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Are you new to the world of anal play? Like a small light weight plug? Looking for something small and unique for your harness? The Anal Starter Kit is a versatile set that comes with three styles and sizes. It is a great place to start your adventure into the joys of anal play. For those who are already on the road or arrived at the joys of anal penetration, these toys can be used in a variety of ways to please both you and your partner.
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Disclaimer: This Review Is Hubby Approved

The Beginner Anal Kit is a nice, small, versatile kit for the anal play novice and even virgin. They are small and have non-intimidating size which helps your first steps to anal usage be comfortable and fun. The kit comes with three different shapes and sizes to let you experiment with different textures and lengths to find your erotic comfort zone.

The first butt plug in this magnificent kit is a short pink bubbled toy with a small pointy finger. The second is a short stubby black p-spot stimulator. And lastly, there is a light purple one that is a long and slender piece and has an extended pointed tip.

This kit can be used to experiment with different forms of anal play such as plugging, pegging, or probing. I always liked calling them the three P's. The pieces in this kit have a nice thin base that fits comfortably in your hand to probe your partner and slowly penetrate their anal area. Also, the base fits well in a harness. If you want to experiment with anal pegging, I recommend the blue one in this set. It is great to start that journey with and very non-intimidating. The base is also safe to use with these plugs while learning to hold a toy in while you move around and just doing your daily activity. In addition, with the small diameter, you can experiment with stimulation of both anal and vaginal at the same time comfortably. If you have ever wondered about double penetration, this kit allows you to start with that fantasy; nice and slow.

These toys are sleek and smooth when sliding in your anal cavity. You should really use sufficient lubricant for your first steps into anal play will be more pleasurable than painful. Use caution when trying anal play for the first time. Always go slow and use a lot of lubrication, please. Relaxing is the key to feeling the mind numbing advantages and pleasuring in anal. Remember to ensure no soft tissue is harmed, make sure to keep the fingers pointed in the natural position as a penis. The toy should be pointed up and towards the pelvic bone.

With the Beginner Anal Kit, your fist experiments in anal play will be enjoyable for both you and your partner.
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Material / Texture

The pieces of this set are made from 100% silicone which scores a 10 on the safety scale. I just love how EdenFantasys provides these material guides for consumers, which allows us to make informed decisions about our toy choices.

With non-porous silicone, these toys can be shared with your partner after cleaning. For me and my husband, we designate toys for the night for each one exclusively. After our play time, I boil them to ensure that all the bad bugs are gone and our toys are safe to use. This method works very well and seems the easiest for us. Silicone is really a glamorous kind of material if you think about it.

Silicone has no smell or taste and is 100% Hypo-allergenic/ Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free.

The pieces themselves are very sleek and silky feeling while rubbing them through your hands. When used anally, they offer a bit of drag. When used with the right amount of lubrication, they slip in with no resistance.

These are not totally rigid, but are firm and stable when being used. I can thrust with the long purple one and do not worry a bit that it will fold over or crush on itself when being used.

Those who are new to anal play will appreciate how petite and non-intimidating this set really is. They are cute to look at and appear more like finger type styles. Nothing about them gives the appearance of an actual cock. I know some guys out there do not like the visual of a cock, so this also gives them the pleasure of looking at something different while experiencing the pleasure of anal.

Form moderate to advanced users who enjoy girth may be a little board with these pieces. However, those who are advanced and still enjoy a light weight feel or need a nice toy to warm them up to something larger this set will work nicely for you.

    • Harness compatible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Beginner Anal Kit comes with three unique anal plugs. These are near to finger size which makes them a perfect size for those who are new to anal play. Also, their non-realistic look helps you feel more comfortable trying this type of sexual experience.

To describe each piece more effectively, I’m adding a photo of each with a detailed description of the individual size, shape, performance, and use.

1. Little Pinky with its budges and short shaft curved tip

First up is Little Pinky. This petite little guy is similar to anal beads in texture and feel. Although, when inserted, it gives a fuller feeling than beads alone. When I first tried this toy, it was my first experience with anything other than one finger being popped in me. With a generous amount of lubrication, Little Pinky stretched my bum hole as it slid in. Even though it slid in with no problem, the sensation I felt as an anal virgin was a bit uncomfortable and ever so slightly painful. I have not tried this toy again nor have I tried it on my husband.

2. Little Blackie short stubby convex tip

Second up is Little Blackie. This stubby fat little friend is wonderful for p-spot stimulation. With lubrication, it slips in very easily with no resistance or feeling like you are thumbling around. It gives the wearer a feeling of fullness while having basically a weightless feeling. It worked wonderfully on my husband to stimulate his prostate and felt great as I thruster this little guy in and out. He also wore it for a bit as an anal plug and felt no discomfort while sitting, standing, or walking around. Although, he had some issues with keeping it in when using this way he has not given up his quest. Not being able to hold this toy is most likely due lack of control over his anal muscles and the fact that there is no smaller shaft area to help it stay in. As a plug, while having sex, this little man performs. It stayed in fairly easily when I was on top of him, and his orgasm from stimulating both of his pleasure centers was amazing.

