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Nubby G wand reviews

45 reviews
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45 reviews

Absolutely fabulous! It's like a little piece of art that can also give you orgasms. Some people may say the pink is a little off-putting, but I think it's a cute version of the color. The flower has depth, and is an interesting feature on this toy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for great g-spot stimulation, and a body safe toy. Great glass starter toy for the price.

Overall, it's easy to clean, not a lint magnet like silicone toys, a very safe material, and provides good stimulation. It could possibly be a bit slim for some users, and may not be at the right angle to reach the G-spot. I personally, would not repurchase this item, because I don't feel like it worked well for me, however I do plan to purchase more glass toys in the future. This toy could be a good fit for some people, but perhaps not for everyone.

The Nubby G Wand is a wonderful glass dildo that would be perfect for beginner or advanced users. The length and girth of this toy is a wonderful all around average size, and since it is made from glass it's perfect for temperature play. The wonderful nubs add an extra feeling. This toy is great for solo or partner play and could work well for travel if protected well.

Glass offers a variety of options for your sexual satisfaction. Texture, sensory play, two different heads, and it's double ended which all offer different sensations. Do you find this sensually exciting, then you'll just have to give Nubby G Wand a try. I've never been a big fan of glass. I have yet to find the perfect glass dildo. I'm not even sure what that would even be. But exploring with Nubby has led me closer to that special glass dildo.

All of the girls will be saying, "oooooh Nubby Geeee!". This double ended glass dildo will most likely get you off. And it's pretty.

The Nubby G Wand is a great toy for any glass lover! It has wonderful little nubs for extra stimulation as well as a slight curve for G-spot pleasure. This beautiful yet sturdy toy will be a great addition to anyone's collection. Definitely a must have!

This is a great toy for users looking for a middle ground toy. The texture isn't too light or too extreme and is curved perfectly for g-spot stimulation. I highly recommend this toy. It's beautiful, well made, and is a great toy to add to your collection.

The Nubby G Wand is one of the best average-sized glass dildos. It has a gentle curve for G-spot stimulation, and a nice nubby texture. Either end can be used, it's easy to clean, and even comes with its own bag for storage. Anyone will love this, from beginners to advanced users.

The Nubby G wand is a great glass dildo. We really liked it more than expected. I expected it to be "just another glass dildo", but it really seems to hit the right spots and is very pretty as well. There is really nothing not to like about it. It's great for any level of experience.

The Nubby G Wand is an excellent glass G-spot dildo. It's an average size and has a G-spot curve as well as a nubbed texture. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Nubby's a great toy for a beginner to glass dildos, but advanced users may find this more of a tease.

I wanted to love the Nubby G Wand, by SSA glass, because I have become so enamored with their other products, however, this toys shape, color, and texture threw me off. I don't g-spot orgasm easily from this toy, and even though I love glass, I won't recommend this toy to my friends. I was one disappointed Cinderella when I opened my package and found an ugly, ill-fitting, glass product!

The Nubby G Wand may make your body blossom with its dual tips, nubby shaft and slight curve. The sunburst dimensional flower inside the rounded end is pretty and fun, adding to the appeal of this glass stimulator. I have a few glass items, and have dedicated this to my massage items after trying it out on my neck and back. The feelings were incredible and unlike some of the other items I currently use. Of course, I have one like so I am not depriving myself of its other pleasing uses.....

This is one of my favorite G-spot toys and it has never let me down. I love the glass and that it is really easy to clean, and that it's rated 10 on the safety scale. I recommend that everyone give this a try, and it wont let you down. Well, at least it never has let me down!

This is a great toy of you like broader stimulation for your g-spot. It is double-ended, so it is also like getting two toys in one. I love that it is glass, but for that reason, it might not be ideal for beginners.

While the end bulb is a nice size, it could be a little larger. Overall, this toy is excellent. It's in a discreet package which is easy to use for storage. Not only is this toy great to use, but it is pretty as well. The slight curve adds an edge to it.

It sparkles in sunlight and the flower is a whimsical touch that really elevates this toy from cute sex to to functional art. From temperature play to simple thrusting this toy meets expectation or excels. This is a beautiful piece of glass to thrill your sexy places!

When the only good thing about a toy is it looks pretty, it's time to keep looking for something else. Keep looking for something else that will meet your expectations.

Glass toys, for me, are the best. They last a long time, don't need batteries, are easy to clean, are very unique, are hand made, and they feel great.

Great first glass toy for those who want to dabble in glass! If at first you don't like it, try it in another place, you might learn you like it in some settings more than others. Great toy for people who want to start getting into temperature play, also!

While this may look scary, the nubs on the Nubby G Wand are quite gentle. While it may still be too intense for the very texture sensitive, those like me who like mild texture will find the nubs to be very pleasing.

The Nubby G Wand is a very versatile glass dildo. Hot, cold, one end, the other end, anal, vaginal... the options are endless! No matter who you are, you'll find fun with the Nubby G.

SSA Glass's Nubby G Wand is a lovely, nub covered glass dildo. The gentle texture is perfect for beginners, as well as more advanced users. However, this toy's G-spotting curve is just too slight to be effective for this user.

