Randy silicone - dildo by Vixen Creations, Inc - reviews

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Randy silicone reviews

16 reviews
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Average review rating
16 reviews

Just big enough to scare you (in that good way). Causes female ejaculation. All toys should be this low maintenance and well-made.

Randy is intensely girthy, not too long, smooth to the touch, firm without being too hard, and so very very flexible in how he can be used. He is everything you could want in an extra-large dildo and has none of the negatives. If Randy had a body he would be the perfect boyfriend.

This is a large, rigid toy. I would recommend it for ladies and gents that are looking for girth to really stretch and fill. It is sufficiently long enough as well, for purposes of grinding.

Thick built but average in length, the Randy is ideal for size queens, particularly those who favour thickness over length. Its shorter length allows you to take its full length and grind on its thick suction cup base while its filling and well designed shape conquers and pleases with surprisingly strong G-spot pressure.

Overall, this is an impressive luxury toy. It is made of safe material, and it should last for a long time. The price is well worth the hours of satisfaction. Randy provides deep throbbing orgasms that always leave me breathless.

It's not often I get to rate a toy 5 stars, but it certainly makes my vagina happy when I can. As I recently told a friend marveling at my sex toy collection, 'I only get Gucci for my coochie!' And Gucci this is. Randy is a Mercedes Benz. Unique, classy, stylish, sleek. He's the fattest dildo I've ever seen in silicone, and that makes him a top-quality toy in my eyes. Add in that he's harness compatible and suction-cup capable and you've got my new favorite toy.

The Randy Silicone is a great toy for those who like a high quality toy with a large girth. If you want to challenge yourself with a larger girth, this would be a good toy to check out. It is a fun toy that is very versitile and will work for many people.

This is one of the widest dildos that I have found without unneeded (and unusable) length added at the same time. It has served me well when I seek a more active anal session and want something to thrust easily. I regularly take the Pure 2.0 without warm-up, so the softness of the silicone was a bit of a letdown for me. However, that doesn't keep this from being one of my favorites.

I used to get aroused just looking at this toy at my local sex shop. After lusting after him, and deliberating whether or not I could take the girth, I decided to splurge. I already had one Vixen cock and knew I could trust the quality and workmanship. Randy does not disappoint. In fact, he has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Basically, this guy is a win. Let me repeat, he isn't an *everyday* win, or else I'd probably never be satisfied with anyone or anything else, so use cautiously, but enjoy him!

Randy is completely worth the price. Just in terms of material, you get a big toy made out of high-quality material with excellent workmanship. The curve of Randy allows for different feelings all from the same toy, and having a large base means you can take him all the way without worry. This is a toy to be worked up to, but once you can comfortably take him, you won't want to play with another toy till you've come.

Randy is a size queen's dream come true; thicker around than he is long, stout, cocky, muscular and firm. He's crafted with an amazing blue and purple swirled silicone that is glossy to the touch and, with lube, becomes wonderfully slick. He is enormous, however, so do make sure your eyes are not bigger than your orifices when ordering Randy -- he's more of a treat than a daily meal!

Randy is a hand crafted 100% silicone dildo. This toy is shorter than most dildos with the same girth. It a great filling toy without the unusable 12 inch shaft.

Randy is a delightful silicone dildo with his swirled coloring and pleasing design. He’s got plenty of thickness to satisfy, although he’s a bit difficult to thrust easily due to his short length. His base will stick to the shower wall for hands-free fun in the water, and he’s harness compatible as well. A nice choice if you are looking for something filling.

Randy's nonporous, flexible and dense. He's very penis-like in appearance. He's squishy and smooth. And he's harness compatible. He's a short and stubby dildo perfect for most size queens... provided they are flexible enough to find a good position. Turns out the extra inches on longer girthy dildos serves a purpose, after all. Even if it is only so that us inflexible folks can still enjoy them.

In most cases, a very thick dildo also means a very long dildo. The Randy bucks that trend by providing considerable girth without the usual length. If you’re a size queen looking for a dildo that allows for full penetration, the Randy is a well-made choice. The benefits that come from the pure silicone material are a welcome added bonus.

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