One of our favorites!

This toy has really changed our sex life and we look forward to switching roles every once in a while. What sets this one apart from most strap-ons is sharing the penetration. Buy this one, put on your cowboy hat and enjoy the ride. Ladies if you can talk him into it you won't be disappointed. ~ Ready & Willing
Share , share and share some more. Easily cleaned silicone. Long lasting and worth the investment.
Just a little short for use in all positions. Not quite harness less. Weak vibrating bullet
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This is the smallest of the Feeldoe family and is probably the best one to start with if you are a beginner when it comes to pegging. It is a high quality silicone construction that has "stood up" well after a couple years of use. It is easy to clean and sanitize which is and important feature considering all its uses. I bought this for my wife and I to share after a little coercing from her to try one of her dildos one night. Never thought I would like that kind of thing but now its a regular part of our sex life.

It's 1 3/8" diameter is a little on the large size for a beginner but the right amount of lube and it goes in just fine. Although the Feeldoe is sold as harness less dildo, we haven't had the best luck with that. It doesn't work very well with her entering me from behind either as the length is not quite there. Now for what really works well! I can ride her cowboy style sitting on top while she is thrusting her hips. This is not only perfect for me to have a little more control for prostate stimulation but she goes wild as well. The small ribs at the base give her a little extra stimulation and the pressure on her clitoris drives her nuts. She can make me cum every time and gets to watch as it covers her breast!

OK, so that is our favorite use for the Feeldoe Slim but we also like to use it as a dildo for her (of course this is after proper sanitizing - a must if you are switching holes). I like it for this because the bulb becomes a good handle making it easy to control, while the curve helps with g spot stimulation. A little water based lube goes a long ways with the Feeldoe as its smooth silicone glides in and out well. Never use silicone lubes with the Feeldoe - you don't want this one out of commission. The small vibrating bullet is OK but really doesn't do that much for me. I'm more into the thrusting action than anything!Tongue out
Follow-up commentary
Feeldoe slim don't take this too hard because it's me and not you that caused this falling out. You're still the same as when we first unwrapped you. Your bright shiny blue silicone has remained flawless throughout the years. You've held up well unlike some of your lesser compatriots who melted, cracked or just fell apart.

What has changed is me. I've found the need for more girth to add to the pegging pleasure, so we bought your big brother Feeldoe Stout. My wife said she wanted a bit more control and sense of fullness. We started leaving you in the toy box more often as we grabbed the Fun Factory Share toy. We thought we has found perfection as we "shared" our newfound friend almost exclusively. Alas even the FF Share is spending more time with you in the bottom of the toy box. Our latest acquisition of the Injoyus Lela has given us the best of the best in the strapless double ended dildo realm. Lela's form fills my wife up just right and never falls out no matter how rough she pegs me. The texture and shape of her newfound cock feels better than each of the previous Feeldoe and Share toys. Every once in a while you do see the light of day as we reminisce when I mount up on my wife and take a ride on your slick blue shaft. We will keep you around but more for the memories. 😊
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  • Contributor: Airlia
    When you're riding her does it slip out at all? How comfortable is it for her?
  • Contributor: Ready & Willing
    Sienna - Haven't had any issues with it slipping out while riding her. She definitely is comfortable or she wouldn't be grabbing my hips to pull me onto it while she thrusts! Hope this helps.
  • Contributor: Airlia
    Sounds good, I was just worried at that angle that it would pull out of me easily.
  • Contributor: Liz2
    Feeldoe is ever so much better with a harness. I use the Jaguar, awesome!!
  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    Good info R&W! We've had our eyes on this toy for awhile and also love the role playing that comes with these types of toys. Is this long enough to have the bulb used anally by the woman and still penetrate her partner?
  • Contributor: Gary
    I just read a review for a similar toy (The Nexus Maximus), and the reviewer was using a harness to stabilize it. That seemed to increase the sensation for both parties. Just a suggestion.
  • Contributor: Ready & Willing
    TC - I don't think the Feeldoe slim would be long enough for what your trying. Maybe the Feeldoe More but we haven't made that purchase yet.
  • Contributor: feeldoenogo
    Its expensive and it is a waste of money .... unless i am doing something wrong. Is there anyone here that would like to show me how its done lol
    I used it as a strap on and it kind of worked ... but otherwise how is it supposed to stay in ???
  • Contributor: dhig
    Thanks for reviewing
  • Contributor: Naughtyboy
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: fredacarl
    Great review!

  • Contributor: Kat and Aaron(aaron)
    Nice review.
  • Contributor: r00ster
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