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Magnum reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

Fun Factory's magnum is a fun silicone shape that fell flat on its face with me because the dimensions are much smaller than the product page promised. It is absolutely a fun basic shape, but it was disappointingly thin. I found uses for this, but I am not really pleased with the different specs.

Is it a dildo, or a work of art? The Magnum is both, with its sleek, statuesque lines and velvety finish. It has a wonderfully semi-realistic shape which, in my opinion, is an improvement on the "real thing". If your type is firm, long, and on the thicker side, this tall drink of water will leave you feeling very satisfied.

The smooth shaft, raised head ridge and sturdy base of the Magnum work well vaginally and anally making this a great all-rounder for strap-on and pegging loving couples. Unisex friendly and easily sterilised, it is bound to see much use from us.

Over all for our first silicone dildo and first pegging toy, we are very satisfied with this purchase. Works very well with the Joque Harness and is rigid yet flexible to be lots of fun.

This is an excellent go-to toy for solo play. It's not too big or small, not too soft or hard, and consistently gets the job done!

The Magnum is quite a versatile premium silicone dildo. Be an informed buyer and if the strengths of the Magnum fit a need in your collection, don't hesitate to invest this toy. Don't be afraid to try it in ways that may be new for you - you may surprise yourself at all the ways the Magnum will deliver pleasure.

I can't recommend this toy enough! It's really comfortable to use with a partner or alone (in a harness, handheld, or using suction). Versatile but simple and totally worth the cash. Amen.

A toy with good size and girth, but can be unaccommodating for some. Good G-spot stimulation, but weird designing of the back-angled head. Silicone, firm and fun to use with a harness or otherwise.

Overall I find the Magnum to be a high quality dildo for people who have major problems with latex based toys. Additionally, the simplicity of the care instructions make this a toy that should stand the test of time, and in this case the quality justifies the cost.

Magnum is an absolutely fantastic dildo that can do just about anything but play with silicone lube. Whether you're looking for a new vaginal dildo or something for anal play, he's going to last you a long time.

This toy is incredible and can be used by pretty much anyone, but if you're afraid of size, this may not be the toy for you.

This toy is great. I've never been disappointed by Fun Factory. Cute, non threatening toys may LOOK rudimentary, but when you get down to it you're sure to have intense orgasm after orgasm. Vaginal and anal are both made a breeze with a toy so slick and easily inserted. Worth every penny! I would seriously consider getting a second if they didn't discontinue the marbled ones. Warning - may cause repetitive motion strains.

A well built toy for any occasion and great for beginners. Although it lacks the girth some of us more experienced kinky folks enjoy, it still does its job in getting you off.

This is one of the best dildos my partner and I have ever used, my girlfriend really bonded with this one. It feels great for both of us, and it's g-spot curve is... utterly incredible. The shape of the base makes it ideal for using with a harness, or holding in one's hand. A fantastic dildo.

This is an absolutely gorgeous dildo, complete with an adorable clover-shaped base and smoke-like tendrils of white marbling. A great intermediate size that isn't too filling and isn't too puny. It was, however, just not the right shape or fit for me. Still a wonderful dildo that most will love!

The Magnum is smooth, deliciously filling, and has a simply functional design. It's both beautiful to look at and a delight to use. I would recommend this for anyone, anytime, anywhere. By far one of my favorites!

The Magnum is an impressive size and is a great investment. Not only good for vaginal insertions, it is great for anal as well. The Magnum is also harness compatible with O-rings. It may cost you a bit more but it will also last you a life time.

This dildo is thick, long, and heavy, and it's fantastic for strap-on sex thanks to the shape of the base. The texture is smooth, without being too hard or slick like other silicone dildos. Definitely recommended if you're looking for something that will fill you up and can go for hours.

This great silicone dildo is gently curved through the shaft and provides excellent g-spot coverage. The tri-cornered base makes a good handle when thrusting or sits well in a strap-on harness. This dildo is 100% worth the money you'll spend on it.

Top quality dildo. Nicely firm for any activity you are up for! Multi-use, and not extremely phallic looking. Easy to sterilize and not too conspicuous to travel with. Perfect for harness activity because of the base shape.

The Magnum hits all the right spots. It’s beautiful, and has a unique shape. If you’ve never tried a silicone toy before then this is a fabulous way to try something new. The silicone material is safe and easy to take care of.

The Magnum was well worth the cost, because it is a multi-functional toy, that can be used as a couples toy or a singles toy. It worked great with the o-ring harness, it is easy to clean, and it feels great in the vagina or the bottom.

A girthy, long dildo with a silky smooth silicone shaft - what's not to like about this toy? Highly recommended.

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