Crystal jellies anal starter - dildo by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Crystal jellies anal starter reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

Overall, for those looking to try anal play, this dildo is a winner. This size and shape are comfortable for prolonged use. It can be used in a variety of ways and is a bargain for the price.

It's described as a beginner toy, and there's no doubt that's accurate. For a soft, simple, subtle entry to anal, this is a good option. For a more intense, flexible experience, look elsewhere.

As someone new to the world of anal toys, I am extremely pleased with this toy. The flexible material makes it very easy to insert, and very comfortable to maneuver. As a beginner, I was worried about soreness, but this left me eager for more! This is a pretty versatile beginner's toy. It can be used manually, or you can take advantage of the suction cup base!

My overall impression of this toy is that it might be worth a try if you are completely new to anal toys; it's soft and small enough that you shouldn't have a hard time with your first insertion. It's also inexpensive enough to toss if you find that you don't care for this type of stimulation, or if you simply want to upgrade. I would not recommend this toy for people who have experience in anal stimulation, or if you plan on keeping this toy around for awhile.

My personal thoughts on this are that it's perfect for someone beginning, but will diminish in use as you become accustomed to larger toys. But it's a beginner toy so it's expected. The smell was a little overpowering when I first opened the box but has mellowed over time.

This toy is fantastic for those of you looking to begin in anal play, as this toy is not too big, but not too small. I feel that this is still best used by beginners and not those who are more advanced, as you will not gain any real pleasure from it.

If you're not an anal beginner or know someone who is, this toy is not for you. If I didn't want to help my partner begin their anal experience, I never would have purchased it.

I would purchase this toy as a beginner but it's worth being aware of the necessary care and use of jelly toys. There may be better/safer toys worth purchasing. For the price and the few months of solo anal play I've gotten out of this toy, it was worthwhile. However, once you know you like anal stimulation, like me, you may be ready to get the next size of toy very quickly.

If you are into anal play, then it is a buy at this price. There's just a few things you have to work around to get the job done.

It can do the job, if you don't mind working at it; but chip in for a nicer toy if you know your butt can handle a little jiggery-pokery.

This little gem is perfect for beginners. Although caution and care should be exercised when using toys made with this particular material, it's great for those who are just coming into the world of anal play.

This is a great toy to start with but quickly becomes too small. This would be a good purchase as part of a set.

This is a great toy for exploring anal stimulation. This toy has a very approachable girth and provides a pleasurable experience. The price is right for a toy you will likely only use a few times before either it needs to be discarded or you move on to larger toys.

There are much better starter toys than this, I think. Try for a silicone toy that's also longer and slender like this one, and you'll be much happier.

Buy it. If you're looking for a starter anal dildo, starter deep throat trainer, starter double penetration, this is perfect.

The Crystal jellies anal starter is perfect for any male or female that want to get into anal, but are too scared or unsure. The size of this is more welcoming then it is intimidating.

This is one of my favorite toys to be able to use with my husband, when he wants to do gender play or have his P spot hit. He finds the size very easy to take and this product allows us to use it for me to dominate him, as if I did really have a penis. I would recommend this toy to anyone starting out with anal or even deep throating. This toy is affordable and easy to clean.

If you're an anal beginner, or just not quite sure if you'd like it or not, this item would be great for you. I found it VERY easy to use. It feels great. But if you're into more intense stuff, you'd get bored of this rather quickly. It's really all up to you and how you'd like your experience to go.

If you're new to anal play but you don't want to spend too much money just to figure out if it's your thing, the Anal Starter is a good place to start. It's a cheap toy that I will probably dispose of after a year or two, but that isn't to say this toy isn't great. This was an inexpensive way to try some solo anal play. However, due to the unhygienic jelly material, this dildo shouldn't be shared without a condom. It's an amazing starter, but just be aware that you will outgrow it eventually.

If you are looking for a slender, less rigid toy (and odor does not bother you), then certainly give this toy a try. If odor bothers you and you do not like floppy toys, then you might want to skip it.

All in all, we were pleased with the toy once inserted, as the texture, length, and girth made for a great introduction to anal, but nearly losing the toy, and some difficulty with insertion has made this an overall abandoned toy.

This toy is a great buy at this price, very versatile with many possibilities. Great for vaginal or anal play, beginners to advanced users.

This little buddy is a wonderful anal starter toy! It has a strong odor to it, but it is easily insertable and has a realistic design. Eden Fantasys says it's a Jelly dildo, but it's actually made from Sil-a-Gel.

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