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Kegel exercisers have been absolutely everywhere. Whether you are a beginning with kegel exercisers or if you have experience with them, the Loa beads are optimal in maintenance and weight. They are rather large, but this is only an issue when it comes to inserting and taking out. It is recommended for beginners to use larger beads, so these just may be what you're looking for.

Bottom line — yes I would recommend these! They are a different experience, it's hot wearing them in public, and you have this secret smile because no one else knows. My hubby seems to like me wearing these as well. So get them, they are fun!

The Loa is a beautiful kegels exerciser. I love the musical motif. They really, really work to help with kegels strength with no effort, and with minimal effort they'll be even more helpful. Add a vibrator or just give a little tug and push and you've also an excellent masterbatoy too.

I truly feel that Loa is not for beginners, those with narrow vaginal walls or those who just don't like a lot of girth.

Overall, the Loa balls were a great buy for me. Despite the hard to reproduce vibrations, I found them very stimulating and arousing. If you are looking for something to stimulate you often you may want to keep looking, but I was personally very pleased with my purchase.

Loa vaginal balls are arousing and definitely reminds you to do your kegels. The bulky tail makes them uncomfortable to wear long term. The sensations from the rattle are hard to achieve.

Are these the greatest balls around, probably not, but are they worth every last penny. From the stranger feeling, to added sensation during anal play, to just fun in everyday tasks these balls accomplish it. Are they great for kegels, no, but are pretty darn good for getting nice and warmed up for more play, or for use in anal play; yes times 10. These balls should find their way to a toybox near you and even out on the town.

Had these been made of silicone, they would be my "go-to" balls for both vaginal and anal play simply because I like the sturdy cord and retrieval loop. I hate the inconvenience and expense of condoms, so that immediately cut the versatility in half for me. Bottom line, there are much more versatile and body safe balls out there for roughly the same cost.

As my first vaginal balls, I found that these were a little bit large for me. I felt them rattle very rarely, and it was hard to reproduce the movement that did it. Personally, I'm very happy with my purchase and feel like they're working well, but if you're looking for something that will stimulate you often I'd look elsewhere! Fortunately, the good outweighs the bad for me!

Loa vaginal balls are a product best suited to arouse you before you proceed on to other activities. Possibly they can serve as a reminder to do your kegel exercises. And reminded you will be. The retrieval cord is thick enough that you will not forget that you're wearing them.

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