3. Big Purple with its long sleek curved shaft and a far reaching tip

Lastly up is Big Purple, this long sleek friend is amazing to use in any way you could imagine. It’s a curve that is not to dramatic and its thin shaft lets you thrust him with no pain. There are only pulsations of pleasure gliding in and out of you. It feels very natural and not very full. Once I fully relaxed my husband, I was able to use his hand and double penetrate me for the first time. My orgasm was intense and made me quiver and giggled for his enjoyment of the spectacle. The size of this piece is similar to the size of a finger. It slides in comfortably and with only a very slight stretching feeling. I felt no pain what so ever from this toy.

For my husband, Big Purple was a dream come true. He has often fantasized about anal penetration and me wearing a strap on. With this piece, I was able to fulfill this fantasy with ease and precision. Since the design of all these toys has a thin round base, they work great in a harness. Also, the base sat erotically against my pelvic bone and clitoris. With the suction cup base bottom, it felt amazing as I penetrated it in for the first time. Best of all, this piece has enough length to use in the harness and still be able to stimulate his p-spot.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic


With the Anal Kit, my husband and I were able to enjoy our exploration into the world of anal play. Out of all the pieces, I did not like the little pinky with the bulbs because of the bit of pain I felt when my husband first tried it. From reading other reviews, it seems that texture for anal use takes a bit of getting use to. For my husband, he has yet to have tried this piece. On the other hand, the remaining two pieces of this kit performed amazingly. My husband really enjoyed the light and full feeling of Little Blackie. And for pegging the Big Purple worked just great in my harness and using it in my hand to thrust into his anal area was beautiful.

This kit is amazing as a beginner kit to allow anal virgins or who have just begun there anal sexual journey. For the more advanced users, they may find that these toys are a bit small.

For anal plugs these pieces may take a bit of getting use to holding them in since the shaft is not tapered to let your muscles hold it a bit better. However, my husband has been using them as a light weight way to train his ass muscles to hold in a plug with success. He can now walk around the room and we can have sex with little blackie staying securely in his bum.

All of these pieces have a curved tip and my husband found that if I allowed the tip to turn towards the side, his back was a bit uncomfortable for him. To correct this whether using them with my hand or a harness, I always make sure that the tip is pointed towards his pelvic bone and that it does not slip or twist around his pleasure spot. Although having the tip turned was not comfortable for my husband, some users may enjoy this sensation.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

In my opinion, silicone toys are the #1 toys for couples to use because they are non-porus, easy to effectively clean, and can be shared between partners or orifices. What more could you ask for. But remember, if you plan to share with your partner, please play safe and disinfect your silicone toys.

Although silicone is non-porous it should be cleaned after each use. It is important to always take extra special care of toys that are used anally to kill the growth of bacteria on them and not transfer nasty diseases that are always in our anal area, even if we don't know it. To protect against this always boil your toy for 5-10 minutes after each use. This will effectively kill any possible harmful bacteria. Although I personally feel more confident boiling my toys, you can also use 10% bleach and water solution to clean them with. It is also safe to use mild anti-bacterial soap and water or a toy cleaning wipe on these toys. But please note that if these toys are used anally this method of cleaning my not kill potentially harmful bacteria.

For me and my husband we never share toys between us during one session. We have found that it is very easy and comfortable to designate nightly his and hers toys. It is kind of cute to watch my husband to through the toy box like a kid in a candy store picking his pleasure for the night. Once a toy is picked it is all yours no sharing or swapping. This truly is the safest and most sanitary method for couple or group play situations.

In addition, since silicone does attract a bit of dust, I always wipe my toys before each use with a toy cleaner cloth.

While cleaning your silicone toys is a breeze, you should always take the time to really make them sparkle. You can store them easily as well. Just pop them into a zip lock bag and store them in your toy box or dresser drawer. I always keep my toys in their own bags to ensure they play nice with each other while being stored.

Silicone really should last forever if taken care of properly. This cuts down on cost and amount of storage space required.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


As always Edenfantasys shaped my products in a plain unmarked brown cardboard box. I really appreciate how Edenfantasys takes this consideration when shipping products. It allows you to rest assured that there will never be one of those embarrassing moments with the mail man when he hands me our package. In addition, Edenfantasys always packs the boxes with care to ensure that there is no damage to your products during shipment.

The Beginners Anal Kit came packaged in simple Edenfatasys safety sealed plastic bag. Although the bag is a nice compact bag we choose to recycle the package and use a zip lock bag to store our toys.

    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Although this is a versatile and effective set for beginners, most moderate to advance users will find that these toys are very small and do not provide the girth that some may enjoy.


Deciding to get this set was a hard decision for me. Anal play was what my husband thinking? After some persuasion and reading a lot about it here on Edenfantasys, I decided to push my fears back a bit and give it a try. Now in retrospect, I'm so happy I did.

