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VixSkin's Goodfella, like any other VixSkin Dildo, is awesome. I feel it's perfect for beginners because despite it appearing like an average-sized toy, it's very squishy and forgiving. It's smaller than it seems. The balls are very soft, feel awesome when pressed against my asshole - I wish more VixSkin models had these, but the base sucks for handheld thrusting.

This toy is definitely worth the money. If you are in the market for a safe and high quality, realistic dildo that is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing, you can't go wrong with Goodfella!

This is the absolute best realistic dildo. The material and texture give it a lifelike edge that is further enhanced by the 3D testicles and slightly curved design. It's definitely worth it for anybody looking for a sexy and realistic dildo, especially FAAB trans folks who want a dildo that can be an extension of themselves.

Great for transguys, as it has balls that are firm but not hard and have a real feel as they hit against your partner.

I got this dildo as my first strap-on and am glad that I did. Every partner that I have used it with has liked it and it may as well be new for all the wear it has taken in all the time that I have owned it. It's reasonably sized toy and as it's silicone it's easy to clean. It's a good looking toy too.

Vixskin is the most realistic material I've ever felt. This lovely moderate-sized dildo is great for vaginal or anal play, works wonderfully whether in a harness or hand thrusted, and provides an accurate (and tasteless!) practice cock for perfecting your oral technique.

I usually shop for the cheapest of silicone toys I can buy. I dished out $100 dollars for this baby, and I can say that this has been the most used purchase of any toy I have ever bought. Sometimes, more cost means better quality, and for this toy the quality is supreme.

I have nothing bad to say about the Goodfella dildo. It's slimmer than an average human penis, and that helps it work fantastically. For anal, oral, harness, or vaginal use, the Goodfella dildo is a great jack of all trades that does all of them well.

The Goodfella is my first VixSkin dildo, and it's amazing. The texture is fantastically realistic, and despite its smaller size, it still feels wonderful both vaginally and anally. Also, it comes with the best balls I've ever seen on a dildo!

The Goodfella is definitely well worth the money. Why? Well, this is the only toy that I know of with balls that sit in front of the harness. Not to mention it's made of the realistic VixSkin material, adding that extra level of realism to the situation. I just wish it were perhaps a bit firmer.

As far as strap on play goes, there are a number of things that make the Goodfella one of the best realistic dildos on the market. First and foremost, is the position of the balls, which come equipped with realistic razor burn on the silicone. Secondly, are the veins covering the shaft. Thirdly, is the fact that it's sized pretty averagely and doesn't over compensate itself. The Goodfella is proud of its 5 1/2'' insertable and rocks the fuck out of being a realistic to a T dildo.

I love the goodfella, but then again I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from vixskin and this one is no different. He has these amazingly soft over large balls that feel amazing when bouncing up against your skin. He just the perfect dildo, he perfect for harness play, solo play, and most of all he’s perfect for anal play. Once you have him in your hands, you won’t be able to get over how life-like he feels. He quickly warms up to your body. He’s just all around wonderful.

This is a great product that is awesome for using on a daily basis. It's well-made, realistic, and easy to clean and take care of. It's also more of an "average" size than a lot of cocks, so it's not so intense that you can't use it regularly.

As a trans-man, I know a lot about prosthetic cocks, and I LOVE to use them. The Goodfella is my personal favorite. This cock is fabulous and is almost universally loved by those who like average sized dildos. It looks real (for a dildo at least) and feels pretty real (once again, for a dildo). It is small enough that you can really pound with it without worrying about hurting your partner and it is small enough to use as a beginner anal play toy. Get it, and you won't regret it.

The Vixen Creations Goodfella is an excellent playing dildo that comes with this transman's tick of approval. The Goodfella really looks and feels just right.

The Goodfella really raises the bar on realistic silicone. It offers friendly size, unsurpassed comfort, and a delicious shape. As long as you don't do anything silly like try to pack it, it is a great investment that will last a very long time.

When I'm ready for gender-fuck harness play, this is the cock I wear that I think of as mine. I love to play with it, to jerk myself off, to see my boyfriend sucking it off, and I really love pegging him with it. The balls give that extra verisimilitude that my previous harness dildo lacked, and because they are pressed against my clit during vigorous activity, I get extra stimulation as well. It doesn't feel like a toy. It feels like my missing dick finally turned up. I love it.

Simply wonderful! Highly recommended. As a Trans-identified individual, this toy as been a true miracle worker for my love-life. I've had many "extensions" in my life, but this has been my favorite. The size, texture, base construction, and color have all been great for me.

Great for realism, great for fucking, but the silicone is not pliable enough for a comfortable experience of packing hard. In short: great for play, but not the holy grail of pack and play cocks that some may be looking for.

While this product could be manageable to some beginners, I would suggest maybe something a bit smaller to start off with. If the price of VixSkin items is holding you back, I say you must FEEL to believe.

