Crystal jellies anal starter - dildo by Doc Johnson - review by Nox Vulpes

Anal Starter Toy Review

This little buddy is a wonderful anal starter toy! It has a strong odor to it, but it is easily insertable and has a realistic design. Eden Fantasys says it's a Jelly dildo, but it's actually made from Sil-a-Gel.
Small, great for starting out. Realistic design. Great value.
Very strong odor.
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This is my first "free" assignment review. I have always been curious about anal, so I picked this one as a starter anal toy and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

The smell hit me immediately as I opened the package. Hell, the first thing that I think of when I open my toy box now is, "Ugh, anal toy smell!" It's a really strong, pungent smell that seems to linger at the back of your tongue. Keep it away from your face and you should be ok. I've washed it several times since I got it, and it hasn't gone away yet. It's only been a week though, so with more time it might become less strong... maybe.

Once I got over the smell (ugh) I noticed that the package said it was anti-bacterial. Oh really? The properties area for this toy here on Eden Fantasys says it's made from jelly, which cannot be sterilized. The package says it's made out of Sil-a-gel, so I'm guessing the Eden Fantasys page is wrong. There's more information on Sil-a-gel here on Eden Fantasys if you need to look it up, but basically it is anti-bacterial like it says and should be safe to use between partners as long as you wash it before switching. I would also recommend washing it before using it, as it collects dust (even freshly washed and put away in my toy box) like a Queen Dustbunny. Condoms are not an option with this thing. I tried and it failed miserably. It's just not a big enough toy to safely keep hold of them.

This toy is capable of drunkenly standing up using the flare base. I say drunkenly because it randomly chooses a direction to lean in and does so. It doesn't fall over, so it works.

Unlike some of the others who purchased this toy, I was able to insert this toy with ease. It is really soft and a bit floppy, but I was able to get it in by myself without any problems. If you are a starter to anal like I was (I really am presuming that you are), the trick is to relax and not tense up.

As to it's size, this toy is just right. After awhile you'll probably move on to bigger and better things, but this is probably one of the best toys for starting out. The base flare was able to keep this toy safely in place.
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  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Doc Johnson has claimed in the past that they "add scent" to their Sil-A-Gel products. My Sil-A-Gel toy smells like plastic cotton candy, not chemicals.

    Even though it claims to be anti-bacterial, you should probably still use a condom if you share it - and I tend to use a condom on anything that is offensive to my sniffer.
  • Nox Vulpes
    The condoms I tried on it were all too big, unfortunately. Sad face This one needs something X-Small sized...
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    I just wrap the condom around to cover mostly the whole thing base and all. I had to pinch the condom on to hold it during use. I have the radiant gems one that is in the exact same mold. Since it is an anal toy it is much safer that way.
  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks for the review! Your description of the way it stands, drunkenly, made me laugh. Congrats on your first assignment!
  • zandria
    Thanks for the review!
  • titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Mydildo
    Great job!
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