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Plug of lust small Plug of lust small

Butt plug by Orion

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Plug of lust small reviews

31 reviews
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31 reviews

The Plug of Lust is out of stock while I'm writing this, but I'm hoping if I show a little enthusiasm they'll restock it, because this is probably the best beginning plug at this price point! It is cheap, durable, easy to clean, and well constructed. It may, however, be too small for anyone with even moderate anal experience.

This is the shy beginner's solution to anal toys! Unlike glass toys which offer similar material safety, the silicone body and thoughtful design is comfortable and easy to clean. However, those who are used to anal play or bigger toys should definitely stay away from this one -- it's just too small for satisfaction or safety.

Great plug for beginners, made from body safe silicone. Non intimidating size and Easy to care for. It just won't stay in place.

Great toy at great price. Buy this if you are a beginner. Even if you quickly move on to bigger toys, you will certainly enjoy this plug.

It was not worth it for me. I thought it would be bigger, but if you've never had anal sex maybe just try a finger. I see how this could ease you into it. Otherwise? Save your money.

This is a small, unintimidating plug for the true beginner. It’s only suitable as an introductory tool, but I don’t see it being useful for the long-term.

This is a great plug for beginners. It is easy insert and easy too keep in. It should offer a smooth start for anyone interested in trying anal play for the first time. For advanced users, the plug might not offer much in terms of anal stimulation, but can be a fun toy for attaching to tails and other kinky artifacts.

The Plug der Lust is a sexy and sassy little plug for your tight love oven. Petite and comfortable to wear this is the perfect plug for beginners. It also works wonderfully to tease your partner with. No matter how you choose to use this unique plug you are sure to fall in love.

The Small Plug of Lust is a great plug for a true beginner to anal play. It’s silicone and easy to insert. However, it constantly slips out during any kind of activity. Plus, it is not comfortable for long-term wear. I personally didn’t like the small flared base. This plug is very comparable in size to a finger; you can simply insert your finger in your bum to have the same feeling. I suggest you pass on this plug and go for a plug that is a tad longer and bigger with a flared base.

All in all, this is a really good plug for any beginner. It is small, pain-free, easy to insert and easy to clean. The ring pull makes it easy to remove and the shape is quite comfortable. An all around beginners treat.

This toy is a great toy for a beginner to anal play. It's size and shape make it painless and pleasurable to even a total stranger to backdoor action. It's especially amazing when its used in combination with vaginal penetration. That being said, I have quickly started to outgrow it's size and I'll be looking to do a size upgrade soon. Since it was not super expensive, it is well worth the money!!

This is a great plug that would be perfect if the design were just slightly different. Though small and ultra-smooth, the size ratio of the bulb to the neck is not great enough to keep this toy from popping out.

This is a really great choice if you're a complete anal novice; the price, plus the material alone made it worth it for me. Plus, the tapered tip and ring makes for really easy use, even if you don't know what you're doing. It will probably be too small if you have a lot of experience with anal play, but it's a great intro for the rest of us.

I would recommend this toy for anyone that is very new to anal play and wants to experience it for the first time. The plug is very petite and would not be satisfying to the experienced anal user as it is shallow in depth and narrow in width.

The Small Plug of Lust is a great item for those wanting to explore anal play for the first time. It's made of safe materials that are easy to clean and care for, the texture, design, and size are great, and the price tag won't put a dent in your wallet.

The Plug of Lust small butt plug is great for beginners that are curious of anal. It is also great for users that prefer a small plug. Made of Silicone and body safe. The Plug of Lust features a bulged, soft-fleshed texture that is comfortable and inviting. At a diameter of only 1", the Plug of Lust is going to be loved and feel amazing.

The Plug der Lust is a good choice for a beginner's plug. It's girthy enough to be comfortably filling, but not so pricey that if you don't like it, it was a waste of money. It's only real downside is that it's not comfortable for extended wear.

Great for beginners looking to introduce themselves to a plug. Affordable, easy to clean, and will stay put! To any novice anal users: definitely give this a try.

The Plug of Lust (small) is a wonderful little plug. It's very affordable, especially for such high quality, and it should not be overlooked.

This is a great toy for a beginner, but you might want to keep the short space in consideration. I do love the velvety texture of the silicone and would recommend it to others, but since it didn't work for us, I have to give it 3 stars.

As butt plugs go, and for sure I'm no expert... yet, this one is great for the beginner. It's small size and smooth texture make it a perfect choice for those just starting out.

This little butt plug is just right for the beginner, or those who like a subtle "full" feeling anally, without too much stretch. The silicone is perfect for butt play, easy to clean and safe. The ring is great for a small chain or leather thong, or use with a bullet vibe. The ring is also very useful for removing and re-inserting the plug, for those who like the feeling of repeated insertion. A great little toy for every toy box, and every butt that desires a smaller, tear drop shaped toy.

This was a great toy when I first got it but my fondness of it didn't last very long. For the price, I would say that this is a good toy for beginners though.

This plug is for those who want just a little stimulation. I think it is excellent for both beginners and intermediate anal explorers.

This little guy is not just for beginners although it is great for intro play. The shape eases insertion and the ring at the end aids in removal. The price is great and so is the material since it can be sterilized.

The plug of lust is a wonderful toy for a true beginner. Anyone with a lot of experience might not get as much from it, but for me it gave me just enough stimulation and sensation without feeling uncomfortable. With its small size, excellent material, and low price I couldn't have asked for a better beginner plug.

This item is worth buying for a male that only wants a small butt plug or for a female wanting a butt plug during vaginal sex. The size is extremely small and most will look for an upgrade in size.

All in all, I think this is great for the beginner. If you're more experienced with anal play, you might want to go with the larger version of this plug.

The shape of this plug made it appealing to us, and in that regard it did not let down. We recommend this product and will be trying the Plug of Lust Large as well

This is a darling beginner butt plug. It is very small, curvy, cute, and is made of body-safe medical grade silicone. Looks great in and out. However, if you are not an anal beginner, this plug is definitely not for you. It's just that small.

For the lover who has always wondered about anal sex, but has been afraid of the big toys comes the Plug of Lust small; a tiny butt plug about the thickness of one large finger. Made of 100% silicone, the Plug of Lust is perfect for that person looking to experience how anal penetration feels for the first time. With its retrieval ring and narrow neck, the plug will stay in place, allowing wandering fingers to explore other parts of the body.

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