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L'amour probe beginner reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

I like this plug but I must highlight some weaknesses, although I have only had good experiences with it. The plug has a nice teardrop shape for easy insertion, is made of silicone, and is a good size for beginners, but may be too small for more experienced users. It has a base that is the same size as the bulge and the base is also flimsy, which could lead to the whole thing going too far inside you. Lastly, the ridges can be a little uncomfortable.

Ah yes, a wonderful feel when I can feel it! It's a wonderful toy for beginners: soft, smooth, and reasonably priced. But it's too small for this girl. The only way I knew it was there was because I put it there. Gimme this same product in a larger size and this product would be ideal for me.

Over all, I do like the L'Amour beginner probe; it has a lot going for it. It's whimsical in appearance, made of silicone, and not scary for beginners. I do think that it could be improved upon, but for $13 it's a steal.

I was excited to try this toy. It has a great look and feel. There is no drag to toy and the smooth texture is great. Easy to use for anyone, however it is to small for advanced users. I am not a beginner but I am not overly advanced. I hope that they make this in different sizes. I would rate this a 5 but the size is too small. I will recommend this to beginners.

This L'amour silicone/TPE anal probe by Cal Exotics is mainly intended for beginners, and pretty much ONLY beginners. Its small size is really only pleasurable for "first toy of the day" use, or for true beginners to anal play. It comes with a suction cup though, which makes it easier to use.

A small, comfortable probe great for beginners - but not so much experienced users. Great for partner or solo play, but not for extended wear.

Overall, I would recommend this toy to beginner strap-on sex couples, as well as to individuals looking to explore anal using something a little less intimidating than some of today's butt toys.

If you are new to anal play, it can be a bit intimidating. The L'amour probe beginner is a very non-threatening way to ease yourself into it. Speaking from experience, its unique shape and bright colors make exploring fun and relaxing.

The L'Amour by California Exotics is a beginner probe made from one of the safest material around-silicone. The probe is beautiful and well designed except for a small suction cup at the bottom of it. It does like to collect lint so it requires a special home away from other silicone toys.

This is the most perfect beginner anal toy I have found. The only problem for me is that I am not a beginner. I can't really use this at all because it is too small to be enjoyable. The shape of this is still one of my favorites. It's completely gradual which makes it an easy to toy to take your time with and stay comfortable.

The L'amour Probe by Cal Exotics is a great toy for beginners but be careful with that tiny base. Beyond that bit about it this toy's suction cup more than makes up for the lack of a safe sized base. Just lube it up and give it a whirl and enjoy the stimulation it can provide.

This is a solidly made, useful toy that serves the purpose it was intended for. It could have a better design and more experienced users may be disappointed, but it should satisfy most beginners.

The L'Amour is the perfect toy for a beginner in the anal department. It's small, easy to care for, soft and flexible. It gives great sensations during sex, and is perfect to spice things up. If you are looking for a new toy, and are a "newbie" to toyland, try L'Amour out! I gave it 4 stars because of the size and base being too small. Not great for advanced users.

The L'Amour Probe is a 100% silicone anal probe that is sized for beginners. It is body safe, flexible, and easy to clean. I would highly recommend this for beginners only as this would most likely be too small for more advanced users. It is designed very nicely though and we will be trying the more advanced sizes.

Overall, it was a fun toy to add to our evening, but I don't think it'll be in my regular rotation. I will definitely keep it handy for those more special occasions or when we'd like a little more variety than basic sex. Gets a four star rating from me, but without the suction cup feature, it'd be a five.

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