Spotlight on Close2You (and a giveaway)!

Spotlight on Close2You (and a giveaway)!

Kayla Kayla

The new generation of Close2You toys is here, and what better way to celebrate than by giving away some of the new toys on EdenCafe?! Whether you enjoy vaginal exercisers, clitoral vibrators, or g-spot vibrators, the new line of Close2You toys can help meet your needs. All of them focus on a musical theme, and each one is made of body-safe materials. Each one also comes with some lubricant, a storage method, and a penis ring to further enhance your experience.

So which toys are we giving away for our EdenCafe contest this week? First place will win their choice of a Triole or a Rondo vibrator. Second place also gets an amazing prize with their choice of the Flores or Allegro vibrator! Even if you come in third place, you still get a good prize as you'll receive the Loa toy!

Have you been enjoying using the new Rafflecopter entry method? It makes it so much easier to enter! If you haven't had a chance to enter with the new entry method, come give it a try! There are a lot of different ways to enter this week which makes it even easier to win!

The Flores Rabbit Vibrator has been receiving a lot of attention lately! This little vibrator includes a shaft and a clitoral stimulator, and each part of the toy is especially designed to resemble some part of music.
- Made of body-safe silicone
- Waterproof
- Quiet with push-button controls
- Ergonomically shaped

The Rondo is now on EdenFantasys. Not only can you win one, but you can be one of the first to purchase it! The Rondo is a g-spot toy that features a firm g-spot curve to target inner pleasures.
- Intended for dual stimulation
- Made of body-safe silicone
- Includes two motors
- Quiet and waterproof

If you prefer your g-spot curved toys a little more gentle, there's always the Triole as well. Featuring a slight g-spot curve with an easy-to-grasp handle, the Triole includes 6 patterns to customize your experience.
- Dual motors
- Waterproof and made of silicone
- Odorless and quiet
- Includes three separate pleasure ends

The Allegro vibrator is a clitoral vibrator from Close2You. Designed with an interesting, ergonomic shape in mind, the Allegro comes in two different color choices for the perfect fit your preferences. Made of plastic, the body slides against the skin during use.
- Waterproof and quiet
- Made of body-safe plastic
- Ergonomically designed
- Unique design

The Loa vaginal balls are the vaginal exercisers of the new Close2You line. Made of two TPR balls with inner, moving balls, the Loa vaginal exercisers are meant to be inserted to give discreet pleasure while doing your daily business. For discreet pleasure while doing those daily things like exercising or making dinner, the Loa can help you out.
- Includes two inner balls for optimal pleasure
- Features an easy-to-remove option with the handle
- Comes in two different colors

So, have you had a chance to enter the EdenCafe giveaway of these great Close2You toys? Let me know which one that you're longing after!
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Breas , Illusional , Sunshineamine , Kindred , Froggy , Starkiller87 , Sammi , married with children , FaerieLove , Do emu
Illusional , toxie m , Valyn , Ghost , Froggy , tooshy , Sammi , mandiegk , AndroAngel , Lummox , Beck , hiroshiro , Bjoern , guro , potstickers , mmmmm , Hubby80 , StephanieTaylor , Robespierrethecat , splooshcandy , travelnurse , Missmarc
toxie m , Kindred , Jul!a , Froggy , Starkiller87 , tooshy , Sammi , Lummox , ellejay , joolie , snowminx
Twitch , Jul!a , Ghost , Froggy , Silverdrop , pinkcupcakes , Pink Jewel , BabyL0ve , Beck , Abaychan , splooshcandy
Froggy , Sammi , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Beck , geliebt , Fidelity , eeep , SoloJoe , Ayumi
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Breas Breas
Ooo entered! Thanks for posting this! I actually havent tried any of the products yet so that would be exciting to win! Thanks!
Illusional Illusional
I've entered! I hope I win!
Sunshineamine Sunshineamine
Like them all but especially like flores. Good luck to everyone who entered
Twitch Twitch
i love the allegro
Silverdrop Silverdrop
Definitely the Allegro. That looks different than anything I've tried.
Sammi Sammi
These all look like a lot of fun
AndroAngel AndroAngel
Rondo has my attention, it looks like it could be a ton of fun.
Beck Beck
I entered also, I am really wanting Loa, but would be happy with Rondo or Allegro.
FaerieLove FaerieLove
I entered a few days ago but I am longing after the Flores. It looks like such a wonderful toy with a great curve that might actually fit my anatomy. The Triole or Rondo would be awesome too though!
hiroshiro hiroshiro
The Rondo looks fun! The Triole reminds me of those three-sided highlighters that you get free from promotions...
Do emu Do emu
They all look amazing!
SoloJoe SoloJoe
Robespierrethecat Robespierrethecat
I want the rondo!
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