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For arousal more than exercise

Loa vaginal balls are a product best suited to arouse you before you proceed on to other activities. Possibly they can serve as a reminder to do your kegel exercises. And reminded you will be. The retrieval cord is thick enough that you will not forget that you're wearing them.
attractive, can arouse you, comes with storage bag, lube and a wipe
retrieval cord is uncomfortably thick
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Loa vaginal balls are meant to wear to give you a bit of extra sensation and to arouse you. The occasional movement of the inner balls inside them may remind you to do your kegels, but I'm not convinced that kegeling while wearing them gives better results than kegeling without them.

Material / Texture

Loa balls are made of TPR, but they have only the faintest plastic scent. They look and feel like they're made of silicone.

They have a smooth matte finish. A seam runs around the exterior of it, but you can't feel this during use.

The white Close2you logo appears to be made of hard plastic, not the TPR used for the rest of the toy. This must be the ABS part. The back of the box states that its made of TPR/ABS.

Design / Shape / Size

Loa vaginal balls consist of two egg shaped parts connected off-center with a thick cord. An equally thick retrieval cord extends down several inches and forms a loop.

The balls are each four and a quarter inches in circumference. Both balls and the connecting section are four and a quarter inches long. They are a bit smaller than Eclipse balls.

Most of the toy is navy blue. On the outside of each ball is white stylized F clef symbol which is the Close2you logo. They're really quite attractively designed.

Each egg-shaped ball has a weighted inner ball that rolls around inside the egg as you move.

It comes with a cute purple velvet storage bag with a drawstring closure. I'm not sure it needs the extra protection, but its a fun way to store it.

It also comes with one cleaning wipe containing aloe vera and a small tube of Glissando lube. The lube contains glycerin, something to note if you are prone to yeast infections.


The first time I wore Loa balls and walked around I could really feel the inner balls moving. This is in contrast to Eclipse balls that required me to jump up and down before I could feel movement.

The second time, however, I only felt a very occasional movement. With repeated trials, I've observed that its when it feels like I have trouble pushing them in all the way - when they are quite low - that I can detect the movement of the balls. When I'm perhaps more aroused and can insert them fully without struggle, I almost need to do cartwheels to feel the inner balls move.

I've tried doing kegel exercises with Loa balls in place. It didn't feel any different and certainly wasn't an improvement over kegeling without them.

A recent study measured the improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength in women who performed kegel exercises either with or without a device that is a weighted sphere of about one inch diameter. Over sixteen weeks both groups improved pelvic floor strength but the women who kegeled with a sphere inside didn't improve more than those who kegeled using no device. Loa balls aren't one inch spheres but my feeling is that the same results would be seen if the study used Loa balls instead.

However, maybe if they completely fill you when they're inserted there would be some benefit. And certainly it can be fun and arousing to have them inside. The back of the package calls them "the perfect instrument for erotic foreplay." This is their true purpose. Arousal.

I didn't personally find them to be arousing. Once they're inside, the thick retrieval cord is outside. Its so thick that you will be continually aware of it. If you wore something like leggings or just underwear while Loa balls are inside you, you would see the thick loop bulging through.

It feels like it holds my inner labia open and props the opening of my vagina open too. A side effect of this is that vaginal fluids leak onto my panties making them quite wet. Its like I'm twenty again! Honestly dripping like this just doesn't happen any more at my age. Prepare for panties that are substantially wetter than usual as you wear your Loa balls.

Aside from arousal, their other purpose could be to remind you to do your kegel exercises. Its better to do concentrated, focused kegels where you're not walking, reading or otherwise mentally or physically engaged, but if you end up doing more squeezes as a result of wearing them, even if they're just quick little squeezes, that's better than nothing.

Care and Maintenance

Loa balls are made of TPR and therefore cannot be sterilized by boiling. Clean them with soap and water but use a condom with them if sharing with others.

Any lube is safe to use with Loa balls.


Loa balls come in an attractively designed white plastic box with a magnetically closed front panel that when opened allows you to see the product through a clear plastic window.

Instructions are included but they are generic instructions for all Close2you products.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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