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Rainbow nubby wand reviews

35 reviews
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Average review rating
35 reviews

If you're looking for a good glass toy to add to your collection, this is it. The colors are gorgeous in person and the texture is heavenly. Great for solo, couples, and temperature play, this toy caters to them all!

The Rainbow Nubby Wand is unique and provides a one of a kind sensation. The nubs are unlike traditional textures found on a dildo. Temperature play is one of the best things about glass toys and adding the texture of this wand it is mindblowing.

This item is worth purchasing just for the bumps. It comes in a cute little purple bag with gives it a discreet feel and has a beautiful design. I would definately recommend.

This toy is still my wife's favorite thrusting toy, even over all of her vibrators! The temperature play really gets her going, and the nubs do a great job of stimulating all her nether-parts.

It's simple to use, easy to care for, and will make your toes curl. It's discreet and it will be kept close to my bed for a long time.

For $12 this toy is worth adding to your collection for texture and material alone. I would buy it again

If you do not like glass dildos, this is not for you. I love them, I love that there is no give to them when I use them. It is a toy that requires you to keep up the work on though. Not just maintenance, but it's not like a vibrator where if you twist *just right* it can stay where you put it and you are hands free. This is not hands free.

This is a really nice toy to have in your collection. It gives the option of great stimulation without a sound and super easy cleanup. It's very nice while traveling in a place where the sound of a vibrator might be overheard by a roommate or child.

I've always drooled over this piece of art. Then I finally bought it, cleaned all my glass toys and did a comparison playtime. Not my favorite, but still enjoyable.

This is a high quality toy with a shockingly low price. The nubs provide a great texture for rapid thrusting, though that coupled with the size can occasionally feel a tad overwhelming. Overall, this is such a value buy you'd have to be crazy to pass it up.

This amazing glass toy makes a wonderful addition to any glass collection, you can see how well it fits in with my collection. The wand's nubbies aren't too rough, and you can easily solve any problems you're having with the texture by adding a lot of lube to your solo or partnered play. I highly recommend the Rainbow nubby, it's gorgeous and made of my all-time favorite toy material - glass!

This isn't a bad toy...it just isn't quite right for me. The toy is a little too girthy for my taste, and I find that the nubs make thrusting quite painful. It is a really good quality glass toy however, so I know that it will work for someone (just not me).

This dildo is a great addition if you love texture and temperature play. It will become a favorite of your quickly.

I think this toy is perfect for rougher use -- the hard, unrelenting glass, coupled with the cold and raised nubs, leads to a rather satisfying combination. I suggest moderate to lots of foreplay, and if possible, the use of a more malleable toy to begin with before moving on to this bad boy. But, if your a newbie or just kinda tender, steer clear! You can spend your money on something you will enjoy and use more.

This toy is so easy to care for and extremely pleasurable. I have not yet found any cons to this toy. If I could do it over, I would buy again. So far, this has become my favorite toy.

The Rainbow Nubby G is a good addition to a collection for those who love textured glass. It's an attractive, durable toy that does its job well, and with proper care and a little bit of luck will last a lifetime.

The Rainbow Nubby glass wand dildo is a beautiful and quality product that will make your toes curl if you can take the intense texture! 10 on the safety scale, well made, a great size and shape, and the bumps on it really feel amazing. Highly recommended.

I like the glass and especially the textured glass, when compared to the Rainbow hearts wand this one has less girth and much better for beginners. The glass is just beautiful to look at. This one also works good to use as a massager all over your body.

I am very happy with my first glass toy purchase. The texture adds just the right stimulation, especially if you twist the toy while it is in you. The size is also just what I would want (I'm not a fan of queen size toys), I would consider this to be the size of an average toy. I will be buying more glass toys in the future.

If you are a fan of texture, this is the toy for you. It's pretty, sturdy, and a great size for beginners and advanced users. Go ahead, try this rainbow on for size!

I would recommend this toy to anyone. It is really good quality for the price and will last a lot longer than most toys as long as you take care of it properly. It's discreet and won't eat through your battery stock! It's a really simple toy and fun to use. Put a little elegant romance in your life.

Like Rainbow Road, the Rainbow Nubby Wand can be a real pain in the bum. If you relax and enjoy it though, the sensation is overwhelming. Unfortunately its shape renders it almost useless for g-spot or p-spot stimulation.

I'm happy that I purchased the Rainbow Nubby Wand by SSA Glass, but I don't get as much use out of it as my other glass toys. The nubs are not my texture of choice but I'm glad that I experimented with it. I still get use out of the wand, just not for its intended purpose. My partner loves when I roll the wand down his back as a massaging tool. Rainbow Nubby is inexpensive and gorgeous. I'd recommend this toy to others.

If I could give this wand 20 stars, I would. It looks beautiful, is durable, and the texture is amazing. Being that it is made from a body safe material that is easily cleaned just makes it even better! It won’t be right for everyone, and could be too much for some, but if you are a lover of texture, you should own this wand.

Wanna feel the rainbow? This thing will have you flying high enough to grab it! Used gently and slowly, you will never want to chase the end of this toy! The price is right and there are so many different ways that you can use this toy. Grab your bowl, cause this toy will have you begging for his Lucky Charms!

I honestly can't think of any personal cons I may have for the nubby. This item does great in keeping me satisfied and I look forward to enjoying it for a good while.

This is a beautiful glass wand that is easy to clean and fun to play with. If you take longer to get off, have other toys handy since this tends to hurt a little after a while of use.

The Rainbow Nubby wand is an enticing and extremely effective dildo for the texture lovers out there. Even if these evil little nubs prove to be too much for you, all is not lost! Not only can it provide an intense sexual experience, it can also double as a massager to work out those tight muscles after a long day’s (or night’s) work!

If you like mild vaginal torture, then this is the dildo for you. It is a very aesthetically pleasing, very textured dildo that has many, many bumps that provide a painful drag. My vagina was just not impressed; a little disappointed rather. On the upside it does double as a wonderful massage tool.

I spent a few hours looking at this toy when I first got it. It is quite beautiful and is really worth the price!

If only this were the Rainbow Ridged Wand or if only the nubs were larger, this could have been a good experience. But the tiny poking nubs on this toy are just too much texture for this toy to feel good except on occasion. It does work well as a massage tool however.

I love this wand, Its beautiful and feels awesome when I feel need the most pleasure. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone who wants texture in their sexual/sensual play. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, comes with its own soft sleeve for storage.. this Nubby Wand is the entire package. A greatly priced, wonderful investment.

The Glass Dildo 19 from SSA Glass is a wonderful wand that can be sterilized, is super body safe, sturdy, and has bump after bump of smooth glass texture. Whether you use it for vaginal play, anal play, or as a bumpy massager, the 19 gets 19/19!

This is a fair priced glass dildo. Although I have not had a great experience with it, don't be discouraged from trying Pyrex toys.

Like all our glass toys, Di and I expect to get wonderful pleasures from our Glass dildo 19 for many years. Size wise, I love it for anal play, with the right precautions. Length wise and a little lube, Di loves it thrusting in and out of her pussy. 19 is definitely an orgasm maker.

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