A Nice Toy For My Naughty Boy!

Naughty Boy is a great toy for someone interested in graduating from fingers and moving on to some vroomy fun! With its gradual increase in size, it should be comfortable and easy for a newbie to an advanced user to handle. While there are some slight issues with the toy coming out of place, it's not a concern as long as you're in the proper position or have your hand on it.
- Modest Size/Design
- Great Materials
- Comfortable/Stimulating
- Battery Included
- Slips Out Of Place
- N Type Batteries
- One Speed Bullet
- Might Not Fit Everyone's Anatomy
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Naughty Boy from Rocks Off Ltd. is a prostate massager that's designed to comfortably provide stimulation to some of the areas that matter most; the perineum and prostate.

Marketed toward men, this toy is best used anally to help stimulate the prostate, but women can also enjoy using this toy for anal play. The rounded tip makes it easy to insert, and the shape of the sleeve takes away any worry about the toy accidentally slipping inside your body and getting lost. This toy can be used on its own to help amp up solo play, and can be used hands-free in the right positions. Whether you're engaging in oral sex, having vaginal sex, or are on the giving end of anal sex; this toy also works great with a partner. Always keep in mind, how well this toy stimulates the right areas will depend on your anatomy.

You don't have to be an anal expert to feel comfortable inserting this toy. It's a reasonable size that might seem a little large to a total beginner, but as long as you're relaxed, it shouldn't cause a big problem. Make sure you have plenty of warm up by inserting a finger or two inside first. The tip of the toy isn't much larger than a finger itself, so using a little lube and relaxing, along with warming up should make it comfortable and easy to use.

There are two separate pieces that make up the toy; a silicone sleeve and a plastic bullet. The sleeve can be used with or without the bullet, and the bullet can easily be used to stimulate various erogenous areas of your body, or your partner's. While the sleeve could be used for vaginal insertion, it's pretty thin and might not satisfy many women. If you're planing on trying this out vaginally, always make sure to sterilize if it was previously used anally. The bullet on the other hand, would work very well at clitoral, nipple, and stimulation to other sensitive areas of the female body. The uses for the bullet far exceed the sleeve, but the bullet alone should never be inserted anally. Since it doesn't have a flared base or appropriate design, it would be easy for it to get lost inside of you. Stick with putting the bullet inside the sleeve if you're interested in vibrations.

The included bullet has an o-ring around the base of the battery cap, which means that this toy can be taken with you into the tub or shower. Gravity might play a factor in how well this toy stays in place while you're standing, so you might want to keep one hand on it while you're standing up.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

Naughty Boy is made up of two separate pieces, and two different material types. The sleeve is made from silicone and the bullet is made from plastic.

Silicone rates a 10/10 on the Eden Material Safety Scale for being made from food-grade material, being hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. The plastic rates an 8/10 and has all the same safety features as the silicone, but can't be fully sterilized in the same way that the silicone can.

The sleeve itself has a very smooth texture to it. It's not sticky and doesn't have much drag at all, though it does pick up a small amount of lint. Of course for insertion you'll want to use a water-based lubricant, but just rubbing it against your skin feels very smooth even without the addition of a lube.

The only textures to the surface are a seam that runs the full length of the toy (top and bottom), 'Naughty-Boy' that's raised on both sides of the toy (on the bullet area), and three bumps on the area that connects with the perineum. The seams and words cannot be felt during use, but the bumps that connect with the perineum are a little more pronounced. They aren't bothersome and might add a little stimulation for some, but in general it's pretty underwhelming. The only other small texture to the sleeve is inside the bullet hole where there are ridges that help hold the bullet in place while still making the bullet easy to remove. This is really helpful since bullets can be a real pain to remove at times.

The silicone has a pretty medium softness to it. It can be very easily bent between the bullet area and the insertable portion, but is much more firm when it comes to squishing the material. You can press on it and there is some give, but remains rigid enough that it should provide a good amount of pressure to the prostate.

The bullet itself is made of a shiny plastic which is very smooth to the touch. One area of the bullet has an oval indent that has 'RO80mm' and the Rocks Off logo imprinted in it. This can be felt easily with your hands, but obviously doesn't effect the performance of the bullet when it's inside the sleeve. If you're using it on another area of the body it might feel a little more pronounced, but you can simply turn the bullet around if it's bothersome.

