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Feeldoe slim reviews

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43 reviews

Overall, and despite the two flaws that I found in this product I find it to be FANTASTIC! I would recommend this for any collection, it's well worth the money that I paid for it. Just maybe get a strap for this strapless dildo.

All in all, this is a good strapless strap-on. It provides great sensation and a next level of intimacy with synthetic cocks. However, it doesn't stay in well. This means you'll need to adjust to using it with a harness or men's underwear or jeans to get the full potential out of it. I think the connection for partners and the ability to go further with gender play make it a great choice.

We love the Feeldoe Slim for it high quality, smooth texture, awesome shape and because it vibrates! Each time we use it, we both always orgasm. In fact, our next purchase will be the Feeldoe More! (Remember more is more!)

The Feeldoe is a revelation, but does require a bit of work to get the best from it and to drive it confidently.

If you have super-powered kegels or a lot of patience, the Feeldoe Slim might be a worthwhile toy for you. Based on my experiences, however, I cannot recommend it. If you're looking for something that isn't endlessly frustrating and functions like it's supposed to, you're going to be stuck with a traditional strap-on.

This is a wonderful dildo - highly recommend! It's not as fancy as some of them, but if you're looking for a something basic to add to your collection, it's worth the money.

Those who are really on the lookout for a strapless strap-on may be pleased with the Feeldoe. When it stays in place, it is magnificent. However, once you have experienced it hindering sex due to worrying it will fall out, it definitely loses some appeal. There are not many of these items on the market, but look around before settling for the Feeldoe.

Feeldoe has created a unique line of double ended dildos which are designed to appeal to not only LGTB couples but also hetoro sexual couples as well. Erotic, sexy and a ton of fun; the Feeldoe Slim is crated to provide optimal pleasure for both the giver and receiver. If you long to be free of a harness and feel more pleasure during your playtime, Feeldoe Slim is sure to be just the right for you.

I highly recommend this toy to any couple that has thought about pegging but didn't know where to start. Just make sure you purchase a harness to go along with it. The additional support will make sure the Feeldoe stays where it should when the action gets heavy!

The Feeldoe Slim is a great toy for beginner to intermediate anal play and pegging. While "made for women by women" it lacks in girth (for me) for vaginal play, so may be more suitable for women who have a smaller vaginal canal.

Performance: all in all is just fair. Value is low due to the high cost; though the cost is supported by a high quality product. Maybe you have vaginal muscles are much stronger than mine and you can wield this toy with the command that it deserves, but it just didn't work for me.

Overall I love my Feeldoe even having to rig a harness for it, it's still the best strap-on I've ever owned. The price is high but you get what you pay for in materials and this silicone is top notch; not going to wear away, collect bacteria, and is totally scent and tasteless. With the G-spot bulb and clitoral ridge this toy is a treat for both the giver and the receiver.

While the Feeldoe Slim doesn't fully live up to the strapless promise, it functions so well in every other way that it is hard to have anything but fun when you are using it.

Although there are problems with my experience in this toy, I find it to be worth the buy over all. A good toy when used for couples is one that you buy because you want to make your lover happy. This is exactly what this toy did and it has made a huge difference in our sex and love life.

The first time I saw a Feeldoe, I was shocked and overwhelmed with love. I finally bought my own, and in just days, I already felt like it was not just a toy, but a part of my sexuality. It's almost my retractable-penis deepest desire come true. It even feels "real" when I jack it, all by my lonesome. The shortcomings are nothing in light of the glorious joy that is the Feeldoe. The only reason I would even look at them is to compare the various strapless strap-ons on the market.

As a strapless strap-on, the Feeldoe Slim provides users with an experience that other strap-ons just can't hold a candle to. It provides female wearers with the feeling that they actually have a penis, and the ribbing and optional vibration provide clitoral stimulation. Despite the cost, length, and other potential drawbacks, the pros outweigh the cons, especially since there is a solution for most of the cons. Overall, I would strongly recommend this toy to couples interested in strap-on sex.

I was bummed that I put down over a hundred bucks just to have it fall short on everything I was expecting. If you're a girl looking to get close to your girlfriend, then by all means give it a shot. If you're a guy looking to have your back end taken by your girlfriend/wife then look somewhere else. The "strapless" strap on is a novel idea but will never give you the control or sturdiness of a good harness and dong set.

The Feeldoe Slim is a thinner version of the original Feeldoe, which in essence is a "strap-on without the strap". While in theory the idea is great for providing stimulation for both parties during use, in practice it doesn't really work. You're better off buying a traditional strap-on, or using this toy as a dildo instead of trying to "wear" it.

