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That Bob, he's Such a Man's Man

The LELO Bob is a beautiful prostate massager with lovely curve, rich, deep colors and an easy to insert shape. His silicone is velvety and matte, providing nice drag against the skin and is a pure pleasure to touch. Quality construction, luxury packaging, make him sure to please anyone with a prostate or even those without who are on the more beginner side of the anal scale. A bit small for the advanced user, however, particularly those without the necessary prostate to stimulate.
Gorgeous color, velvety silicone, great shape, easy to insert
Not very stimulating in use, handle protrudes a bit
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Ah, Bob. LELO's butt toy, designed as part of the Homme line as a prostate massager for the guys. I was so hoping he would be co-ed. But, alas, I think he is best used as intended for he just doesn't do much for those of us who are prostate impaired. At least not for me.

That isn't to say Bob is a bad toy. On the contrary, he's wonderful. He comes in the typical luxurious and practical LELO packaging, including a smallish yet sturdy outer box that works wonderfully as storage and a drawstring bag for those who prefer a more compact way to store. Bob is 100% silicone, odorless, tasteless, firm throughout with a bit of flexibility in the neck. His silicone is matte, velvety, a pleasure to touch. His color (I got the red)is a deep, rich burgundy that you don't see much in the toy world.

Just looking at Bob, you immediately fall in love. He's small, sleek, gorgeous. He just screams masculine luxury. (Is that politically incorrect? Are things allowed to have masculine traits these days?) Bob is 5 inches long, 3.5 of those inches insertable. He's got a slim girth of 1 inch in diameter. He's tapered at the tip, just a bit, for easy insertion. He bulges pleasantly then narrows down to a slender, flexible neck. His circular base is large enough to keep him from sliding in too far, firm enough to get a grip on and be durable yet soft enough and small enough to be comfy -- though it does protrude a bit from between even my ample cheeks, so not the best for stealth wear. It's not uncomfortable to sit on, though, which is a huge plus.

Bob's matte silicone gives him an exquisite drag against the skin, very much like that of skin on skin. A bit of water based lube reduces that drag enough to make it extremely comfortable and easy to insert him. (I can't stop with the "him" thing. I'm sorry. With a name like Bob, Bob must be a him.)

Bob is curved, which made me think he'd be good not only at prostate stimulation, which I can't speak about since I am prostate impaired, but also g-spot stimulation. I can often get this stimulation thru anal sex and play as things rub and press against my vaginal wall and to the opposite side, nudging and teasing my g-spot. Unfortunately, Bob just didn't quite do it. In fact, he was uncomfortable worn that way and so I turned him around, so the curve faced backwards. Much more comfortable!

I do believe my biggest problem with Bob is his petite size. Not only is his shaft that slim 1 inch but his neck is around a third of an inch in diameter so he doesn't provide a full feeling nor does his neck give much of a stretched feeling. I guess I sort of need one or the other, at least.

Bob is a good toy. He's high quality, well made, super. Just not spectacular, in use, for me. Not that I won't use him, he'll just never be my favorite. Regardless, I cannot give him a bad rating cuz he IS a wonderful toy and will likely do wonderful things for the anal beginner or someone who actually has a prostate.

Clean Bob by washing with soap and warm water, lathering and rinsing well. To sanitize, give him a three minute boil or a wipe down with a mild bleach solution. I don't recommend wipes for Bob because his matte texture tends to drag too much on any wipe that is less than soaked.

Store in his hard box or satin pouch or with other 100% silicone. I store all my silicone toys together and have never had a reaction, so he should be comfy and happy to sleep with his friends. Do not store with jelly or other porous material toys, though. He might make them melt and do funky things. Silicone lube, too. Stick to water based or even oil based, just to be safe.
Follow-up commentary
I've found, after a few months, that I actually like Bob even more than I initially did. For me, though he's slim, he's curved and comfortable enough to be almost perfect for use during partner sex.

Unlike large plugs, he doesn't take up so much room that it's hard to get vaginal penetration at the same time and yet he still gives me a full all over sensation and stimulates my partner thru my vaginal walls as he rubs against the plug.

Bob, while made for male bodies, is absolutely great for female ones, as well, so long as you're not expecting to be filled up by him. Once I got past his size and realized how being a bit slimmer was actually a bonus during sex, I really began to love him.

Like all Lelo toys, he's held up wonderfully and I've found he retains less eau de butt than many silicone toys, which is REALLY nice!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • MuffysPinguLove
    For some reason I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read your first sentence: "Ah, Bob. LELO's butt toy." Great review, I enjoyed that you referred to Bob as a him Smile
  • Sammi
    Nothing wrong with a little masculine luxury Smile
  • Selective Sensualist
    I just ordered this one in blue. Onward in my quest to collect all the LELOs! (It's a sick addiction.)
  • Carrie Ann
    LOL. I know, right? I just got a Tor and a Bo, not expecting to like them but NEEDING to complete the collection. Turns out I like them so it's all good? *mutters* Now I just need the Billy...
  • Selective Sensualist
    I need the Billy, too (and the Iris and the Elise and the Lily and the Mona . . . AND the Bo to complete my collection). If we have the Tor, is it worth it to get Bo, or are they exactly the same (with the only difference being Tor has more vibration options)?
  • Carrie Ann
    I think the Bo has no on/off switch and only one vibration level - I don't actually have it yet, it'll be in the mail box today. Heh. I got it because of that because, while I loved the way the Tor felt for me and my guy didn't mind it, I don't like the buttons much and don't really use the patterns. I figured a simple "slide the vibe on, it goes on, slide it off, it goes off" would be kind of nice when we want to grab it quick.
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