The only area that has any give to the bullet is the button on the end of the battery cap that controls the bullet's function. The button is slightly raised, making it easy to find and press.

The texture and feel of this toy is great for any user; whether you're someone brand new to toys or someone more advanced. If you're someone who needs a lot of texture this one will feel a little lacking, but it should appeal to a wide range of users.

When this toy first arrived, there was no obvious smell to the toy other than a light 'new' scent. After having used it and cleaned it a few times, it hasn't picked up any odor and smells just like it did when it first arrived.
    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is available in both blue and black and comes with a black bullet with a silver cap. The blue is a darker shade, but is very vibrant and eye catching.

The design of this toy was what drew me to it in the first place. It has a very interesting curve and a gradual increase in size on the insertable area of the toy. It starts off smaller, bulges out, and then thins again. This design is meant to be easy to insert, but also seems like it was intended to easily stay in place. The bottom of the toy (the area that isn't insertable) is made to hold the bullet in place. When you hold the toy sideways it looks like a warped tobacco pipe. The bullet area is made to go against your perineum during use, providing both internal and external stimulation through the vibrations.

The smallest area is 5/8" in diameter and increases to 3/4" right before the bulge. The bulge itself is 1 1/8" at its widest point, and then decreases to 1/2" before reaching the bullet area. Going along the curve of the toy, from the tip of the insertable area and curving around to the top of the bullet hole is 9" long. 4 1/2" of that is insertable. If you don't measure along the curve of the toy, it's 4 1/2" wide and is 3 1/4" tall.

The bullet itself is 3 1/4" long and is your standard 5/8" in diameter and comes to a nice pointed tip. This is nice if you like pin-point stimulation and plan on using it for clitoral use or nipple stimulation and not just along with the sleeve. If this bullet doesn't work out for you for whatever reason, it's simple to replace it with another one that will. I use the We-Vibe Salsa since it's powerful and has a variety of functions, but any standard size bullet will work.

The size and design of this toy, with the gradual increases/decreases and overall modest size, make it great for someone interested in graduating from a finger or two and moving into more exciting territory. While the bulge might seem a little much at first, it's a very reasonable size that relaxed and ready beginners shouldn't have a problem handling. That being said, this isn't just a beginners toy. Though it won't satisfy someone who enjoys a lot of girth in their rear end, the vibrations combined with the nice pressure make it a great toy to have on hand.

The size of this toy does make it suitable for travel, though it's not as compact as some. You would be hard pressed to convince someone that this toy was designed for anything other than sexual pleasure. With the shape, the bullet, and the words 'Naughty-Boy' right on the side, it's a bit of a giveaway. It would fit fine into a purse, briefcase, backpack, etc. but you might find yourself getting a little flush if you're flying and someone sees it when checking your bags.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic


The included bullet is powered by an N type battery which is a little annoying since it's not commonly a battery that people have on hand. Fortunately, your toy arrives with one so you don't have to run around frantically trying to find one for your first use. This battery type seems to last a long time, which is a positive considering it's not as common as others.

When you first unscrew the battery cap, you'll see a small white paper in the shape of a circle. This is in place to prevent the toy from accidentally being turned on during shipment. You'll also see a little ring around the base of the battery cap. This ring prevents any water from leaking inside your toy. Once the little paper is removed and the cap is screwed back on, you're ready for action!

There is one button that controls turning the toy on, and turning the toy off. It's located on the battery cap and is black in color. This bullet has only one function; continuous vibration. No patterns, no variety in intensity; only one level of steady vibration. This vibration is quite buzzy and is on the weaker side of the scale. While it will work fine for the average user, power kings and queens will be disappointed. When inserted in the sleeve, the bullet is felt the strongest in the area that connects with the perineum, but also travels well through the insertable portion.

The sound level associated with the bullet is also very modest. It can be heard from under the covers if there's no other noise in the room, but can't be heard through a closed door. Those with roommates should have little fear of being overheard since the bullet is pretty quiet.
    • Easy to use
    • Not enough variety

Care and Maintenance

Using warm water and anti-bacterial soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner is suitable for regular cleaning, but if you're switching between orifices or partners it's best to fully sterilize the sleeve. Boiling the sleeve for 3 minutes, placing on the top rack of your dishwasher, or wiping down with a 10% bleach solution would work best. The bullet itself cannot be boiled or put into the dishwasher, but you can wipe it down with the same bleach solution if you feel the need. You can dry the toy with a lint-free cloth or by leaving it out to dry.

