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Beginner silicone anal kit reviews

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This kit is worth purchasing for the variety of sizes and shapes (particularly for newbies) because of the price, but if you're experienced with anal play, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

This is a great beginner kit! It is inexpensive, and the variety is really where it's at. Getting to know what textures and shapes give what sensations was the best experience for me.

Getting three toys for this price is pretty great, and if you're brand new to anal and maybe a little uncertain about it, small easy toys like this are the way to go, but if you have no reservations about anal these will be old news pretty quickly, so their usage is a bit limited.

For those who are considering taking the plunge, give this anal kit a try! Anal can be a bit overwhelming for the beginner but this kit makes it comfortable, fun, and inviting. This kit will bring beginners back excited to try more!

A great addition to your anal toolbox. Because they are not tapered these are best suited for use as a couple. We use them for dilation before anal intercourse.

It's really important to have a good introduction to anal play. If your beginning is painful, or not pleasurable, you may not ever be open to it anymore. Too many people find anal play taboo, when in reality anal play had been around for a while. This is a great way to add that extra pleasure to your and the partner's life. Start small and work up to bigger and better things with these.

This set of toys is AMAZING for beginners, or even experienced anal players that are looking for a few new plugs with a great feel to them. All three plugs offer different sensations making this kit great for discovering what exactly you are looking for in your next anal toy. They are made of 100% silicone making them smooth, not too hard or too soft. Overall a great feel, I will most definitely be looking for another pure silicone plug for my next purchase

This is a great offer for anal plugs - three varying shapes and sizes for the price of one! Had it not been for this toy, I still would have been waffling over whether or not I wanted to try anal, instead of a confident gal who loooves anal.

This trio is perfect. They are great for pegging, as well as solo ply. They are easy to store, clean, and they are shareable! I highly suggest this set of plugs for anal play, and I believe that they are an amazing bang for your buck.

These plugs are a great deal and I love that you get three of them- it can really help you see what you like and don't like. The tapered tips are great for easy insertion but the lack of necks make it difficult to seat them properly and they fall out quickly.

The minimal look and choice of material for these butt plugs made them really stand out. I love the IKEA-like colors and designs, as well as the simple and clean packaging, which won many points with both me and my partners. They were also IKEA-like in price and sales pitch. I wish more products like this would show up on EF, because it is always nice to cut out clutter and tackiness.

This is the best way I know to give variety to an anal beginner without spending a small fortune on different toys. Not as much to offer you later in the game, but fun nonetheless! Definitely worth the cost.

This kit is appealing to both beginners and those with more experience with anal play. The variety of shape and size between the plugs makes for a wildly different experience depending on the plug used. The plugs are very safe and made of a high quality material. You could easily spend this much on a single plug, making the kit a good value as well.

They're great for beginning anal play. They're not intimidating at all and they feel really good. The only problem is that they aren't designed to stay in, so you have to hold onto them.

For any beginner in anal play, this kit is affordable, fun, and just the right size. The variety of shapes and sizes make this kit a great opportunity to experiment in anal. I was very pleasantly surprised with these plugs and even though the plugs often slipped out I still would recommend them to any beginner.

In short, I would recommend this product. Many couples want to try anal play but need a little something to get started. As such, it can be very exciting to experience new sexual horizons in a safe and moderate way. The colors make for easy identifying, the shapes are fun to play with, they're great for BDSM scening, and I think they're something most people would love!

In general, this is a good kit for a beginner. I would still purchase this kit again, even though I have since mostly moved on to other toys. I still use them, as they are good for warming up with, and they will whet the appetite of a beginner to experiment with a wider variety of toys.

If you're just starting to wade into anal stuff but are unsure about whether or not you're really interested, this would be a good product to introduce yourself to the experience. It's reasonably priced and has some variety, so you're spending less money on more individual toys than you might be otherwise. It's also silicone, so it's the safest available material and is easy to take care of.

The Beginner Anal Kit is great for beginners who want to experiment with different textures, and work their way up to bigger sizes later on. This is an inexpensive kit, and is high quality due to the fact that the three toys are silicone and can be sterilized. This kit won't break your budget, and the three different shapes and textures, are worth the price you pay. I highly recommend this kit for all beginners.

I am new to the world of anal toys, so this seemed like a safe bet. You get three different shapes/textures to choose from, for about the same price as most of the individually-sold silicone anal toys on the market. Plus, they are silicone, so they are totally easy to sterilize.

These are a wonderful set for beginners who are starting to explore the darker side. It is inexpensive so if you decide that it's not for you, you are not out much money. They are easily inserted, comfortable, non intimidating, especially to the man who has never had anything up his bum. They do have some issues with not staying in.

