It's big, it's bad, and oh so good

For fans of firm prostate stimulation, the Bad Boy is hard to beat. The tip of this silicone toy delivers vibrations directly to the prostate, while the bulged shaft helps to hold the Bad Boy in place and the nubby perineum massager stimulates the prostate and bulb of the penis.
Firm prostate stimulation, stays in place easier than the Rude Boy, perineum stimulator works well.
Prostate stimulation might be too firm for some, a bit more powerful vibe would help.
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The Bad Boy is Rocks Off's bigger and curvier prostate massager. Like the Rude Boy, it's a solid silicone toy that's shaped to provide sensation to the prostate and perineum. The Bad Boy gets its badness from the shape of the internal arm that rests against the prostate. Whereas the Rude Boy has an easy-to-insert cylindrical cross-section, the Bad Boy has bumps and bloops. While these make the toy a bit more difficult to insert, they do increase the stimulation and help you to hold the Bad Boy inside.

I was hoping that the bumps would give my ass enough to grab that I could use the Bad Boy without needing to hold it in. While this wasn't the case (the Bad Boy presses against the prostate with enough force that my sphincter couldn't compete and it slid out. The bumps do help to hold it in place during use, correcting the problem that some people had keeping the Rude Boy in place.

The silicone in the Bad Boy is pretty stiff (a good thing because it conducts the vibrations better and provides stronger prostate stimulation) but combined with the surface texturing it makes for a toy that needs plenty of thick lube. If you don't have enough lube, or if you have thin lube, you might wind up with a bit of irritation. While you've got the lube out, put a squirt on the nubby perineum massager, as it makes it feel much better.

The Bad Boy comes with an included bullet vibe, the "RO-80MM Power Bullet", which takes one "N" size battery. It slides into a pocket in the silicone right underneath the perineum massager, and can be removed for cleaning. Rocks Off designed the vibrator pocket with grooves to prevent vacuum build-up and make removal easier, but it's still a good idea to put a little lube on the bullet. While the RO-80MM is a bit longer than most vibrators, it's the same width as a standard bullet, so finding replacements shouldn't be hard. My sample had a bit of a picky vibrator, but once I learned that it likes the top screwed on as tightly as possible my problems went away. During use I did find myself wishing that there was a bit more power, though, as the Bad Boy is a fairly big toy.

This is not the toy to get if you're investigating prostate stimulation - it's intense. The arm for the prostate presses very forcefully against your P-spot, and the vibrations are very noticeable. It's a good intense, though - the first time I used it my legs were weak and shaking for an hour afterward.
Having heard so much about the Rude Boy, I was eager to try out the Bad Boy. I'm no stranger to anal activities or prostate stimulation, but it still took a while to get the Bad Boy in that first time. Once I got it in, I took a while to get used to the feeling. It was intense - the stiff silicone arm was pressing directly on my prostate forcefully, and as I rocked back and forth in my chair I could feel it move inside slightly, but it was always there against my P-spot. Then I turned it on, and while I didn't loose my mind I almost saw stars. The vibrations, while not strong, went directly to the prostate, and as I moved I could feel subtle changes in the vibrations. Rocking forward channeled them directly up from the perineum pad to the base of my penis and prostate, and rocking back forced the finger back up strongly against my prostate. Clenching my asshole changed the dynamics yet again, and I moved back and forth through the many possible combinations of pleasure that the Bad Boy offered, or almost. Following the directions, I had removed the paper insulator from the battery, but now the vibrator was cutting out from time to time. Fortunately the fix was simple - the RO-80MM likes the top screwed on really hard, and once I did that it was back to business. The first orgasm was intense, and I wound up leaking fluids for about 5 minutes, with my legs shaking for about an hour afterward.

My second voyage with the Bad Boy was also excellent, and I developed a new technique for insertion, putting it in pointing "backwards" first and then turning it around so the P-spot arm could slide into its proper position. Insertion was much easier, but this still isn't a toy for the beginner - stimulation is very firm. Good but firm - I love it.
Follow-up commentary
The Bad Boy has rapidly become the main toy I reach for when I want a prostate massager. The big reason is its potency: the Bad Boy combines strong, interactive stimulation (either hand-held or rocking back and forth while sitting on it) with a vibrator. To use a dance hall analogy, my Progasm (which I still like, and use from time to time) is a slow dance, whereas the Bad Boy is bouncing pop. It’s fast and strong, and a toy of action. It's not always ideal, though.

The Bad Boy pops out if left to its own devices, so if you want to use it during sex someone will have to devote a hand to keeping the Bad Boy inside. It's possible that there's a harness out there that will hold the BB in, but I don't have it yet. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you can get your partner to use their hand, but it can be a bit limiting sometimes.

The other problem is connected with my body shape. I want to have the sort of a butt that girls ogle, but I don't. I have a small butt. The Bad Boy seems to be designed by people who do not suffer from this affliction. So the part that delivers the external massage and holds the vibrator is nice, and thick, and presses strongly on my perineum (too strongly sometimes). In order for me to comfortably use the Bad Boy sitting down, I need to use some padding underneath me. Fortunately Eden came through again, the bubble wrap used in packaging worked well during trials; as would a folded towel.
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    I love the bullet that's in this one :--).
    Great review!
  • Contributor: PurpleReign
    "and while I didn't loose my mind I almost saw stars"

    I think a new standard for p-spot stimulation...along with a leaky five-minutes!

    Sounds like a better choice than either the Naughty Boy or Rude Boy.
  • Contributor: ScottA
    If you're advanced enough to take the width I'd definitely choose the Bad Boy over the Rude Boy, since the Bad Boy's bulges help keep it in place much better. I would suspect that the Naughty Boy is a bit less pressure on the prostate, which would make it better for newcomers or people who don't like firm prostate stimulation. The Bad Boy is very firm - it squeezes out quite a bit of precum when it comes to rest, and the first time I used it I slid it in pretty fast (1-5/8"? I can take this no problem...) and the pressure on my prostate was so intense and unexpected that I almost classed it as a possible torture device. I'm glad that I came back and tried it again, though.
    The stimulation is much better when you remember to lube both the internal arm and the perineum massager, too.
  • Contributor: fishkiller
    Thanks for the review, I was thinking of getting this, but I'm not advanced enough and still need a smaller diameter toy. This does look exciting though, and may be the "next step". Thanks.
  • Contributor: Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    Thanks for the great review....I am adding this to my wish list!
  • Contributor: Amy Snookum
    Wow! Interesting review! Thanks!
  • Contributor: Ghost
    Really love to get this for my husband.
  • Contributor: johnad45
    nice work
  • Contributor: Entropy
    Weak vibe = no vibe to me, another great review, thank you!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Thx for the review.
  • Contributor: Emma
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