Music is the key to a woman´s heart!
The language of passion.The term “music“ comes from Greek and means the art of sound.

Evidently closer. With Close2you, you come noticeably closer to taking the gentle path of purposeful stimulation.
Enjoy expressive love toys with minimal, discreet design and first class quality and function, and take them with you on your journey of exploring pleasure.

The expressed aim of our products is intimate togetherness in a harmonious atmosphere- whether you are by yourself, with your new “friend” and his good-sounding name or whether you include your partner in the exciting game –the Close2you compositions convey enjoyment with every act overflowing with ambience,
and they are simply and Evidently closer.

MUSIC: The perfect type of art - She never reveals her last secret**

* 2003 Franz Sauter, Hamburg, online music encyclopaedia
** Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), irish writer
  • Commercial - Legamento by Close2you Uploaded by Bjoern
  • Commercial - Opus by Close2you Uploaded by Bjoern
  • Commercial - Sinfonia by Close2you Uploaded by Bjoern
  • Commercial - Harmonia by Close2you Uploaded by Bjoern
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News and announcements

  • Close2you wins Award on this years´ EROFAME in Hannover!

    Best product design:
    Erotixxx-Award for Close2you

    From October 5-7, 2011 the international EROFAME TRADE CONVENTION took place on the fairgounds in Hanover
    Our new "Close2you"- series is one of fair highlights and received the Erotixxx-Award for the "Best product design" category.
    A tremendous honor for the entire Close2you-Team assuring us to be on the right way to a new love toy generation.
    Thank you very much.
  • Videos online

    Hi everybody,

    after having some technichal problems you can now find all videos online from our 1st generation of Close2you:

    The new ones will come up very soon!

    Have a great day,
  • Lateste Review - RONDO

    Hello everybody,

    I just received informations about latest reviews - this time Jesper tested our RONDO - you can find it right here:

    All the best,

  • Last part of our 2nd generation arrived...

    Hi everybody,
    we have just received last part of our 2nd generation by Close2you named "RONDO" - I suppose that you will find them here very very soon! :)

    Rondo [franz. Rondeau]
    Interplay between solo parts and choral responses

    Wonderfully designed and anatomically perfectly shaped, the Rondo is not just an artistic masterpiece, but also enables its virtuoso to enjoy a phenomenal fi nal movement.

    Its “solo” benefi ts lie in the 45-degree angle: the rounded tip touches the deep-lying G-spot, whilst the delightful curve of the shaft stimulates the clitoris.
    And the control unit, which is perfectly designed for easy use, allows an additional six humming choral vibrations to applaud the sensitive pleasure nerves during the musical climax.

    Enjoy it!
  • 2nd Generation available

    Melodious names such as Allegro, Rondo or Flores, providing soft vibrations
    in the unmistakable melody of lust; Close2You love toys are masters of their
    art – every step you take will be quite enjoyable…
    The name says all: Close2You love toys provide more closeness and a soft way of
    targeted stimulation. This new generation of love toys is a harmonious connection of
    classic and modernity: Their smooth shapes and decent design perfectly adapt to the
    body, while their functionality and refinement take the user on a lustful and melodic
    expedition – a true feast for the senses!

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