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Bad Boys Finish Last

The Bad Boy comes close, but doesn't quite cut it. This prostate massager shows promise and a lot of evident thought in its design in certain areas: the cavity for its bullet, the nodules meant to stimulate the perineum, etc. However, in the end the Bad Boy disappointed us due to a lack of thoughtful construction in some very critical areas.
Non-porous, easy to clean, provides great stimulation on balls and perineum, quality bullet.
Arm is too short, slides out easily, curves made insertion a little tricky.
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I am very conflicted about giving this toy 3/5 stars because it is a high quality toy, and it's also not entirely hopeless. With some practice and a lot of patience, my partner and I have found a couple of positions where this toy did provide pleasure, however no prostate orgasm. Think of this toy as a little extra moral support, like those volunteers that hand out cups of Gatorade to marathon runners. Picture yourself only a half mile off from the orgasmic finish line: the Bad Boy is there to cool your palate a little, but he's not exactly spiriting you away to victory on winged heels.

The Bad Boy is one of three prostate massagers issued by Rocks Off Ltd, including the Rude Boy and the Naughty Boy. No exception to the others, the Bad Boy comes in whimsical packaging and is constructed of 100% medical grade matte silicone which means it's phthalates-free, body-safe, non-porous and sterilizable. A condom is not needed when sharing: in order to sterilize simply wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, a 10% bleach solution, or boil for 3-4 minutes in hot water. You may want to keep this guy in a Ziploc bag because he is especially prone to attracting dust and lint. Please also remember that silicone toys are often not compatible with silicone lubricants. In order to be safe you should use a water or oil based lubricant! If you want to try your luck with silicone lube make sure you perform a spot test first.

Besides being made of high quality material, the Bad Boy features a great little single-touch, one-speed bullet called the RO-80MM, about two inches long and made of hard plastic. It takes one N battery and can easy be cleansed with soap and a damp wash cloth. It claims to be waterproof but I have not submerged it yet so I can't personally vouch for its under-water efficacy. For its size, the RO-80MM packs a decent punch and I have actually had quite a bit of fun using this bullet on my clitoris just on its own. My boyfriend and I agree that this is one of the more redeeming attributes of this toy. The cavity in the toy that houses this bullet features alternating raised strips that help prevent friction and ease the removal of the bullet. This helps a lot but we still coat the bullet with water based lube before we slide it in. The bullet provides pretty excellent stimulation to the balls and the pronounced bumps on the handle of the toy also offer a great sensation to the perineum. Sounds great, right? So why did I give it such a mediocre rating?

The unfortunate fact is, when it finally came time to plunge this little fella in my boyfriend's bummy, he presented one problem after another. First, the toy was difficult to insert due to his rather severe curve and large bead-like bulges. After we succeeded with penetration, we could not find a position conducive to firm prostate stimulation. Not the sort to be easily defeated, my partner and I cycled through position after position, maneuvered the toy until our wrists got sore --gave it the old college try, truly. Still, unless I was forcing the toy inside of him with all of my weight behind it, it didn't hit his prostate. The toy has an insertable length of 5 inches, which is a fairly average length. However, once you get through all the twists and turns of its body you find that 5" doesn't seem quite as long as it did on paper. My boyfriend did find the vibrations --transmitted pretty well by the shaft of the toy-- pleasant but certainly not orgasmic, and the incredibly slight pressure on his prostate from the Bad Boy was not enough to bring him to climax.

In addition to not hitting the spot, the Bad Boy was difficult to keep in. The two distinctive bulges in its shaft had me hopeful that it would stay put, but the largest bulge (closer to the bullet) was, I think, too close in size to the neck. I had to keep my hand on the the base throughout in order to keep it from slipping, even well before orgasm. When my partner finally did reach orgasm it was only after a good old-fashioned reach-around: not exactly how we planned on ending our evening with the Bad Boy. After trying with this toy three more times after our introduction to it, we have still not found it a lot easier. My boyfriend has been a trooper but he still experiences a significant amount of discomfort during insertion and withdrawal due to the shape, and still no firm contact with the prostate.
Follow-up commentary
While this toy disappointed us for a few reasons (mainly that it wasn't long enough to reach my partner's prostate) I've come to think maybe I was a bit too harsh in my initial judgment. For some people this toy might be a real hit, and even my boyfriend and I have found a use for it. It is a well-made and high quality toy and after a few weeks of sitting in the toy box I started to think either I should give it another try or sterilize it and give it to a friend that might make better use of it.

We started to use this toy as a warm-up --not as a closer, but as an opener. Because it's not too big we've found this is a wonderful way to relax my boy's bum and get him ready for bigger things. It's also nice because it juuust ALMOST hits his prostate. It's a great way to tease him and get him excited for the next step up.

So while this toy is still never going to seal the deal for us, we've found a good use for it. I also realize now that while it wasn't long enough for us, and it had a few design issues, this is overall a great toy. I would now give it 4 stars instead of 3.
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  • 2BudZ
    Sorry to hear of the unfortunate turn out for your man. Hope you guys find one that works well for him.
  • Owl Identified
    Aw, thanks! It's not the worst toy in the world, it just doesn't really do the trick. We still have plenty of dildos that work wonderfully!
  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review! Hopefully you find something that rocks your socks soon!
  • Owl Identified
    Hah, thanks your Royal Redness!
  • MaouMew
    Great review, but I have some questions.... You said you couldn't find a good position without having to push it in hard - did he try sitting on it? Other reviews I've read say that works. You also say he couldn't come from just this, is there some other toy that you two have found works better for prostate stimulation? I've been eyeing this toy for awhile but not sure if I want to dish out the $50 for it.
  • Owl Identified
    Hi MaouMew, sorry I didn't see your question earlier. We did in fact try him sitting on the toy and rocking on it, but we found this to be one of the lesser effective positions we gave a go. I can certainly see this toy working for others: as I said, the problem we had was due in part to my partner's anatomy (his P-spot being deeper in than this toy could reach to). However, its tendency to pop out and its discomfort with insertion/removal also made me rate it the way I did. However, these may not be problems for others. For example, ScottA gave this a relatively glowing review.

    In my opinion? A prostate stimulator that you really can't go wrong with is this guy, however this too is a bit of an investment. Still, it really does deliver and it's built to last, so I think it's worth it. I would definitely continue to surf around the site and read some more reviews with your own anatomical preferences in mind.

    Hope that helps!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review Sex, Lies & Pre-Law ! Big smile
  • Beneath The Bed
    Love the end of the first para, lovely analogy! Smile
  • fabjennie
    Sorry it didn't work out. Thanks for the review!
  • Online
    Nice review !
  • guy4guyz420
    thanks for the review
  • Acorn
    Very detailed review.
  • Ghost
    Really love to get this for my husband.
  • johnad45
  • MrSinister
    Great review. I myself am looking for a 'closer' so I'll keep looking.
  • Entropy
    Thanks for your review.
  • ECU Pirate
    Thanks for the review!
  • BlooJay
    Great info. Thx!
  • Emma
  • playsalot
    Thanks, I think I might give it a try.
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