If you're looking to take the plunge into anal play, these are the perfect introduction. They're safe and easy to use, while providing enough variety to be useful even once you've graduated to larger toys. More experienced users shouldn't scoff either, as these are great for use with glass or metal dildos, or during intercourse.

Finally an anal kit made of a body safe material that is geared for beginners. Their inability to stay in is a huge con in my books, but this kit is a nice way to explore different textures at an afordable price.

From the lovely plastic sleeve emblazoned with EdenFantasys' logo and amazing care instructions to the high quality materials these plugs are perfect for the beginner or intermediate player who needs a great warm-up toy. Great shapes make for easy insertion. All around great set of plugs to have.

If you're curious about anal play or perhaps just looking for a good set of silicone plugs, look no further. The Eden Fantasys Beginner Anal Kit contains three plugs with futuristic shapes and whimsical colors all in a non-intimidating size. I doubt you could get anything better for the same price.

If you're nervous about anal, breathe a little easier on the subject if you know you're using these. They are gentle, made from safe materials, and absolutely won't break your bank. You get a lot of quality for a low price, as well as a loving spoonful of variety on top. I recommend skipping the cheap, nasty plugs that smell like a flaming dumpster full of Barbie parts, and going straight for these instead as your first anal toys.

These plugs are great if you are new to the world of butt plugs and looking to experiment with a few different shapes. They are small enough to not be too intimidating and can be very enjoyable.

Looking to try venturing into the world of anal play, but find most plugs to be intimidating? This is the perfectly sized set for beginners.

My boyfriend and myself were not pleased with the silicone texture. We found the shapes to be fun. They are too small, we were hoping for larger. We love the suction cups. Overall, we would not purchase silicone again.

This Beginner Anal Kit is an amazing deal for the price. You get three butt plugs for the price of one! I highly suggest this for beginners to intermediate users. If you are an advanced user, these may be too small for you. They are silicone, waterproof, and offer lots of variety. I highly suggest purchasing this set if you want some new silicone plugs.

This set is non-intimidating and a comfortable toy to start with for anyone looking to get into anal play. A fantastic trio of plugs that are made of a safe material and won't break the bank. The only small downside is that they are not the best for long term wear if you have an ample behind.

These plugs are marketed for beginners, but I think they should just be called Anal Kit by NMC Ltd. They can be enjoyed equally by men and women of all comfort and experience levels. They're completely safe, extremely soft, really easy to care for and just generally really great anal toys. Whether you're just venturing into anal play or have been playing for a long time, there is something in this kit for everyone!

Each toy is completely different, which will help you learn what you enjoy with anal toys. The silicone is so safe and great quality. Highly recommend for the curious beginner.

At such a low price and a great material, you don’t just get one toy, you get three toys that are great for the anal beginner. Even though I own bigger anal toys, I would still recommend this kit for both the beginner and more advanced users, especially if you can get this kit on sale. With a variety of shapes and great holding suction bases, this kit is always accessible.

This economical package is an excellent foray into the world of anal play! For under $25, you get three anal plugs in different shapes to suit your taste. They are all crafted of hygienically superior silicone (a must for anal toys) and are the perfect size so as not to intimidate. I highly recommend it!

These are a great buy, not only for the quantity but the quality. If you're not sure about anal, give these a shot! Thy are tiny enough to keep a secret but large enough to give tons of pleasure. I don't regret my purchase one bit and I don't know who ever could! Love them!!!

Not only are they quite affordable, made of silicone, and come in fun colors, but they have shapes I have not frequently seen in anal toys. With the tapered tips and slender shapes, they're great for anal training. Even if you end up liking only one of them, the whole kit is about the same price of a single silicone plug.

Best Choice for Beginners

This set is the best I have found for those curious about anal play. The toys provide an excellent variety of sensations with a safe material and large suction cup bases. While not intense, they give you enough experience to leave you wanting more, and knowing exactly what you want.

Are you new to the world of anal play? Like a small light weight plug? Looking for something small and unique for your harness? The Anal Starter Kit is a versatile set that comes with three styles and sizes. It is a great place to start your adventure into the joys of anal play. For those who are already on the road or arrived at the joys of anal penetration, these toys can be used in a variety of ways to please both you and your partner.

The Beginners Anal Kit is the perfect place to start for anyone looking to try something different from their normal sexual routine

The beginner anal kit is made up of three uniquely designed plugs that are made of hygienic silicone. The material is a lint magnet, but it can be boiled for sterilization. These plugs are beginner friendly, but there is a well defined seam on all three of them. The bases are also suction cups, but they are uncomfortable for some. Overall $21.99 is a great deal for three silicone plugs and they are worth trying.

The Amazing Gentler Anal Plug

An amazing set of butt plugs for a great price. You get a wide variety of plugs that are perfect for beginners.

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