Naughty boy - prostate massager by Rocks Off Ltd. - review by tim1724

It's fun to be naughty

The Naughty Boy's combination of a powerful bullet vibe, firm silicone, and a smart design delivers vibration directly to your prostate, while providing some stimulation to your perineum as well.
High quality silicone, good design, and a strong bullet vibe.
The shape may not fit everyone.
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The Naughty Boy is a silicone prostate massager with a bullet vibrator inserted into its base. It's designed for men to use anally, in order to provide prostate stimulation. It is equally suited for both masturbation or for use while having sex with a partner.

It was designed specifically for anal use, and its shape will prevent it getting "lost" in there.

Material / Texture

The Naughty Boy is made from a high quality silicone, which is a great material for any sort of anal toy. It's easy to clean, contains no phthalates or other questionable chemicals, and has a very nice feel to it. This silicone is very firm, which makes insertion easier, but has enough give to it to be comfortable.

Mine is matte black, with a very slightly textured surface, which is very pleasant to the touch.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Naughty Boy is intended to reach your prostate, and at least in my case it accomplishes that goal very well. The pronounced curve of the shaft puts the tip right where it needs to be.

The tip is pretty narrow, which makes the initial insertion very easy. This is nice for a beginner like me. (I've only had two other anal toys before this one, and haven't used either one a whole lot.) After an inch and a half or so it starts to flare out to a bigger bulbous shape, before narrowing down again where the shaft meets the base. The base is large and bulbous, which works well when positioned up against your perineum. Depending on your anatomy and position, your scrotum may rest against the bullet vibe, which sticks out from the end of the base. (This feels good when it happens!)

The only problem with the shape/size is that I sometimes have some difficulty keeping it in, as it seems the curvature doesn't quite match my body. The wide bloop in the middle of the shaft, combined with the narrower portion at the base, should help hold it in place, but sometimes I have difficulty inserting it all of the way. If you don't get it in all the way, then it has a tendency to pop out slightly. On the occasions when I do get it in completely it stays in place pretty well and also feels much better. I think I still need more practice with this toy. But when I do manage to position it well (typically when I'm more relaxed and aroused, such as after taking a nice warm bath and viewing some porn), it feels great.

Note that in addition to the Naughty Boy, the Rude Boy and Bad Boy are made by same company; but with somewhat different shapes, so be sure to check those out before deciding what to buy.


The bullet vibrator included with the Naughty Boy is great. It's the best self-contained (no wire or battery pack) bullet vibe that I've ever used. It's very powerful, and when used outside of the Naughty Boy, it has a tapered tip which allows you to target vibrations where you want them.

With the bullet inserted into its base, the firm silicone of the Naughty Boy does a great job of transmitting the vibrations throughout the entirety of the toy, from your perineum all the way up to your prostate. This ability to transmit vibrations is one of the great qualities of silicone.

Care and Maintenance

Washing the toy is pretty easy, as with most silicone toys. I usually just wash it with soap and water in the sink when I'm done with it, but if I wanted to sterilize it (necessary for sharing toys!) then removing the bullet vibe and putting it in boiling water or the top rack of the dishwasher (with no detergent) would be an option.

The N-size battery is a bit annoying, but they're pretty cheap and you can get them at Radio Shack or Target or anywhere with a decent battery selection. The N-size battery is definitely better than the watch batteries, or hearing aid batteries used in similar bullets, because it provides more power and is (in my opinion) easier to deal with a big N size battery than with a bunch of smaller ones.

As with any silicone toys, you should stick with water-based lubricant. (And you will want a lot of lube, as this is going up your rectum!)


The packaging is minimalistic, with an easy-to-open plastic package. No annoying clam shell, no wasteful layers, just a simple, neat rectangular box. It's nothing special, and probably won't hold up in the long run, but for now I'm still using it for storage. But eventually I'll have to find some other place to store my Naughty Boy.

The included instructions are adequate, with all the necessary details on care and cleaning.
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  • Sammi
    Sometimes the shapes on these can be quite tricky.

    Good review!
  • Kinky Kitty
    Great review, seems well worth the investment. Thank you!
  • ScottA
    The bumps on the Naughty/Bad Boy only help to hold it in. Even though they look like you could hold it in with only your sphincter, the amount of force/stimulation that all the (x) Boy products put on the prostate will pop the toy out unless you have an ass of steel (not talking the glutes here).

    Even though you have to use a hand or object to hold them in, the bumps do help substantially at keeping the toy properly positioned over the Rude Boy, which tends to wander much more easily.
  • tim1724
    Thanks, ScottA ... I'm glad to know it's not just me. I used it again last night and enjoyed it immensely, even though I did have to hold it in place much of the time.
  • Sweet-Justice
    This sounds like allot of fun! Thanks for the great review!!!
  • Hotlink
    Nice job.
  • TheSlyFox
    Thanks for the amazing review!
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
  • Lady Bear
    Thanks for the review!
  • BlooJay
    Awesome review
  • Emma
    Thanks for the review
  • J5ive
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