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21 reviews

This toy seemed like a good idea when I got it; however, actually using the toy was far from enjoyable. I didn't give up after the first use, but it never really lived up to my expectations and was much worse than the other p-spot toys I had. It has been put away to never be used again, especially since the vibrating bullet broke.

I suggest this toy to anyone who wants to get a nice prostate massage. It is my favorite anal toy that I use alone. I am very glad that I own the bad boy.

Overall, a great toy that will leave you wanting even MORE. Get ready for the orgasm of your life, and be prepared to shoot cum galore. The bad boy is ready for take-off in...3...2...1...

The Bad Boy is good at what he does, but could be a little gentler about it. He's also fairly large and probably isn't best for beginners. If it wasn't for the roughness, this would probably be my favorite toy! I highly recommend it for it's good qualities, and the bad ones can be worked around as long as you're careful.

The biggest problem with this toy is that you don't know if it's going to work before you buy it. If it doesn't fit correctly inside your anatomy, then you've wasted your time with it.

I was disappointed with this toy. Promised so much but left me hanging. It might have been me not using it correctly or something else, but I would not recommend this toy. If it is in your budget, I would instead recommend the Nexus Vibro.

The Rocks Off Bad Boy is a toy that I loved at first blush, but grew to dislike very quickly because of it's inherent design quirk - one that stuck out in my memory more than the good vibrations it delivered. So great was my annoyance, that I had all but consigned the toy to the role of 'dust collector'. That is - until I whipped it out, intent on writing a bad review, and fell in love again.

Overall, this is a toy that I don't regret buying for my husband. However, knowing now how the vibrations are and how loud the toy is, I might have made a different choice when shopping. It takes practice, but I think most males can learn to love this one.

The Bad Boy is a great prostate massager. While the vibe is a little weak, the size and curvature make for a fulfilling experience. Insertion could be difficult for some, but if you can get it all the way in you’ll be a happy man.

I would not recommend this toy if you are experienced at anal play. It might be good for a beginner. But it just doesn't seem to work for me. It needs to be bigger or to vibrate a little harder. I'd keep looking for a better anal toy.

I wish that it were easier to insert the full length of the Bad Boy. Despite that, it does create incredible p-spot orgasms.

If you're into the P-spot massagers and you're looking for the toy that's a step up from the others, with shapes that can kill and more meat on the bone, then this is the toy for you. However, this is not a toy for beginners.

One thing to remember is that the vibe pulls out for cleaning, but you'll have to be very careful pulling it back out, which is quite the task. They made the vibe insert point good and tight.

Is it me or is it a design flaw? Only your sex toy tester knows for sure! This high quality, well made, well thought out prostate massager just needs to go back to the drawing board! It is still fun to play with though!

A seemingly high end toy hindered by poor geometry. Although it makes for a comfortable vibe, the serious curve in design didn't allow me to take in the full length. A comfortable relaxation technique, but lacking the desired prostate attention. Conclusion: nice anal vibrator, don't let your prostate hold its breath

This is one great product. Even with the small problem that I had with the vibrator not being able to rest on the base of my balls. It is a must have,

Its a good toy, but there are better prostate toys on the market. Ones that are more comfortable, stay in place and thus are easier to use and more effective.

I can't say I'm all that enthusiastic about this toy. I liked the idea, but the size wasn't for me. The design is good, but a bit blunt. This is a well made toy so if you like size and some buzz, this is one for you.

A great p spot massage toy for an experienced user. This toy offers firm prostate massage for a fantastic price. A great value and a must for any man wishing to experience a mind blowing orgasm!

The Bad Boy comes close, but doesn't quite cut it. This prostate massager shows promise and a lot of evident thought in its design in certain areas: the cavity for its bullet, the nodules meant to stimulate the perineum, etc. However, in the end the Bad Boy disappointed us due to a lack of thoughtful construction in some very critical areas.

For fans of firm prostate stimulation, the Bad Boy is hard to beat. The tip of this silicone toy delivers vibrations directly to the prostate, while the bulged shaft helps to hold the Bad Boy in place and the nubby perineum massager stimulates the prostate and bulb of the penis.

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