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Slow and steady is truly the key to having a good experience with Bob. While I had issues with comfortable insertion and comfortable retrieval, I had a great orgasm. The best part of my orgasm is that Bob didn't slip out before, during, or after; this plug only came out when I wanted it to.
Exceptional construction.
Uncomfortable insertion/retrieval for some.
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What's important to me when I pick a new anal toy is that it has to be able to be inserted easily. This doesn't necessarily mean that it has to come out easily as well. I have a history of picking toys that come out too easily - toys that usually slip at the exact moment when I don't want them to. Bob was designed to stay put; while it's more difficult to insert and remove than other toys I own, it stays where it should, which is a small sacrifice that I'm happy to make.

Bob is designated as being for prostate stimulation. Obviously, I don't have a prostate. Does this mean that women won't benefit from the design of the toy? Absolutely not. This is a good feeling plug, no matter your gender. It has an awesome curvature that plays out in a few different ways. While I love the shape of the plug, the result from using a vibrator vaginally that has a wide rotation, is that Bob will actually rotate. Not a full rotation, just a shift. I could feel something happening while using my vibrator but it wasn't until I tried to remove the plug that I realized the retrieval ring wasn't aligned with my anus the way it was when I first inserted it. When it shifted it made my vagina tighter and my vibrator became a little harder to use. I had the feeling of being full in both orifices, a "stuffed" feeling of sorts.

Another benefit of the shape of the toy is that it's easy to "swoop" or glide into your ass, you're able to curve it up and in. However, while the tip is bulbous and has more girth than the rest of the toy, it comes to a, I suppose, blunt point. While it sounds conflicting, "how could a point be blunt?", there are 4 lines (one on the top, bottom, left, and right) that meet at the tip of the toy. The tip of the toy is not triangular but squared off, as if they chopped it off and sanded it down. This flat tip can make insertion tricky if you're new to anal play or have an 'iron ass' like I do, i.e an ass that refuses to allow a toy to be inserted.

With an insertable length of 3 1/2", it puts Bob at almost an inch longer than the plug I've been using the most, the Bootie. The design of the longer shaft is obviously, to be able to reach a man's prostate. However, this length can be beneficial for us women as making our vagina's a little tighter (such as it did in my case). When I had vaginal sex while using the plug, I felt full but not like I was going to burst. Vaginal sex was still comfortable but Bob added the new dimension of having a toy that's obviously deeper in my ass as opposed to when I use a short plug like the Bootie, which stays closer to the opening of my anus.

Bob is made out of a very silky, velvety, high quality silicone that's an exact match to the silicone of my Elise vibrator. This silicone is so smooth that I barely had to use any water based lubricant. This is a hard plug, it's not flexible or floppy, you don't have to repeatedly smoosh this against your anus until it finally goes in. Because it's so unforgiving (my husband said it felt like a rock when inserted) my advice is to insert it slowly. The best way is to put your pointer finger inside of the ring and with your thumb on the front of the plug and your middle and ring finger on the back stabilizing it, push it inside. The ring's importance (besides helping to make insertion a little easier) is to make retrieval as painless as possible. Just hook your pointer finger inside of the ring and slowly pull it out. A big bonus is the very narrow half inch shaft before the ring. This significantly thin, tapered part of the toy makes it so you're able to wear the toy throughout the day or use it for a prolonged amount of time. While I sat on the ring a few times, this is a plug you can certainly walk around with or sit down with.

As with all 100% silicone toys without electronic parts- this plug can be shared but please boil, bleach with a 10% solution, or throw in the top rack of a dishwasher (minus soap) beforehand. Whether for her, for him, or for them both, the Bob is a welcome addition to any collection.
Follow-up commentary
Wanting to see if this p-spot plug worked just as well vaginally as it did anally, I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, Bob fell short. The body was too short and too narrow to effectively rub my g-spot. I was left feeling very unsatisfied, I had assumed because the curvature was so perfect to leave my ass feeling full and stuffed it would translate well over into vaginal sex... but it did not. Regardless, this is a great butt plug and LELO is a fantastic brand!
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  • Bullfanch
    incredibly helpful, thank you! waiting for my first silicone plug to arrive (tomorrow!!!) and now I'm a little remorseful that I didn't scope this one out, first.
  • Bullfanch
    incredibly helpful, thank you! waiting for my first silicone plug to arrive (tomorrow!!!) and now I'm a little remorseful that I didn't scope this one out, first.
  • callsignhusker
    This is like the ella for men, it's nice
  • Lady Neshamah
    killer review! :3
  • BlooJay
    Nice! Thx!
  • Rockasaurus
    Helpful- I'm sad to see at Bob fell short vaginally.
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  • thisisadeletedaccount
    Thanks for the review! I like how many different gender perspectives reviewers of this toy have provided, yourself included.
  • Hubby80
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
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