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What About Bob?

Lelo’s Bob Pleasure Object is an exquisite work of art sculpted from 100% pure silicone. The color is subdued and yet very attractive. The size and shape are great for beginners to anal play and can provide decent prostate stimulation. The ring handle works very well as a flanged base as well as providing a good means for providing Bob with both thrusting and rocking motions. The high quality construction makes Bob very worthy of his price tag.
100% silicone material, perfect size for a beginner, ring handle.
If it was a little bit stiffer…
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After spending time with the Bob Pleasure Object by Lelo, I am having a difficult time categorizing him. Bob is definitely an anal toy, but is he a plug, a probe, or a prostate massager? The reason for my conundrum is that Bob’s design is so simple that he can be what you want him to be. Sometimes a toy gets into the “jack of all trades, master of none” category which can be detrimental because it never really provides the singular stimulation that one desires in any form that it is played with. This is not the case with Bob. I will base most of this review from a prostate massager perspective, but bear in mind that Bob has quite a lot to offer from such a simple toy. One thing you can count on, though, Bob is definitely a high quality toy.

I’ve never had another toy from Lelo, but from what I have gathered from other reviewers at Eden Fantasys, toys from this company are all high quality, and Bob is no exception. It comes in a great box, includes a satin pouch for long term storage and even includes a user manual. The user manual uses the word pearl to describe Bob’s finish. I would call it a soft matte finish and let me say that is feels terrific. The user manual also suggests that only water based lubricants be used with Bob to ensure that he maintains his finish, but mentions to try the patch test method before extensive use of silicone lubricants. It also mentions not to expose Bob to extreme heat, but does not define that exactly. This may indicate an inability to boil Bob for sterilization, but the other options, like the top rack of the dishwasher without soap and wiping with a 10% bleach solution (my favorite) should be okay. Before I leave the user manual topic, I learned from this document that Bob has a brother named LELO Earl that is made from stainless steel or 18K gold plate, and while Earl would presumably be much more expensive it would probably make for a slightly better prostate massage device, in my opinion.

Okay, okay, enough about all the extraneous stuff, let’s get to the meat. I think that the Bob Pleasure Object is a nearly perfect male sex toy. The size is perfect for a beginner just starting out in anal play because he isn’t large or intimidating. Bob feels nice and I found him to be easy to insert and keep in place. The ring base is great for keeping Bob from going in too far as well as making retrieval and both thrusting and rocking motions very easy to accomplish. The ring isn’t too large to make extended wear a problem either. I don’t know that I would like to sit on the ring for too long, but it isn’t too bad to stand or walk around with him in.

So, what should you call Bob? Call him whatever you want, but just know that he works. Purely, from a prostate massage perspective, I found the narrow neck to be a little too flexible to provide strong prostate stimulation, so a stiffer material would be better there, and would earn Bob that last star.
Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to use Bob in as many situations as I would like. The holidays have been a busy time around my house and sickness has prevented as much experimentation as I would prefer. I still plan to use Bob to test g-spot stimulation on my female partner as well as have him inserted in my ass while we have intercourse, and I promise to provide a follow-up review when I have completed these interactions. I have used him for some excellent solo play and enjoyed a very nice masturbation session while he was in place. I found Bob to be very easy to insert and keep in place during these activities and I have been very pleased with his overall performance so far.
Follow-up commentary
Since receiving Bob, I have been able to spend more time with him and have some new opinions to share. I was able to use him for g-spot stimulation on my partner. It worked pretty well, but did require that I angle him upward to make good contact. She said she wished he were a little bit bigger to provide more stimulation to her labia during movement. The ring was nice to hold on to, but a little more length would make him even easier to maneuver.

I also inserted Bob into my ass while we were having intercourse. He stayed in place very well. In fact, he did not come out at all even during intercourse, so I feel that he did very well as a butt plug. The thinness of the neck allowed enough give so that although he was completely inserted and could be felt on the prostate it was not uncomfortable at all while moving around or thrusting.

I tested Bob out with Toko silicone and System JO anal silicone lubricants as well as Boy Butter and there was no reaction with any of them. I would still suggest you perform your own test before getting carried away with your favorite silicone lube. I also could detect no smell on Bob after cleaning.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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