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Reflections serenity reviews

22 reviews
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22 reviews

Ticked off that Firefly was cancelled and want something to remember the show by? Take a gander at Serenity by Doc Johnson! It's bold, it's black and it's got a big head and a small head. You can use it in your front door or back door! He's got a curve that g-spot lovers will grin over and above all else??? "Serenity". I love the name!

Often compared to the Pure Wand, I had to give this a try before I invested that much on a dildo. While it is certainly not the Pure Wand, it isn't a bad toy all by itself. If you enjoy larger sized things vaginally, this may work very well for you. Unfortunately, while I did enjoy the curve of this toy and adore the color and the material, I could not make the large bulb work for me, and the small bulb didn't do anything.

Doc Johnson's Reflections Serenity is a gently curved, double ended dildo similar in design to Njoy's Pure Wand. The Serenity provides intense g-spot (or p-spot) stimulation at a fraction of the Pure Wand's price and weight.

The Serenity is a wonderful glass G-spot dildo that has a wonderful smooth feel with a curve that hits the G-spot ever so nicely. Too bad the big head is just too big for me.

There is something about glass that is hard to resist. It's smooth, it's easy to clean, and it's just plain pretty. When you combine the pretty material with the amazing curved shape of this dildo, you end up with one heck of a toy. This toy hits my g-spot every time I use it, and is therefore one of my favorites.

Think of this dildo as the adult version of the ball. Its very simple and there doesn't seem to be much to it, but there are hours of fun and play to be had.

I love this toy. I love the curve and the balls at each end. We found an interesting effect by using this toy. We found I tend to squirt when the smaller and even larger ball presses on my g-spot.

This is not an expensive toy, but it is a good one. Glass is a great material to experiment with, and this is a good starting point.

Serenity is similar in design to the pure wand, which is rather expensive, so Serenity is the cheaper cousin you must have. She is curved to rub your G spot and can reach it no matter how far up it is. She is also double ended each end having their own girth. Are you interested? If so then read on...

Similar, more affordable alternative to the Njoy Pure Wand. The black glass is very classy and the design was completely effective at G-spot stimulation! Nice weight and quality for the price.

The Reflections Serenity is a glass dildo that features a gentle curve that will feel pleasurable during you. If you can't afford an Njoy Pure Wand, this is a good alternative, but if you already have a Pure Wand, you'll probably end up liking your Pure Wand better. However, in its own right, it is a quality glass sex toy that's bound to bring you a pretty good amount of pleasure - especially if you want a large-diameter glass toy.

A great affordable alternative to the njoy Pure Wand, the Reflections Serenity is a great gspotting toy for those on a budget. Lighter than the Pure Wand as well, it won't be as taxing on the wrist for those that can't use the heavier toys. It's compatible with all lubricants and great for solo sessions and with a partner, all the while being body safe and easy to clean and maintain.

I love this toy. Its beautiful color, multi-functional form, and temperature holding qualities all make it an all-around great glass dildo.

This toy is a great first glass toy and a welcome addition to nearly every toy chest. This dildo does its job, cleans up great, and is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

If you are looking for something to find and stimulate your g-spot, then this could be perfect. For those who find the bigger end too big, they may be disappointed that they can't use both ends internally. However, the upside is the bigger end makes a nice handle.

The Reflections: Serenity by Doc Johnson is a lovely, smooth glass wand that hones in on your g-spot and explores it to its greatest extent. Even if you can't handle both ends of this big boy, the smaller end is fantastic enough to warrant being in your toy box.

This is a great toy for anyone that maybe allergic to most materials and can be sterilized. It would be nice if this toy came with a storage bag and some different color choices,but fact that it's hypo-allergenic and has no smell make up for the shortcoming. All in all this is a great toy and worth all the money.

Reflections Serenity is a fun, double ended glass dildo that works well for g-spot stimulation. It is smooth and black and even feels good for massage. One end is average sized, while the other is more toward the larger end of the spectrum and this makes for different types of stimulation. A wonderful toy to add to your collection, even for those of us who have tons of glass toys (that would be me).

I can find no specific flaws in the design of this toy. It just doesn't do it for me. I would recommend this dildo to somebody who is very sensitive, and does not enjoy a lot of texture. Conversely I would suggest another choice if you are looking for a higher degree of stimulation.

Serenity will work well for those who can easily insert its large head. While it may not be a good choice for beginners, it does offer two very different heads for good variety of experience. The curved shaft makes reaching your G-spot with either end easy.

This tempered glass toy is easy to use,clean, and very pleasurable for single and partner use. My and girlfriend and I absolutely love it!

This double ended dildo is a versatile toy that is nice for temperature play. The slight curve helps when using it for g-spot stimulation, and the simple design makes it a discreet toy as well.

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