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Everybody should grab this toy. It's hot, it's fun. And the feel is like no other! The ridges are very unique! This is one of my all-time favorite toys!

This toy is absolutely amazing! It can be used in multiple ways, and they all feel euphoric! Plus, its color and shape are beyond words! To put it simply, the design is pure beauty!

The money I spent on the Sapphire Falls was well worth my first time squirting and I would pay for it all over again.

This is one of my favorite glass dildos. It is oddly shaped, which gives it that extra excitement, and it is a great toy to start experimenting with anal. It's a good size, not too big but not too small, and fills you up perfectly. You can also play a game of how many balls will fit in today! It's fun solo or with a partner, anally or vaginally, warm or cold.

The Sapphire Falls was not our favourite anal toy, but this was due to our own level of experience and comfort levels, rather than any particular fault with the toy itself. I love the look of this toy and the fact it is made from such high grade materials and we definitely got some enjoyment when we used it. I would definitely recommend it to the more experienced among you, who know you can handle the length and are looking for something a little more intensely stimulating.

This toy was great and is a considerable addition to my collection! I am definitely going to look into getting similar toys to play with!

For the price, you can't really go wrong with this one. The nice graduated size is awesome. It's beginner friendly in my opinion and would even be fulfilling to a more advanced user.

I love this toy! It is the best anal toy I have ever used. It's easy to clean and easier to use! I want all of my anal toys to be glass from now on! It's amazingly smooth and easy to care for. Plus, it just feels so fucking good!

The Sapphire Falls is a very nice glass piece that is good for both beginners and advanced users. It can be used vaginally, but it may not be entirely safe for anal as the base is not flared much. This toy is made of a very safe material that is easy to clean. The bubbly texture that this toy has is a very pleasant sensation, and it's not too intense, so it's a good introduction to texture. Though it's bad for g-spotting due to the very small curve, it is still a great dildo!

The Sapphire Falls by SSA Glass is a great, versatile dildo. It can be used vaginally or anally. The stacked bubble texture creates unique sensations that both men and women can appreciate. With proper cleaning and storage, this is one dildo that you can enjoy for years to come.

I'd recommend this toy to anyone curious about glass, or anyone looking to add to their glass collection. The fact that this toy has so many uses, and does them all very well, makes it a valuable addition to your toy box.

I love my textures and the ball type texture of this glass is different than that of swirls or nubs. It is hard to explain but as you are inserting and removing these bubbles, you have a type of popping sensation that is different from the others. It is not better, just different. And, I like it!! For both beginners and experienced users.

While Sapphire Falls is a wonderful product, the g-spot curve just hasn't worked that well for me yet. I would still recommend it to my friends because of the low price and quality material.

This toy was worth the buy because I enjoy the stimulation of the bulbs inside my body. There are 7 bulbs ranging in size from a large end (1 1/2) and a small end (1/4) with a slight curve. Sits at about 7 inches long and is super easy to clean. Can be used anally or vaginally to hit p-spot and g-spot. Glass can be used in temperature play. Warm or cold water. Overall, I love this toy and couldn't live without it in my collection.

Beautiful Blue Balls

Sapphire Falls is a beautiful blue glass dildo that can be used vaginally and anally with care. It uses different sized balls to help stimulate the G-spot or P-spot. You can insert it on both sides with either the small ball or the big ball first. I personally preferred Sapphire Falls anally, but to each their own. This blue balled glass piece is a pleasure to own. With so many options, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Cobalt Loveliness

The Sapphire Falls by SSA Glass is one versatile piece of glass that would be a great addition to anyone's toy box. With its bulges and slightly curved end it really aims to please. Just a little bit of lubricant goes a long way with the material so grab yourself one and enjoy!

The Sapphire Probe from SSA glass is a wonderful anal probe, and a beautiful example of a glass toy. However, as a vaginal toy, it falls short.

This toy was just what I was looking for for my wife. Bulbs to drive her nuts, glass so it is safe, and a great price that won't break the bank. Add in easy insertion and a large bulb on the end which was a great handle, and there is nothing bad to say about it. Except that it was rude and bumped the Amethyst out as the top glass toy in our collection.

The Sapphire Falls is my first glass toy and I felt it was a great introduction to the world of glass toys and it's really good for temperature play (which I found that I really like!). Mine has the slightest of curves to the overall design (there IS a curve, but not very pronounced) so it was a little hard to use at times (note that all glass toys have some variation even with the same design). Overall, it's a very well-made toy and I like using it for teasing when it comes to temperature play.

The Sapphire Falls probe from SSA Glass is demure and elegant in appearance, but that's where its coy act ends. Each of its seven bubbles provide intense internal stimulation which will strike you as heavenly or hellish depending on yours tastes. Whether you love this toy or develop a bad case of the Sapphire Blues will rely strongly on your preferences when it comes to texture. Prefer lots of sensation? This is the probe for you!

Glass lovers gather! If you do not already have Sapphire Falls you need to have it. From its stunning color to its amazing shape, this is a must have.

The reason I only gave this toy four stars is because it's great when used just the right way and painful otherwise. Painful in the bad way. I still really enjoyed it. It wasn't what I was expecting or even hoping for, but I believe it was totally worth the price. I am glad I purchased it. I will be using this again and will probably try another glass toy in the future.

The Sapphire Falls is what all glass toys should be. It is smooth, graceful, lovely to look at as well as play with and substantial enough to give a great ride. It's bubbles provide a great popping sensation when used either vaginally or anally.

You're going to fall for this Sapphire

What's not to like about this Sapphire beauty? It's made from glass so it's hypo-allergenic and body safe and you can use any type of lubrication you want. You can use this both vaginally or anally (with care). The graduated balls feel absolutely wonderful as they enter you one by one. You can also spice things up by adding some temperature play into your fun with the Sapphire Falls.

Personally I love this toy. In fact, it is officially my all time favorite, for now. I've never owned a glass toy, or a probe for that matter. I'm fairly new to the whole scene. I think this is a great addition for everyone from beginners to advanced users. It can be used for g-spot and p-spot play, anally, vaginally, temperature play, and so much more. I recommend this to everyone!

The Sapphire Falls combines a beaded design with a gradual curve to make G-spot stimulation easier. It's double ended, so you have the choice of a small first ball or large first ball, and with care it can be used anally as a probe or P-spot stimulator.

The Sapphire Falls is now my new favorite toy. Nothing I've ever used has come close to the experience I've had with this. Glass is good for your ass. Seriously!

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