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Bob pleasure object reviews

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23 reviews

Lelo did a nice job branching out into the world of plugs. Bob is classy and elegant, and won't frighten those who might be a bit reluctant to try anal play. If you know you like anal play, but you are just looking to use a plug as an addition to other fun, Bob is a great choice.

A good toy, well made and enjoyable for many but possibly a bit too petite for the liking of some.

Bob is a multi-talented sexy little thing. He will work for both male bodied and female bodied folks in a variety of fascinating ways. Plus is comes in the most sensuous silicone imaginable. All of this while being hypoallergenic and sterilizable! Bob is a gentleman and a scholar!

Great beginner prostate and anal toy, big expensive for what it is but it does feel good for both boys and girls. Free from textures, great material and nice packaging

I have very mixed feelings about Bob. It feels good going in and out, is a great size, and has a sleek design - but it also has safety and hygiene concerns, and is a bit too long for me. But then again, I'm not its demographic - I'm female-bodied.

A beautifully crafted prostate massager packed inside an elegant box. Everything about it is nice: the material, shape, craftsmanship, pouch, color and size for a beginner. I may change my opinion over time, but I wish it were a bit bigger and firmer with a slightly thicker neck. It is a good toy that is very comfortable to wear, but may fall short of expectations for advanced p-spot players looking for more intense stimulation. Great for newbies.

Oh, Bob! This is the perfect plug for anyone, not just men. There are so many options with Bob, and it always blows my mind. It makes a wonderful beginner's toy or a warm up toy for those more advanced. Believe it or not, the loop handle sits great between the cheeks. It makes Bob an amazing choice for long term wear, and it stays out of the way during sex with my partner. The silicone is super silky and seductive. I really love it.

Are you looking for a nice P-Spot stimulator or anal massager? Lelo’s Bob is an exquisite piece that is sure to reach all those right places. Easily inserted, Bob is great to use alone or with your partner.

After umming and arghing over whether to spend more money than I had planned on, I am really pleased I did. The quality and presentation of this product is amazing! It works well for me and my wife. We love using it together, and I love using it solo as well.

Bob is a great toy for guys looking for a simple anal toy that has a unique shape and feel beyond that of a normal butt plug. It is quality, as I would expect from Lelo, easy to care for, and relatively inexpensive for the level of quality. If it's out of your price range, I'd still recommend watching for it on sale, because it really is worth your time.

Size might matter for achieving orgasm, but it doesn't matter for gentle, subtle stimulation. Merely rubbing the anal opening, without penetration, has its measure of pleasure. So while Bob won't make me quiver and shake, it can make me go, "mmmmm". Besides, it would be bad form to quiver and shake in public or at work, so Bob lets me pleasure myself subtly, without drawing unwanted attention.

After using as a nice stepping stone for prostate play, the value is now in the couples play and the excitement for my wife using it on me. It served as a gentle and welcoming way to gain some general and pleasurable experience but soon left me looking for something more focused and intense.

Buy this toy if you or your partner are new to anal stimulation, double penetration, or if you are looking for a plug that can be worn for extended periods of time. If you are experienced with anal, you should probably look for a larger toy.

As a newbie to anal play as well as toys in general, I would definitely recommend this toy to someone like me who is new to it all. I was never intimidated and I enjoyed every minute. I am very excited to use this on my husband as well. I think he will love it just as much, if not more than I already do!

Finally, a luxury toy for the male body that rivals the swank of all the high-end G-spotting toys out there. Whether you want to spoil yourself or a loved one, LELO's Bob is the perfect choice for a truly indulgent and satisfying prostate tool. Enjoy the ride!

The LELO Bob is a beautiful prostate massager with lovely curve, rich, deep colors and an easy to insert shape. His silicone is velvety and matte, providing nice drag against the skin and is a pure pleasure to touch. Quality construction, luxury packaging, make him sure to please anyone with a prostate or even those without who are on the more beginner side of the anal scale. A bit small for the advanced user, however, particularly those without the necessary prostate to stimulate.

The "Bob" prostate massager by Lelo is a veritable gold mine of buried pleasure. Once this smooth luxurious toy is plunged into your anus, the riches of prostate stimulation are unearthed and thoroughly enjoyed. Sure, it could afford to be a little longer so as to dig a little deeper into the prostate. But, the beauty, safety, and functionality of this toy make it one treasure a little too valuable to pass up.

Bob is another quality product from Lelo. Smooth velvety silicone, wonderfully designed. An over all great prostate simulator that would be ideal for beginners and enjoyed by the more advanced as well.

Looks great, feels luxurious, and 100% silicone that's safe. This is truly a luxury adult toy that can be enjoyed by both sexes.

Bob is a very sleek and masculine looking toy, but I found him to be mediocre at performing his tasks.

This is a great addition to the Lelo line. Something to make the men feel as special as the women get to feel about the Gigi. Simple and straightforward this toy does what it’s intended to do. As for men's toys, who doesn't like a toy that has some high end class to it?

Slow and steady is truly the key to having a good experience with Bob. While I had issues with comfortable insertion and comfortable retrieval, I had a great orgasm. The best part of my orgasm is that Bob didn't slip out before, during, or after; this plug only came out when I wanted it to.

Lelo’s Bob Pleasure Object is an exquisite work of art sculpted from 100% pure silicone. The color is subdued and yet very attractive. The size and shape are great for beginners to anal play and can provide decent prostate stimulation. The ring handle works very well as a flanged base as well as providing a good means for providing Bob with both thrusting and rocking motions. The high quality construction makes Bob very worthy of his price tag.

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