Overall, this is a good, sturdy toy. We loved it and will continue to use it. The fact that it does not vibrate can be overlooked with the help of a good bullet. The firmness of the glass allows for long-lasting pleasure, and the material allows for little irritation in the vaginal area.

The Nubby G is a versatile surprise for minimal investment that comes out ahead of the pricier competition. SSA Glass has disappointed me in the past, but I'm very happy I kept an open mind and gave this one a try.

The Nubby G Wand is a gorgeous glass dildo perfectly curved for G-spot stimulation. It is covered in delectable nubs for pleasing stimulation for those who are a fan of texture. This is one beautiful glass piece that would be a wonderful addition to anyone's collection.

If you are looking into a great glass piece to start off your collection, the Nubby G is the perfect choice. It's quite easy to clean, and I've dropped mine without so much as a crack happen.

The Nubby G glass dildo features textured nubs along the base and a beautiful flower on the base. If you like texture and are experienced in glass then I would recommend this for you.

I found this to be a fantastic introduction to glass toys. It's stimulating enough that it would be a good addition to even the largest of collections. I found myself wishing that it were slightly more curved, but even without being 100% perfect, it was still able to get the job done, and I'm glad I own it.

The Nubby G Wand is a must-have for glass-lovers, textured toy lovers or anyone who wants to experience the amazingly intense feeling of glass inside of them. The slickness of the glass, combined with the nubbed shaft, and the slight curve, creates an unbelievable experience for solo sessions or for couples play. The Nubby G Wand is great for beginners as well as those more experienced with glass dildos and definitely "hits the spot."

I am very pleased with my first glass toy. The Nubby G is easy to use and with it being my first time using a toy made of glass.

If you like good stimulation and being ravished by texture, this toy is for you. It's easy to clean, store, and is long enough to easily manipulate. Though it isn't as girthy as other toys, it makes up for it with the textured shaft. Definitely a good addition for beginners or veterans!

This is a great toy for someone who has never used and glass dildo before and is interested in using one. It's pretty, versatile, and it feels great. For the price I think it's certainly worth trying out.

Don't pass Nubby up! Whether you're a novice when it comes to glass toys or a collector, the Nubby has something to offer everyone. It's easy to clean, compatible with any lubricant, offers textural stimulation, allows for temperature play, and it's rather inexpensive when compared to similar products. Finally, the worst case scenario is that you don't care for it, sterilize it, and regift it. There's no way to lose with this toy!

My first glass toy, this was a great way to experience a new material and texture. Highly recommended for beginners and the more experienced looking for a sturdy well textured glass piece to add to their collection.

Definitely try a glass dildo, even if you don't try this one. Their material is unique like no other toy and they are great for temperature play with cold temperature or hot temperature. Glass can be boiled and sterilized in the dishwasher, and can be used with any lube. They are so safe for your body if used right. Pyrex glass does not break easily. Glass dildos and silicone dildos are the dildos I recommend most.

The Nubby G is a well-made, attractive, and pleasurable glass dildo. With the textured shaft and two differently-shaped ends, it's also got variety on its side. For firm G-spot pressure it's not my favorite, however.

The Nubby G Wand is a terrific intro to glass toys and I love every inch of it. The nubs create a terrific sensation and temperature play adds a completely new dimension to my experience. While I wish it was a little longer, its shape, texture, and curvature are what gives it its key strengths. It gets the job done every time.

The Nubby G by SSA Glass is an awesome introduction for those new to glass or textured toys. The pretty design, slightly flared head, and textured shaft make it a worthy addition to any toy box. It is easy to clean and store and with minimal care will last a long time. It performs extremely well, but the reason I marked it down is because the curve isn't pronounced, which is something I like in a glass toy. I'd still recommend it, and think it's a great buy for new and advanced users alike.

The Nubby G Wand is a great investment that could last a lifetime since glass never needs replacing, no fancy cleaners, and can be used in a dorm or would be ideal for new parents since there are no motors and no special care instructions this would be a great addition to the toy box for both the young and old.

The nubby is a very beautiful double ended G-spot glass dildo. The nubby has this beautiful flower on the inside. It is textured, but the texture is so minor it makes it perfect for beginners and advanced. You could use it anally, and fun to use with a partner.

This is a stunning toy. Because the texture and shape of the head are relatively mild this could be great for a beginner. It's all a matter of preference, but this could also be great for more advanced users that like mild texture and a less pronounced head on their g-spot toys. The Nubby G Wand works well and is a great value.

Overall, this has become one of my favorite toys because of those wonderful nubs and the easy cleaning. I already loved glass dildos, but the Nubby G Wand has confirmed my preference for the glass. From the moment I inserted this toy in my vagina, it gave me the sensations that one may expect from other more expensive and complicated toys. I give it my complete vote of confidence that it will take care of all of my needs (or anyones), and I will recommend it to everyone.

The Nubby G is an attractive glass dildo that offers two options for g- or p-spot stimulation while the "nubs" that line the shaft create intense sensations for the vaginal or anal entrance.

Oh yes, this toy hit that sweet deep spot that feels so good you won't want the feelings to stop. I was very impressed with the Nubby G Wand and think you will be too!

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