The sleeve is only compatible with water-based lubricant and you need to use caution when storing that it's not placed directly against a toy of a similar material. Other lubricant types and similar materials could cause the surface to degrade and make your toy useless. If you're using the bullet alone, you could use any lubricant since plastic is compatible with all lubricant types. Just make sure you don't insert it into the sleeve before you've washed it if you've used a silicone lube.

Before storing your toy, always make sure the battery is removed and the toy is totally dry. The included packaging is great for storing your toy, but if you're looking for something that takes up a little less space, a medium sized toy pouch or quart sized Ziplock would work fine.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging that this toy arrives in isn't at all modest, but it's great for storage. When it first arrives there is a thin, clear sleeve that's covering the outside of the box. This isn't important to keep since all it does it make sure the box doesn't open. It has no information on it and can be recycled.

The box itself is black and is made up of a thick cardboard and is made to last a long time. The front has a clear plastic window which allows you to view the toy through the package, and it boldly shows the name of the toy, the company name, and the company logo in silver text on the top and bottom of this window. The back of the package is where most of the information is. It talks about how this toy comes with the award winning RO-80mm bullet, it's intended to stimulate both the P-spot and perineum, is made of silicone, is waterproof, includes the battery, and shows a little diagram of how the toy works inside the male anatomy. Below the English portion, the same information is included in three other languages.

The top of the box opens up and is 'hinged' to the bottom. When you open the box, you see that there is a plastic piece that is molded to cradle your toy inside to prevent it from flopping around inside the box. The plastic has 'Rocks-Off' covering the flat area of the plastic and it really helps to make the toy pop. Underneath the plastic piece is a brochure showing you different items available from this company. It doesn't give you any further directions or information, the only information is on the back of the box.

The box is attractive looking, but wouldn't be suitable to give as a gift unless it's done in private. Since the box is not discreet and the toy is in full view, it might not be a good idea to give this to someone who is easily embarrassed.

The packaging is great for storing your item, but if you do decide to store it in something a little smaller, this box can be broken down and recycled or the plastic piece can be removed and you could easily use the box for something else.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


My husband is not new to anal play, but when I first purchased this toy for him he was a little intimidated by it. Prior to that we had mostly used my fingers and I could tell he was nervous. I told him to relax and just try to enjoy it, but he was too tense. I inserted the thin area of the toy but once I hit the bulge he said it was getting uncomfortable and asked me to just use my fingers. I felt bad, but I knew that the only reason it didn't work out was because he was so nervous about it. I left it alone and didn't bring it up again.

Fast forward several months.

We had been exploring a little bit more with anal play (with both of us) and after using a small dildo I purchased for him, he mentioned that he wanted to give Naughty Boy another try. After 20 minutes of kissing and touching, a little oral sex, and using my fingers first, it was amazing how easily the toy slid inside of him! I knew the first time he wasn't relaxed enough, and I knew that him asking to use this toy again made it clear that he was truly ready for it.

I start with just holding my hand against the toy and running my tongue along his shaft. I wanted him to focus mostly on the internal feelings he was getting and less on how I was stimulating him. After a couple minutes I put him inside my mouth and he instantly told me to slow up and stop for a minute because he was that close. This was extremely exciting since it was that much more obvious how much he was enjoying the sensations. After a little more oral pleasure, I got on top of him. It didn't take long for him to fly over the edge, but as soon as I removed my hand from the toy, it came out; right in the middle of his big finish. I think that since the neck of the toy is so short, it makes it a lot harder to hold in place. If the neck was a little bit longer it wouldn't be as much of an issue, but I'm sure the concern was that the bullet area wouldn't hit the perineum as well if they designed it that way.

Overall, we're both very pleased with this toy. As long as you keep your hand on it or sit up a little more to prevent the toy from coming out, than it's great. That was our biggest issue with the toy and my only true complaint.

Unfortunately, my husband doesn't know enough about his body to know whether or not this toy was putting direct pressure on his P-spot, but it was very obvious to me that it was at least providing him with some great stimulation. I wish I could speak for him and say one way or another, but we're still working on exploring and being vocal about things.
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