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Loa balls: Great for the vag, not so much for your bum.

Had these been made of silicone, they would be my "go-to" balls for both vaginal and anal play simply because I like the sturdy cord and retrieval loop. I hate the inconvenience and expense of condoms, so that immediately cut the versatility in half for me. Bottom line, there are much more versatile and body safe balls out there for roughly the same cost.
Egg shape makes insertion easier, and the sturdy cord with the loop makes it easier to take out.
Cord is uncomfortable for extended wear and not rigid enough to use to rotate the balls inside you.
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When I saw these balls made by Close2you, I was intrigued. The product overview claims they can be used in your vagina or your anus and that you can rotate them inside you. I have a great set of vaginal balls, but the retrieval cords on them are too flimsy for me to feel safe enough to use them in my ass. I could tell from the pics that the "handle" would still be too thin for safe anal play, but I figured I could insert a small bullet or something into the loop on the end to make it safer. I'm no novice when it comes to anal play either, so I decided to try these out.

Close2you is really great about their packaging and freebies. I had gotten the Harmonia some time ago and the Loa comes with the same cool freebies as the Harmonia did: velvet storage pouch, trial sized lube, and a toy cleaning wipe. The only thing missing was the silicone cock ring that I got with my Harmonia. I read another review that says they also got this with their Loa balls, but it was missing from mine. No biggie for me, as it is a freebie and I already have one, but others expecting it might be disappointed.

The first thing I noticed when taking the balls out of the box was the "handle" was pretty flimsy, making it little more than a typical retrieval cord. The way the product description described being able to rotate the balls while they are inside you, I was expecting it to be more rigid. While it is thicker and sturdier than most retrieval cords on balls of this type, it is not rigid enough for the purpose of rotating the balls. It is made out of the same TPR material that covers the balls, and it is too flexible. Which brings me to another complaint about this product. TPR is not as safe a material as silicone. The porous nature of the material means you can not fully sterilize it. If you are going to use these in your bum only, then this may not be that big of deal. However, if you want to be able to use these in your vagina as well, you need to cover them with a condom when you use them anally, so you don't contaminate your vagina with bacteria. The only benefit I see to the TPR is that you can use silicone as well as as water based lube.

So what do I think of them? As vaginal balls they are pretty typical of what is out there already, but they aren't as convenient. They have a sturdier retrieval cord with a handy loop for your finger, which makes getting them out easier, especially with lubed up fingers. The down side to the cord is that it is thicker and longer. If you plan on wearing these under clothes, you will find that the cord is uncomfortable and irritating to sensitive vaginal lips. I would not recommend you get these for the purpose of wearing them for extended periods of time. If you just want them for use during sex or other play, they would work great. If however you want them for kegal exercises, I would get something else. Part of the appeal of vaginal balls for working your kegals is that you can "wear" them around the house or out in public instead of taking time out of your day to just lay down and do the exercises. They have balls inside them that are supposed to move around during use, but you can hardly tell unless you are working out. So for me, the Loa's only unique feature is the stronger cord, because I feel safer trying these out anally. However, the cord is also it's downfall, because it cuts down on the versatility.
My primary goal was to use these anally. I already have various sets for my vag, I wanted to be able to use these anally with out a condom. I knew once they went in my ass, there was no going back, so to be able to do a through review, I had to start out in the vagina first. I wanted to see how they worked and how the egg shaped balls felt upon insertion and retrieval. The benefit to the egg shape is the tapered end makes insertion easier, especially if you are wanting to use them anally. The flip side of that though is that pulling them out is going to be more difficult, as you are pulling the wider end out first. I recommend lots of lube and fully relaxing before you try to remove these from your ass. Take it slow, or you will experience a "popping" out that could be painful, and with two balls you will have to go through that twice. I definitely wouldn't recommend anal use unless you are experienced in anal play.

As vaginal balls, they worked well. As I stated before, the loop and the stronger cord made it easier to pull out after play with lubed up fingers. I enjoyed them very much, as I do all of my vaginal balls during play or sex. As kegal exercisers, TECHNICALLY they do the job, but I like my others better. I just like being able work those muscles while doing chores or going out in public. I like to multi-task, and I don't have time to work my kegals any other way. As for the anal play, it was okay. I inserted a slim vibe through the loop in the cord with out adding lube so it fit snugly enough where I knew it wouldn't slip out. This gave me a make shift "base" so I wouldn't "lose" the toy in my rectum. The egg shaped balls slipped in easily with lube and felt comfortable during use. Admittedly, I had never felt safe enough to use my other vaginal balls in my ass, so I have nothing to compare it too. There are other anal toys on the market that have balls but I have never tried them. So the experience was new to me and I enjoyed it, but I think there are other toys out there that would be better suited for anal play. I would have liked to be able to rotate them inside me, but the cord made that impossible. All in all, I would say that the Loa didn't do it's job particularly well on any front.
Follow-up commentary
I've yet to be able to purchase anything similar to this product that is better quality for anal, so I have nothing to compare it too other than anal beads. That being said, I love using these anally during play. The cord is sturdy and as long as you keep a finger or toy in the loop, you shouldn't lose it. I love the way they feel, so I have been using them quite a lot lately. However, I do wish they were of a safer material so I would have the option of using these vaginally again. I would still recommend you shop around before purchasing these, ESPECIALLY if you are looking for Kegal exercisers that you can wear comfortably.
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  • Maiden
    I appreciate your comments. I bought these SPECIFICALLY for anal use. I am more experienced when it comes to anal play and I knew how to modify these to be safe. I thought I had made the possible dangers of using these anally clear in my review, so I do apologize if it wasn't that clear. I wouldn't recommend these for anal use for most, but that is why I got them. Once I used them anally, I knew I would not be able to use them vaginally without the risk of transferring bacteria. I still use them anally though, and I do enjoy them. I have a traditional vibe that fits very snugly in the retrieval loop and makes a good base so I don't "lose" these in my anus. I am in no way a beginner, and I take the necessary precautions when using these for anal play. While it is true most Kegal balls are in NO WAY safe for anal use, the sturdy cord on these combined with the loop that you can fit a toy in to create a base allowed me to confidently use them in my anus. Do I recommend the average person use these in this way? Definitely not. However, if you are educated in material safety and safe anal play, there is no reason why you can't use them anally.
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