Check the width - if it's not too big for you/your partner(s), go for it! You definitely won't regret it - it's realistic, especially with the balls in front, feels great!

Good Riding (Time of Your Life)

This is a great toy for harness (or non-harnessed) use. Awesome for genderplay, both men and women will love the goodfella. Since it's made of vixskin, you can sanitize it and use it without fear. It wasn't as big as I'd like, but it's really the motion in the ocean that matters and this toy's got moves!

I feel that this toy is absolutely worth the money. The pros far outweigh the cons. I feel that for anyone who wants to pack and also be able to use their packer while they are wearing it, this is the way to go.

Even though I had purchased this for both of us, it does not work for me. But my wife loves it. I truly believe that if her goodfella could get a job, I would be out of one.

The Goodfella is responsible for the most enjoyable dildo play I ever experienced in my entire fifteen years of exploring sex toys. It's a fantastic buy and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in double penetration fantasies, gender play, or MMF threesome role-playing. The price tag might make you scoff at first, but I sincerely assure you that it is well worth all of those pennies. This is my new go-to dildo for most play sessions.

I really have nothing bad to say about the Goodfella. I was a little nervous when purchasing him after the Tantus VIP failed, but enough research on Eden lead me to the perfect dildo for my wife. Soft yet firm, perfect size with moveable balls, and he fits right in!

Are you looking for a dick to woo and surprise? Do you want a dildo that looks and feels like a real package and will keep you hard all night long? Made from body-safe and luxuriously tactile VixSkin, the Goodfella might be your little man for the job. It looks great and feels wonderful inside the body. A lot of love and details have gone into this toy so that you can pack a whole lot of love into that special someone. Of course, that special someone could be yourself or a lucky playmate!

This toy is definitely worth the investment, especially for anyone looking for a realistic cock. It's sturdy, well-designed and incredibly harness-friendly. You probably won't find another flesh-toned silicone dildo with free-hanging balls outside of specialty prosthetics.

expensive but well worth it you will have many more orgasms than dollars spent. I'm glad I found Vixen Creations and vixskin. I'm spoiled and I don't think I'd go back to any other type of material. I can't go without the goodfella, he's really the only toy I use now and is perfect in every way. Goodfella is to my knowledge the most realistic fully designed (balled) silicone dildo on the market

If you are looking for a dildo with balls, then look no further. The Goodfella, with its hanging sac and realistic look and feel, is perfect for gender play. It also feels great if you are a woman looking for a quality dildo to play with.

For a realistic, sturdy, and well-designed dildo, this is one of the best out there. And if, for some reason, it isn't right for you, VixSkin likely has another one that is.

This item is worth it if you are looking for a dildo that you can wear and use almost anywhere! Overall I would recommend this strap to add to anyones collection especially if you are a stud/ftm! No it isn't the biggest but trust me it is a nice way to give your partner some pleasure and get some of your own!

Overall, a high quality dildo that I think works best for those who have had a bit of experience with toys, at least. Experts, too could find joy in this good fella, he's good for more than firmer or softer toys and has versatility, as his usage is just limited by your imagination- and possibly physics.

The Goodfella is cleverly designed, detailed prosthetic, which is harness compatible. Made of the ultra realistic VixSkin, it's the closest to the real thing you can find in a dildo! Could be used for Pack-n-play, but is a little more obvious than I'd like.

The Goodfella is a wonderful, harness compatible prosthetic (or dildo) that can be used by a wide variety of people, who will all love it. It's extremely realistic, both in its design and its material, and it's perfect for sharing since vixskin is 100% silicone. I believe that it's obvious that the Goodfella has become a favorite of mine.


If you're looking for a life-like cock, Goodfella is the one. Feels real, looks real. Works great for packing and playing (just pops right in and out of a harness). It is amazing. End of story.

The most versatile dildo I have ever owned. It's phallic and proud of itself. Can be hard packed, its skin-like yet firm and flexible. If I had to pick a desert island dildo, this woody guy would top my list. Don't look at the price, save your lunch money and buy him, he is so worth it, if you want a dildo that looks and feels like a penis with balls!

The Goodfella will give you everything you need of it, and a whole lot more. It feels amazing everywhere, and lends itself to a number of fun activities.

This is not the perfect all-around cock, but it is a wonderful cock for a specific purpose: packing and playing. This is perfect for clandestine blow jobs in an alley, for grinding on the dance floor, for impromptu fucking in the bathroom at a restaurant. Hell yes.

An excellent and unique addition to the high-quality Vixskin line, this cock and balls stand out from the body in a way approaching the look flesh-and-blood cocks.

The signature VixSkin material of which it was made warmed to the touch, just like real skin, and we were both surprised at how authentic it looked poking out from behind a zipper. After the initial shock wore off, she began to undress and seduce me by kissing my neck and whispering into my ear exactly what her plans entailed.

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