Randy silicone - dildo by Vixen Creations, Inc - review by Lara

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In most cases, a very thick dildo also means a very long dildo. The Randy bucks that trend by providing considerable girth without the usual length. If you’re a size queen looking for a dildo that allows for full penetration, the Randy is a well-made choice. The benefits that come from the pure silicone material are a welcome added bonus.
firm yet flexible material, shorter length allows full penetration.
base makes secondary clitoral stimulation difficult.
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The photos of the Randy suggest a preternaturally stubby, thick silicone cock – so much so that my initial impression was something along the lines of, “There’s no way that there’s something this stubby and thick on the market.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong. My first impressions were completely incorrect. The photos didn’t add thickness and didn’t subtract length. The Randy is genuinely very stubby and very thick.

The key advantage to the stubby/thick design is that those size queens out there who prefer deep penetration no longer have to worry about hovering above the dildo. There’s no longer any need to hold back on the thrusting. How you take advantage of that new freedom, however, is completely up to you.

The Randy’s design allows for a number of different penetration options. The flared base is ideal for use with a harness and the suction cup allows for riding the dildo. For those who are more old school in their sexual preferences, the Randy can also be used for standard penetration by holding on to the base.

Even with large hands, the Randy’s base can be difficult to keep a firm hold on. The material is flexible and, therefore, prone to bending and slippage. This presents a particular set of challenges when using the dildo either alone or with a partner.

With a partner, the flexible base may mean problems gripping the dildo with slippery hands. When used alone, the width of the Randy’s base can limit ease of access to the clitoris.

Because the base is so wide and flat, it’s an excellent dildo for a harness. That same quality means that, when inserted, the base covers the majority of the vagina. This is a tremendous advantage for those who can reach orgasm from penetration alone or those who may enjoy the feeling of the base rubbing against their clitoris.

Those who enjoy vibrations or other stimulation on their clitoris during penetration may find it challenging to get around the silicone. Clitoral stimulation with your hands or a vibrator during penetration with the Randy is certainly possible. It just requires some adjustment.

The Randy’s suction cup is integrated into the base and adheres easily to a wide range of materials. Its strongest grip is on laminates and ceramic (the bathroom!), but it also works on paint (walls!). Whatever smooth surface you choose to adhere the Randy to, the suction is strong enough to withstand powerful riding.

The silicone material does attract lint and is slightly tacky (in a rubbery sort of way), but these very slight drawbacks in no way detract from the Randy’s functionality. Clean-up is easy and convenient - toss it in the dishwasher, rinse it with soap and water, spray it with toy cleaner, boil it if you prefer.

Even though the Randy is strong enough to take a beating, it can’t withstand silicone lubricant. If you do decide to play with the Randy, be sure to use a water or oil-based lubricant.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Tuesday
    This one looks wonderful. Does it feel real?
  • Lara
    It's hard to say if it feels real. It's comfortable. It's somewhat flexible. The material has some give to it, but it's also not nearly as spongy as a real penis.

    Does any of that qualify the Randy as being real? I'd say probably not. It feels good, but I don't think there would be a moment where you'd say, "Wow. This feels like a real cock."
  • Red
    Nice review! I would recommend anyone looking for a Randy that feels "real" to look into the Vixskin version, which is probably squishier (although I've never done a direct comparison)
  • Ghost
    This is such a cutie. Thanks for the review!
  • Fun with Dick & Jane
    Great review...made me smile!!
  • permitdrab
    Thanks from a size queen
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thank you
  • Falsepast
    XD i don't mind no clitoral stimulation since i have no clit
  • Sangsara
    way too big for me- i thought i liked girth till i found out what it meant on eden thanx!
  • KrissyNovacaine
  • lovebites
    thanks for the review!
  • Bi-Pedal Draon
    Thanks for the review!
  • DemonSlayer
    Thank you for the review!
  • TJtheMadHatter
    Thanks for the great review! I can't wait to take Randy for a whirl!
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