I'm really on the line about this product. It's versatile and easy to use, however, it simply feels like something is missing and the manufacturer attempted to compensate by adding in a bullet vibe at the last second. The real advantage of this product is that it's a good introduction to strap-on sex for those that might feel uneasy about wearing a harness.

Over all, I would recommend it, but it certainly isn't for everybody. However, if you're trans-friendly and into politics, I would suggest not going with it.

The Feeldoe Slim is a very solid toy. It's great for beginners to strap-on play, and for couples who don't like larger dildos. And while it is plagued by a couple of poor design decisions, its cons are well out-weighed by its pros.

This product is in no way "one-size fits all". Stiff, uncomfortable, and a total waste of time. Save your money by purchasing a more user friendly strap-on!

I think a lot of people will like the fact that it is completely hands-free and doesn't require a harness, but it was not for me.

If you have the money, give it a try. Just remember, it may not work all that great in a female to male situation. If you own a harness, have it on standby to make the evening go smoother.

The name "Feeldoe Slim" is a lot like saying "Hummer Slim" or "Football Field Slim." Even the slim version is still going to be pretty girthy. The design and angle of the toy did not work for me and my girlfriend. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether the Feeldoe Slim will work for you and your partner without purchasing it.

Pretty sweet toy with MANY ways to enjoy; vaginal, anal, oral! My G-spot orgasm from solo play alone was worth the price! Plus you get a stronger pussy over time, how can you go wrong with that?

I feel that I could have a nicely shaped and less expensive dildo to do what the feeldoe has done for me and would only say to anyone that wants to buy it, be prepared to do some work to make it work right for you and your partner.

This is great for any couple looking for role reversal play. If you buy this, you also need to buy a harness or you will be disappointed on the first use! Buy this if you are just beginning anal play and want to involve your partner.

This is a great choice for a harness-less strap-on. The shaft is pretty unintimidating, even to those who have never had anything in their butt before, and the ability to walk around pretending I had a penis was just awesome. The only real downsides are that it picks up lint and other particles like it's going out of style and it can fall out of you if you're moving too quickly.

This product was NOT "slim" enough. It was a real disappointment since we were not able to make true use of this pricey purchase.

I wont say that the Feeldoe is not worth it to try out. Rather I'll say that it's not a beginner's toy. This product is great if you have amazing vaginal muscles that can keep it in place. However, if you're anything like me, it's difficult to use. The design and function of the Feeldoe come from the right place, but the actual use of it is really hit or miss.

We recommend the Feeldoe for people who can get off without clitoral stimulation. Or if you're comfortable with manual work, then you'll love the intimate experience.

Unless you have PC muscles of steel, you're probably not going to use this toy as it's makers intended. If you can see past that, however, you'll learn to love this versatile little plaything.

This item is completely worth the purchase because it puts you skin to skin against your ladypartner in the most intimate actions, in the most intimate way, and both get an incredible amount of pleasure.

If you are a female and feel you have very strong Kegel muscles, definitely give this a shot if you have a willing partner. It really is a unique feeling to use a strapless strap-on. Nothing around your waist, no straps, buckles, it just feels so natural. The dildo end is very well suited for anal use and feels great! Unlike most strap-ons, at least the wearer gets SOME stimulation out of using it. Unfortunately, it isn't as much as we had hoped, but it's better than nothing.

This toy has really changed our sex life and we look forward to switching roles every once in a while. What sets this one apart from most strap-ons is sharing the penetration. Buy this one, put on your cowboy hat and enjoy the ride. Ladies if you can talk him into it you won't be disappointed. ~ Ready & Willing

An expensive way for females to experience ED... the Feeldoe is a great concept, but not intended for mere mortals.

I like the Feeldoe but with a harness for partner sex. Works better for g/g sex then g/b sex. Great for solo play.

A great double dildo over all. It is 100% silicone, it is comfortable, the design is wonderful, and it does not require the use of a harness. The only draw back is that it is pretty short for penetrating a partner.

The Feeldoe is an extremely useful sex toy. It can be used as a strap-on without a harness or a harness can be employed for extra control. We enjoyed using it for "pegging" and double penetration. It even has a bullet vibe. You just can't beat the versatility of this thing. Tantus rules!

This is a wonderful toy with excellent craftsmanship - would highly recommend this to those looking for a hands free strap-on.

Double dildos, as many of those who have tried them can attest, are generally much better in theory than they are in practice. While this one is a step up from the "tube" variety, it's still not quite what either my partner or I had hoped.

I enjoyed the ridges at the base that rubbed against my clit when I pushed and thrusted my hips. My partner enjoyed being teased a bit with the head against his ass, especially when we turned on the vibrating bullet, but again, insertion, due to the

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