Anal play for the first time can be a very uncomfortable time, both mentally and physically. For me, the hardest part was never experiencing anal before so I almost felt ashamed. I have never experienced anything like this in my life but I am really glad I finally tried it. Anal is something that is very magical when you do it right. I really enjoy pleasuring my hubby and myself with this lovely kit of silicone butt plugs. If you are scared to try anal, I know it is scary. Just take your time, use a lot of lubricant, go slow, and try to relax. I know you can experience this kind of pleasure just like I did.

Ever since, I got a little risky and slipped a finger in my husband bum years ago. My husband has had a fascination with anal play and the illusive p-spot orgasm. Sources and reports such as, found here is what has kept this fantasy alive for so many years. We ordered this set and let the experimentation begin.

(Although, I list these in days they are not consecutive days only the times we tried the set that I'm describing. )

Day 1...
After a glass of wine to ease the awkwardness, I felt the time finally came to suck it up and push back all the crazy thoughts and just go with the flow. Fortunately, my husband is great at helping me just be in the moment and not think about a thing other than his pleasure. I really love that about him. I know my role as his wife is to make his life easier in any way I can. I know as my role as his wife, I should always give him as much pleasure as possible.

For my husband, he was a bit nervous about how something this large would feel. He knew that a finger felt good way back in the day. These are the size of two fingers.. Would it hurt?

When the time came in our grand experiment it was simply amazing. I chose Little Blackie first. Although it was a bit fatter, I was more worried about the length of the Big Purple over the little stubby guy. With a lot of lubricant, I slide it in ever so slowly. I was taking a few deep breaths and my husband says he tried his best to relax and make me feel at ease. As it was sliding in for the first time, it was a little uncomfortable. The thought of achieving those reported intense p-spot orgasm let him continue.

After a few gentle strokes, he squirmed a bit and I let pop out. Sitting here and writing this review with me, he says that first night that the butt plug went in for the first time, he felt a little burn. He said, “Finally, she found the p-spot an extremely intense feeling that I never felt before. Also, I notice that too much pressure gave me a slight unpleasant feeling.”

Day 2 of the grand experiment...

These pieces don't look real in any way, what a big relief. Seeing something similar to a real penis would not be comfortable for me at all at this point in our journey. I did not feel like I wanted to close my eyes and forget what we were doing. On the next night when my husband wanted to try the Big Purple, I obliged with less reservation then before.

With him lying on his back which is the way we have read that is the best way to comfortable reach the p-spot, I again gently slipped into his anal area.

The Big Purple felt better then the Little stubby blackie. When this slipped in for the first time, my husband appeared much more comfortable then the first time. I gently worked the toy in and out of his ass and it seemed to feel good.. so I used a bit more force. After a few thrusts, he asked me to stop. Later when we talked about it, he said it kind of started to hurt and feel uncomfortable when I used force. I was using too much pressure to try and reach the spot again. I was concerned that maybe I had hurt him but he assured me that this was only a slight discomfort and wanted to definitely try this again. I was hoping maybe in a different way. That takes us to a new path in our anal experiment; a harness. After some consideration and debate, my husband and I choose just the perfect harness to use with this set. He eagerly awaited its arrival.

Day 3 of our anal experiment...
Using the Big Purple was a whole new experience when wearing a harness. My husband appeared to enjoy himself more and I had no indication that this was painful in any way at all. The length was nice and I did not feel awkward trying to reach his p-spot of pleasure with it.

My husband’s opinion of that night was something out of a dream. I knew he always wanted to be pegged by his beautiful wife, but I didn't know how much. When we finally experimented with the harness, I knew I really made him happy. I saw a sexy smirk on his face and heard a moan come out of his mouth that I have never heard before. He was in pure pleasure. I loved every second of it and kept thrusting in and out, trying to get him to moan some more. He really enjoyed every second of this experience as much as I did.

To read more about my experience with a harness see my review Go for it! The bear dares you!

Day 4...
After seeing the satisfaction that my husband received from anal play, I wanted to give it a whirl. We decided that the little Pinky would be my first anal toy. With a lot of lubrication, I tried my best to relax. When he stated to slip in the tip, it felt okay but once the first bulb went in, it stretched and was sort of painful. Not wanting to give up yet, I just laid back and relaxed and he slid it in the rest of the way.. "NO NO", I exclaimed. That does not feel good. After some more warming up, I directed my husband’s finger towards my bum and that combined with g-spot stimulation rocked my world. I giggled and quivered in ecstasy at the touch and feel of his fingers.

After that night, I was on Edenfantasys searching for just the right anal toy for me. Although, I could have tried the ones in this kit. I wanted to find something with a less curve and a bit slimmer. I found just the right toy, the Small Silk. Please stay tuned for my review to find out more about our grand experiment into the world of anal play.
Follow-up commentary
This is truly an amazing starter set for anyone who is interested in anal play. The black piece works great for prostrate massage. Although we have graduated to larger anal toys, we still use these pieces to warm up. In addition, Hubby has begun to enjoy the bubbled piece and he plays with it often solo. Over all, this set was a wonderful investment and they will be part of our play time for a long time.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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