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A Rather Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy is an excellent toy for prostate stimulation. The angle and length are just right for contacting the prostate. It is easy to insert and not too large so it should be great for an anal play beginner. It is stiff enough to be felt without being uncomfortable. The included bullet is high quality, waterproof, and powerful for its size. The external portion stimulates the perineum and the 100% silicone construction transmits the vibrations very well.
100% silicone construction; Waterproof; Good vibrations
Doesn’t stay in; Noisier than others
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Naughty Boy joins Rude Boy in the prostate massager line from Rocks Off Limited. The Naughty Boy is a 100% silicone toy that is angled for prostate stimulation and has a portion of the toy that contains a wireless bullet vibe which remains outside the anus and rests against the perineum. The main thing that differentiates Naughty Boy from Rude Boy is that Naughty Boy has a lot more variation in diameter than Rude Boy. Naughty Boy starts out at 7/8” diameter and swells to 1 1/8” diameter before returning to a 5/8” diameter neck. The Rude Boy stays at a constant 1” diameter through the internal portion of the toy. This makes the Naughty Boy easier to insert and might help him stay in place a little better than his older brother.

Rocks Off Limited is a sex toy manufacturer operating out of the United Kingdom. Their toys are well made and the Naughty Boy is no exception. The Naughty Boy has a removable wireless bullet housed in the end. Rocks Off calls it an 80 mm bullet as it has a pointed tip unlike most wireless bullets out there. Also unlike most bullets it uses an ‘N’ battery which may be harder to find, but so are the watch batteries that are found in other wireless bullets. Luckily it comes with a battery already installed, so there is no delay before the fun begins. The bullet is easier to remove than most, but this is really due to the construction of the hole on the Naughty Boy which has vertical ridges inside that hold the bullet. This reduces friction and suction which makes the bullet easier to remove. This also seems to increase the noise level of the bullet, so there is a drawback.

The bullet is also waterproof. This is a nice feature if you want to use it in the shower or while doing regular cleaning. The bullet should definitely be removed if one is going to be sterilizing the toy. Speaking of sterilization, this can be done in any of the regular methods that work with silicone toys: boiling for three minutes, wiping with a 10% bleach solution and then rinsing, or in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap).

In actual use, the Naughty Boy fulfills its obligations admirably. It goes in easily and the angle and length allow it to stimulate both the prostate and the perineum well. It isn’t stiff enough to “milk” the prostate, but the material transmits the vibrations throughout the toy. The one drawback is that it requires some effort to keep it in place. All in all, the Naughty Boy is an excellent prostate stimulation toy to have around.
We started out [|using the Naughty Boy] on my female partner. We began by taking the bullet vibe out of the Naughty Boy. I turned it on and held it on her clitoris for a while to help get her warmed up. Once she was sufficiently arouse I put the vibe back into the Naughty Boy and lubed the toy and her up with Maximus and inserted the Naughty Boy into her vagina. After a little positioning she found a spot to her liking and I commenced playing with other parts of her body while she held the Naughty Boy in place. It didn’t take long before she was coming, but she admitted later it had as much to do with what I was doing as it was sensations from Naughty Boy. So, it didn’t give her a g-spot orgasm, but we usually find that it requires some serious movement to make that happen for her.

After some quick clean up, it was my turn. She got me warmed up and I put on a cock ring to hopefully keep things from ending too quickly. We inserted the Naughty Boy into my ass. It went in very easily and was very comfortable. We moved around some to get in some different sexual positions and I found that I really couldn’t keep the Naughty Boy in place while moving about. I really needed to be sitting or lying down to keep the Naughty Boy inside of me. We adjusted positions and got things settled again in a way that worked well. It wasn’t long before I reached my orgasm regardless of the cock ring. It wasn’t a complete prostate orgasm or anything, but it definitely enhanced the experience.
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