toys are hard to slip in and can cause a sore back side but this one just needs one quick push and no problem you're in.The feeling guarantee is all up to you and your experience level but it will never be uncomfortable like other toys that can leave you sore for days because it was too big.

Care and Maintenance

Wonderful thing about this toy is that you can use whatever lube you want, no limitations. GREAT thing about this toy is that you can wash it however you want, you can actually use soap to give it that mountain spring sniff. You can actually toss it in your sock drawer no worry about it getting fuzzies, the material doesn't allow dust to accumulate on it.


Nice easy to open package can also double as a storage case for those of us who like to keep things neat. The plastic can be opened and resealed with ease, no scissors required to open it make it perfect to use as soon as you get it.

Personal comments

For those of you who also like making your partner happy, try this for a turn on. They can watch you F* yourself with your own ass muscles.
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  • Contributor: LiftedUp
    Have you used any of the other aneros for comparison? I've tried the MGX with no luck whatsoever, but have often wondered if the shape just isn't aggressive enough for my body's anatomy.
  • Contributor: Daddy'sPuppy
    I have tried the helix, it was much lighter and easier to get used too. The MGX seems to have a little big of a bigger bulb, which means its heavier. You might not feel it heavy in your hand but your butt muscles sure do. Chances are you just have too work those muscles stronger. Have you heard of kegel exercises, the can sometimes help too?

    As far as it not being aggressive enough, i would leave that up to you, i think its more of a preference on your roughness scale. But don't count it out because its small and your big, bigger isn't always better with anal toys. If you think its too small to pleasure you, well then, you sound like me the first day i got it. I know, i kept thinking, this is what i paid for? i can't even feel it inside me. But that's good, you don't want to be able to feel it inside you, you want to be able to feel the pleasure you achieve from it. If you did feel it inside you, you would end up with a sore behind and this toy is made to never leave you feeling sore. That's why the end isn't flared like some anal toys, it lets your sphincter relax, like that you can play but not get that 'i feel like pooping' feeling.

    If you really think the MGX just isn't right for you consider another Aneros toy, maybe the Progasm its size is a little more "agressive" but remember, because it is bigger it takes a lot more practice to get handle on it.
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    You can use the fuckers "fuck" or "penis" here. We are on a sex toy site, afterall.
  • Contributor: Drifter86
    Great review.
  • Contributor: fletchy
    good review. thank you
  • Contributor: zracer
    great review
  • Contributor: Drifter86
    Good review.
  • Contributor: callsignhusker
    Nice review
  • Contributor: Stinkytofu10
    ty for the review
  • Contributor: ajwonder
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
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  • Contributor: ILikeShinyThings
  • Contributor: richsam
    Thanks for your review
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    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: amazon
    Thanks! Nice review.
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